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Summary: a Simple teenager gets shoved in team 7. Low to average grades, a completely mysterious girl who just seems to not have what it takes to become a ninja. Or does she? From the pressuring dead clan Hekimetsuki, enter Naki.

You guys will wonder Why Naki has only one eye open, you'll find out why in a chapter or two.

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Meeting the Team, becoming a team

A loud yawn emitted from the bundle of blue and red blankets. A pale hand came out and gripped the bed railing. A head full of messy brown hair came out of the bundle. A single brown eye opened and Naki looked around. "Hmm…? What time is it…?" muttered the girl. She looked around curiously then her only opened eye, on the right widened. "Craapppp!! I've got to go take my pictures!" shouted Naki, leaping out of the bed she quickly ran to the bathroom, grabbing her normal outfit that hung on a chair.


Naki entered the room and spotted the Hokage. She bowed respectfully and sat down in front of him. The Hokage inspected the photo and ID and such then turned his gaze to the girl who was in a black cloak, a black stick hanging up from inside the cloak, looking to be connected to the clothes inside the cloak. Her hair was down in a low ponytail with two long side bangs, and she still only kept her right eye open, the other shut.

"Hekimetsuki Naki…" whispered the third Hokage, eyeing the picture and Naki. He then looked at her closely. "Where is your headband?" asked the Hokage. Naki laughed sheepishly and pulled the collar down slightly so the Kohona Forehead protector could be seen. He nodded and she got up and bowed then started on her way out. As soon as she opened the door she noticed a blonde, blue eyed boy with an orange suit on walk in. she blinked then shrugged and continued on. She walked out of the tower and looked through the town, watching people walk by slowly.

"Well tomorrow I've got an orientation…so what should I do till then?" asked Naki to herself. She stretched then looked at her surroundings then headed toward where the Hekimetsuki manor is. She turned several corners looking around curiously then tripped over a rock, barley catching herself before falling over. She sighed. "…and to think a ninja just tripped over a rock." Muttered Naki, staring at the rock. She flicked it and glared at it, pouting. "Stupid rock." She got up and continued on her way to the large, welcoming manor. She yawned loudly and entered the house, walking upstairs. "This house is haunted, I swear it is…" muttered Naki, who belly dropped onto the bed, kicking her legs which were covered in red tied off at the end pants and black ninja shoes. She sighed. "How hopeless…"


Iruka impatiently tapped his foot as Naki laughed sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head.

"Umm…forgive me?" asked Naki sheepishly. Iruka sighed.

"Just don't do it again…"

"Okay." Said Naki. She turned around and walked and sat down next to some boy who had really dark hair that looked sorta…blue. On her way here she had slipped and broken the door. Naruto came in seconds later and sat down on the other side of Naki who smiled and waved to him. He smiled in return. "Hey! Who are you?" asked Naki, who had been pondering this for a while.

"Uzumaki Naruto!" said Naruto loudly grinning. Naki stuck her hand out and Naruto shook it.

"I'm Hekimetsuki Naki. Honor to meet the great prankster of Kohona." Said Naki.

"I haven't seen you before…are you new?" asked Naruto.

"Actually nop. I've sat behind you many times in the academy." Said Naki. Naruto blinked in surprise. He never noticed Naki behind him before. Shikamaru walked over and engaged in a conversation with Naruto while Naki was busy looking at the funny carvings carved into the desk, some saying "I love Sasuke" or some saying messages to each other. Naki blinked and suddenly looked to the door, seeing Sakura and Ino burst foreword from the totally demolished door which Naki had knocked down beforehand. They started shouting at each other then Sakura looked over in her general direction. Naki noticed Naruto's dreamy look. Sakura charged over, her pink hair following her then she stopped and pushed Naruto away, and looked at Naki.

"umm…can I please sit between you and Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura. Naki blinked and looked at the huge gap behind the boy and herself.

