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Chapter 1


Mrs. Chambers answered the door of the De Chagny Estate.

"Hello? May I help you, sir?"

The man before her was dressed very darkly, the only light article of clothing being the white mask covering his face. At some point in her younger years, she might have been afraid, but being older and experienced (in more ways than one), she was able to compose herself.

"I am here to speak to the Vicomtess," the man replied hurriedly. Mrs. Chambers noted that he was shaking. "Is she available today?"

"She is, but she is with Miss Giry," she replied, a little puzzled by his oddity.

"I wish to see her alone. I am... an old friend of hers, and have much to speak with her about."

"I see. Well, who shall I say stopped by?"

He paused.

"Tell her that--that O.G. stopped by. She might remember."

"I see. Is that all, sir?"

He looked behind him, as though to check to see if anyone was there. He leaned in and practically whispered, "I hear that she is now without a husband?"

"Ah, yes," Mrs. Chambers replied sadly. "The Vicomte died only a few months ago. He had quite an illness. But what a resilient spirit! We all thought that he would make it. It is too bad that he had to die so young. His wife with child again, too!"

The man started at this information. "With child? Again? So, she has a child?"

"Yes," she sighed. "A beautiful little boy. He's about three now. He has the sweetest temperament, but he's highly intelligent for his age and asks many questions. He looks much like his mother—but he has his father's eyes."

The man became a little colder and twitched lightly; however, he held his composure.

"What is his name?"

"Frances. The countess wished to name him Erik for some time, but the Vicomte didn't like the name."

"What?" he said, startled. "What name did you say?"

"Erik," Mrs. Chambers said, frowning. "Any reason?"

"No, nothing, nothing," he muttered to himself.


"Nothing." The man paused. "I won't trouble you any further." He stepped off the front steps.

"Oh, sir? What was the name you wished me to give?"

"O.G.," he replied firmly, and then continued down the steps. He began coughing heavily as he went.

Mrs. Chambers frowned as she watched him leave.

"What a strange man. I only hope it doesn't rain on him," Mrs. Chambers mumbled when he was out of hearing range, noting the cloudy sky above.