"Oh, his name is Sasuke? Sure." Said Naki. Before Sakura could, a whole pack of girls charged to Sakura and yet again got into a heated argument. Naki rubbed her temples and laughed sheepishly, her only open eye turning up into an arc. Naki suddenly noticed Naruto crawling across her vision to glare at Sasuke. Naki opened her right eye again and blinked. She then looked over to the kid who bumped Naruto and Naki started to laugh. "That's not right guys…" said Naki, laughing at Sasuke and Naruto's terrible lip lock position. When they parted and started spitting all over the place the girls cracked their knuckles. Naki thought it to be a good time to run to the bathroom…


Iruka waited until Naki got back into her seat, which was between Sakura and Naruto. Iruka then started to announce teams. When he got to team 7 her interest peaked at what she heard.

"Uzumaki Naruto…HarunoSakura….Uchiha Sasuke…and since we have a odd number of students, we matched Hekimetsuki Naki with Team 7. Sasuke glared at Iruka.

"A team of 4 …" were his only thoughts. Naki blinked in surprise. Iruka continued naming teams then dismissed them for lunch. Naki yawned and pulled a lunchbox out from under the funny table and started eating.


Naki's boredom had gotten the best of her, after watching Naruto set up a trap. Team 7 had been waiting for their sensei and he was just taking forever…Naki's one eye stared at the wall. The most frequently asked question came out of Naruto's mouth.

"Hey Naki-chan! Why do you keep one eye closed all the time?" asked Naruto. Naki laughed sheepishly.

"Cause this eye…" Naki pointed to her left eye. "…is blind." Said Naki laughing lightly. Naruto and Sakura had blue vertical lines on their faces and Sasuke glanced at her.

"She's lying…" thought Sasuke to himself. Suddenly a hand opened the door and a eraser fell on a silver haired jounin's head. Naki blinked in surprise. Naruto burst out laughing.

"Sensei I told him not to!" said Sakura. The Jounin placed a hand on his chin.

"My first impression on this group…your all a bunch of idiots." Said the Jounin. Naki shrugged Carelessly.


"All right, why don't you introduce yourselves, one at a time." Said the Jounin.

"Like what?" asked Sakura.

"Things you like, things you hate…dreams…hobbies. That kind of stuff." Said the Jounin, sounding absolutely bored.

"How about you do it first so we can see how it works." Said Naruto. Naki nodded in agreement.

"Me? I'm Hatake Kakashi. Things I like and things I hate…ahhh…I don't feel like telling you that. My dreams for the future?...never really thought about it…as for my hobbies…I have lots of hobbies…" said Kakashi.

"That was useless…all he really told us was his name…" whispered Sakura to Naruto who nodded. Naki looked between the two.

"Okay your turn, you won the right." Said Kakashi to Naruto.

"Okay! I'm Uzumaki Naruto! I like instant ramen and the ramen Iruka-sensei gets me! But I hate the minutes you have to wait for Ramen to cook…My hobby is comparing different kinds of Ramen!" said Naruto excitedly. "my future dream is to become the greatest Hokage! So people can treat me as someone important instead of disrespecting me!" shouted Naruto. Kakashi looked to Sakura.

"Interesting…" thought Kakashi. "Next…"

"I'm Haruno Sakura. What I like…well…I mean the person I like is…well…my hobby is…my dream for the future is…" Sakura went into a giggling fit, glancing at Sasuke constantly.

"…what do you hate?" asked Kakashi.

"Naruto!" shouted Sakura. Naki frowned as Naruto started crying anime style.

"Girl's her age usually are busy with boys instead of ninja training…" thought Kakashi to himself. "Next…" said Kakashi, looking to the black haired boy.

"My name is…Uchiha Sasuke. I hate a lots of things…I don't practically like anything. What I have…is not a dream. I will make it a reality…I'm going to restore my clan…and kill…someone…" Said Sasuke dangerously. The atmosphere turned from normal, to dark. Naki scooted slowly away from her spot between Naruto and Sasuke.

"…I figured this would happen…" thought Kakashi. "The last one…" said Kakashi looking to poor little Naki. Naki smiled.

"gee…I hope he doesn't mean me…" whispered Naruto to himself, which Naki heard since she was right next to him from scooting away from Sasuke.

"I'm Hekimetsuki Naki!…I hate…uhh…several things. I like…well…umm…things?" said Naki like she was unsure. "My hobbies…well…umm…don't really have any. My dreams for the future…I don't really have one." Said Naki blinking in surprise at her own blank memory.

"She's as bad as Kakashi-sensei…" thought Sakura to herself.

"The Hekimetsuki clan…Interesting…" thought Kakashi again. "Good. Your all unique and have your own ideas. We'll have our first mission tomorrow." Said Kakashi.

"What kind of mission will we have tomorrow Kakashi-sensei?" asked Naruto.

"Something we'll do together…a survival exercise." Said Kakashi. Naki blinked in surprise.

"Kakashi-sensei, we already did this kind of stuff….That's how we are here…unless there's something your not telling us Sensei." Said Naki, looking innocent. Kakashi eyed her suspiciously but continued.

"this is not like your previous training…" said Kakashi.

"…What kind of training is it then?" asked Naruto. Kakashi started to chuckle evilly.

"That was a normal question…what's so funny?" asked Sakura.

"…Well…if I tell you…your not going to like it…" said Kakashi.

"Huh?" asked Naki and Naruto.

"Out of the 28 graduates… only 10 will only be excepted as Genin…This is a make it or break it test. Most likely to fail too." said Kakashi. "With the exception of Naki who has changed the numbers a bit." said Kakashi as an afterthought, looking over to the one open eyed girl.

"We worked hard to get here then what was the graduation exam for?!" shouted Naruto.

"That? That was to select candidates who might become Genin or not…" said Kakashi. "I decide if you pass…or fail. Be at the designated training spot by 5 A.M. Bring your ninja gear." Spoke Kakashi carelessly. Everyone seemed to tense at that except Naki who just looked at them and shrugged. "your dismissed…but you might want to skip breakfast…or you'll puke…" said Kakashi. Naki jumped up and turned around, starting to walk home.


Naki yawned, slowly walking toward the three.

"Sorry about being late…I tripped over the bridge railing." Said Naki laughing. She noticed no one was paying attention, as Naruto was trying not to fall asleep, Sakura was half-awake…and Sasuke was…well…um…normal? Which to her looked emotionless. Naki sat down and looked around, noticing how dark it was.


After several…LONG hours Kakashi finally came.

"Morning everyone." said the silver haired Jounin.

"You're late!" shouted Naruto and Sakura, Sasuke glared at him and Naki just kept her attention to her starving stomach.

"Well a black cat crossed my path so I took the long way." said Kakashi. Sakura and Naruto growled at him. He gave a 'ehem' and walked over to a stump and put a alarm clock on the stump. "It's set for noon. Your assignment is simple. Just get these bells from me. That's all. If you can't get them by noon you will get tied to a post and go without lunch and watch me get mine." said the silver haired Jounin. All their stomachs growled.

"…You miscounted. There are 4 of us and only 3 bells." said Naki.

"Well…that way one at least one of you ends up on a post and gets sent back to the academy. You can use all weapons including shuriken."

"Those kinds of weapons are dangerous though!" said Sakura.

"Especially since you couldn't dodge the eraser." said Naruto laughing.

"Losers can safely be ignored. Low grades, dropouts." Said Kakashi. Naruto growled and charged at Kakashi, Kunai in hand. Right before your eyes, Kakashi appeared behind Naruto, his own Kunai facing the back of his neck.

"I didn't say start yet." Said Kakashi. Naruto glared at him from the corner of his eye. The Jounin let go of Naruto. "You came at me with the intention of killing me…I'm starting to like you guys…Well. Get ready…Start!" commanded Kakashi. Team 7 jumped in different directions. Kakashi glanced around. "They've hidden well…" he then spotted Naruto. Naki sighed mentally. She quickly moved locations far enough to get a plan set. She landed on the ground and looked around at her area. She smiled brightly, her one eye scanning the area. She quickly pulled a string out from her ninja bag.


Naki sighed finally finishing her setup and sat down, looking around lazily until she noticed a large amount of smoke coming up from where she last left Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. Naki quickly leap into the trees and charged through the woods, stopping on a log and noticing Sasuke's head in the ground…and Sakura suddenly burst forth, said something Naki could not hear…and fell unconscious. Naki blinked and dropped down, poking Sakura in the cheek.

"She's out cold…" muttered Naki. She waved at Sasuke and walked in front of him. She started to dig him up and he glared at her.

"I don't need your help." He growled out. She sighed and nodded.

"Fine." She said simply and charged after Kakashi. After following for several yards she flung a Kunai at him, telling him she was behind him. He turned and Naki grinned and waved. "hello Sensei! I'm just saying…please go easy on Me." said Naki, closing her only open eye into a happy arc.

"Is it blind…or does she have it." thought Kakashi, looking at her left eye. He then noticed her left eye, open only slightly before closing again…and disappearing from her sight. He narrowed his eyes at the spot she was in. "So she does have it…" he turned around to meet a kick, not all too powerful…but fast. He quickly put his knee up to block her hand from grabbing a bell. Her face had changed to a serious looked then to a smirk and grabbed his thigh tightly. He quickly blocked a heel-kick to the stomach, only using his thigh to keep herself balanced. He looked her over then when she backed away and completely disappeared again. A rain of Kunai and shuriken dropped down from above, which he dodged easily then a Scythe went flying past his head. The stick that stuck out from Naki's cloak was gone. She grabbed the scythe and spun it around in circles and put it to her side. Her serious look turned to a careless one and the alarm went off right at that moment.

"I didn't have enough time." Said Naki, putting the Scythe back in her cloak backward so only the stick stood up. Kakashi walked over to the logs, Naki behind him, sighing.


Naruto, tied to a log, Naki, Sakura and Sasuke sat down near Naruto. …But all together…their stomachs roared for food. Naki sighed, blue vertical lines under her closed eye.

"…I'm hungry…" she muttered.

"Oh…looks like someone's hungry…That's too bad. Oh and about this exercise. I've decided I won't send any of you back to the academy." said Kakashi. Naruto shouted in joy and Sakura looked dumbfounded.

"…all I did was faint and fall over…do I get points for that?" asked Sakura. Naki blinked, something didn't seem right… She looked over to Sasuke, who looked just as suspicious as she did.

"So that means…all four of us…I mean all four of us…!" Naruto started. Kakashi looked at them with arc eyes.

"It means all four of you are getting dropped." said Kakashi. "Permanently!" he shouted. Naki laughed sheepishly.

"I expected that. Our performance was terrible." laughed Naki.

"That means we can never become ninja! How can you do that!!" shouted Naruto.

"Because you all think like kids…like brats." said Kakashi. Sasuke charged at him at that moment…and got shoved to the ground, Kakashi sitting on him, his foot on his head.

"Let go of Sasuke-kun! You can't step on him like a bug!" shouted Sakura. Naki laughed sheepishly again.

"umm…but Sakura-san…it looks like he is…" said Naki.

"Did you even think what this exercise was for?!" said Kakashi, sounding mad. "Did you ever consider why you were put on squads?" asked Kakashi.

"…I wanted to ask about that…." said Sakura.

"Use your head! Three people on a squad…why would we do that?" asked Kakashi.

"How are we supposed to know!" shouted Naruto. Naki looked at Kakashi with her one eye.

"…Well I have a…guess. To help each other?" asked Naki.

"Teamwork." Said Kakashi. "It never crossed your minds…did it?" asked Kakashi.

"Sakura! You fretted over Sasuke constantly instead of helping Naruto, who was in front of you!" said Kakashi, then glared at Naruto and Naki. "Naruto you wanted to do everything by yourself! Naki! You gave up much too quickly! And Sasuke…" said Kakashi, looking down at Sasuke. "you thought everyone was weaker then you!" continued Kakashi. He then put a Kunai to Sasuke's neck. "Sakura! Naki! Kill Naruto now or Sasuke dies!" shouted Kakashi. Sakura and Naruto shouted in surprise and Naki's eyes widened. When Kakashi removed the Kunai they sighed in relief and Naki's normal smile came to her face.

"That's what happens on missions. You get stuck in an impossible situation." said Kakashi. He got up and went to a large blue stone. Sasuke, while Kakashi was going went back to his original position. "Did you see the names engraved on this stone?" asked Kakashi. Naruto started shouting happily, "I want my name engraved on that stone!" Naki's smile turned to a sad frown.

"They are KIA hero's of Kohona." said Naki. Naruto looked at her in confusion. Kakashi nodded.

"This is a memorial stone…the names of my closest friends are on here…" said Kakashi. Naruto still looked confused.

"Naruto…KIA is killed in Action." said Sakura. Naruto frowned, a sad look on his face. …

"Okay…you all get one more chance…but it's going to be much harder. You get three hours to get a bell. Eat now but don't give any to Naruto, anyone who tries to feed him will fail." said Kakashi glaring at them. "I make the rules…you follow them." He said, walking away. Naki sighed, grabbed one of the three boxes, as did Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke. As soon as Sakura and Sasuke started to eat, Naruto's stomach roared for food. Naki, not even opening her yet opened it and stuffed food in Naruto's mouth as soon as he started to speak.

"Swallow…good boy." said Naki smiling brightly.

"What are you doing Naki?" asked Sakura.

"Helping my teammate." said Naki. "What you don't see you don't know." said Naki. After stuffing Naruto she put down the empty box and laid down.

"Naki-chan…what about you?" asked Naruto.

"I've had food problems before so I can go without food." said Naki, her one eye turning to an arc. Sasuke looked at her then held his half eaten box to her. She nodded her head no. "Sasuke your fire jutsu will come in handy. Its best you e-" said Naki. Before she could finish food was shoved into her mouth. She looked at it cross-eyed then to Sasuke. She swallowed then a burst out clouds came rushing toward them, a angry voice burst out of the clouds.

"YOU!!" shouted the voice. Naki's face turned serious and she pulled the huge Scythe that's black, and much larger then her by about a foot in front of her. Thunder clouds started to gather and Naki clenched her open fist and blinked in surprise. "You broke the rules! Are you prepared for your punishment?!" asked Kakashi. Naruto started to stutter.

"W-what you s-said…" said Naruto.

"Yes?" asked Kakashi.

"You said…said there were four of us!" shouted Naruto. Naki's serious face turned into a smile and she put her giant Scythe away.

"The four of us are a team, if we don't help each other, then we are injuring each other. If you fail one… You fail us all." Said Naki rubbing the back of her head sheepishly.

"That's your excuse?! …" the clouds dispersed. "You pass." Kakashi suddenly broke into happy arc eyes.

"How did we pass?" asked Sakura.

"You're the first squad…the others did everything I said and fell for every trap. They couldn't think… a ninja must see through deception…in the ninja world if you break the rules your scum…but if you abandon your friends …your worse then scum." said Kakashi. Naruto sniffed.

"He's…kinda cool…" said Naruto sniffing. Naki laughed sheepishly.

"The exercise is over! Everyone passes. Team 7 starts their first mission tomorrow!" shouted Kakashi. Naki grinned and untied Naruto and she wrapped her arm around his neck and they marched home.


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