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Recovering from disaster

Naki dragged her feet, the slow skidding making a constant noise…
"Why…Why…Does…this continue to happen…Why…I was suppose to live a normal life in Kohona…No…bringing back monster-memories of the horrors I've done in my past. I was suppose to just drag Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto to ramen shops and have ramen…." She mumbled. Her dark ninja sandals made quiet slapping noises as she walked off the stone roads to the grass of training fields. She had unconsciously walked right into the large area. She then narrowed her eye. "No…Now is not the time to brood or muse…I must fight now. Throw the past away and fight...You might actually have a reason to press forward now…" Determination was in her eyes and she charged forward at the tree.


The examiner looked around curiously at the Genin gathered in the area. Oddly, three were missing ….Sasuke, Naki and Naru-

"Ahh!!" The thought of blonde was sent flying into the arena, skidding on his poor face getting dirt all over it.

"Ah…Scratch the Naruto part…Naruto stand beside the other Genin and show your face proudly to the people here." Naruto stared up in amazement at the millions of spectators watching him and the others. Suddenly a scuffle of footsteps was heard and a shadow walked into the arena. The examiner looked at the incoming person and smirked. Before them stood Naki, her large scythe free for anyone to see- In a long coat, similar to a trench coat of sorts. A small collar however covered half of her nose and below, Her right looking at them. Her hair still in a ponytail with dark red cargo pants tied off at the ends still. Her black ninja sandals the same as always. She raises a finger-less gloved hand and waved.

"Sorry I'm late! Got held back for a bit!" Naruto smiled at her, her forehead protector on her forehead for once. The examiner gnawed on his toothpick.

"What is up with you Genin and being late? Ah well, You aren't disqualified yet…Hurry up in your place." Naki nodded and hopped into place, landing next to Naruto.

"Glad you made it Naki-chan!" Smiled Naruto happily, his eyes turned into arcs. Naki looked at him then smirked.

"I couldn't miss you beat up now could I!" She ruffled his hair and stood tall to the crowd, ready to fight.


It wasn't all that enthusing really…Naruto beat Neji, but Naki knew she had to be careful when facing Neji if she ever got on his bad side…Gentle Fist didn't look so gentle to her… Kankuro had given in even before he started so it was her turn…Then Shikamaru suddenly gave up against Tamari…If Sasuke bothered to show up this wouldn't have been a problem…

"Nakimetsume and Huganmatsu!" Naki would swear up a storm if she hadn't expected this.

"God why curse me so? Had to be the nightmare of my life! I thought he was kicked out of this…" She murmured and jumped down, landing on the ground with a loud thud. Hugan appeared several feet in front of her. The crowd went quiet and everyone stared. Naki took a deep breath.

"I'll make you regret it…you killed him…" Glared Hugan. Naki narrowed her eye.

"Don't pit a blame on me, He enraged me." Growled Naki. It felt to her as if the examiner was taking forever to say begin…To Hugan this was slow as well, Glaring at the person of his hatred.

"Begin!" Shouted the examiner. Hugan didn't waste time charging, Kunai out and pointed at Naki. She stepped back to dodge and Hugan already had a Tanto pointed at her throat. Her eye widened and quickly she ducked, the weapon cutting her nose slightly.

"I guess I can't play can I…" mumbled Naki to herself. Her hand made the shape of a claw and she quickly grabbed Hugan's wrist tightly, She quickly kneed him in the stomach causing him to gasp for air. He snarled when he could breath and rammed his head into her shoulder, causing her to loose her balance and nearly fall over, doing a backflip and landing on all four then standing.

"Get him Naki-chan!!!" shouted Naruto. Naki smiled lightly.

"If your discouraged count on Naruto why don't you?" She ran through handseals. "Water element, Water shark missile!" A large burst of water came from the hole Naruto made and shot at Hugan. He blinked in surprise and quickly turned to flee but the water crashed down on him and Naki gave him no time to get up, she quickly charged and pulled out her scythe, chopping his head off mercilessly. There were several gasps in the crowd when the water sunk into the ground, creating muddy dirt. Ino gasped from in the stands.

"Already killing someone!?!" She looked surprised if not scared. Sakura shook her head.

"Huganmatsu doesn't die by beheading…" Hugan's body stood up immediately and went searching for his head. Naki glared and kicked his chest, then quickly ran to his head and kicked it, stabbing her Scythe into the wall she ran through handseals again. Naki tried to widen her stance but fell in the mud and yelped as she messed up her handseal. Hugan took this chance to grab his head and put it back on, his body quickly reattaching itself. Naki quickly charged and slammed the end of her scythe into his chest, or attempted as he caught it quickly and smirked.

"Fear or be feared monster Naki…" He turned his body and slammed his leg into her stomach, causing her to move back but her tight hold on her scythe and his tight two handed hold caused her one hand to slam against the sharp end and she nearly cried out in pain.

"NAKI! What are you doing! Fight him!" shouted Naruto. Naki began to laugh.

"Naruto…what would I do without your enthusiasm?" Naki formed her hand into a fist and slammed it into Hugan's nose surprisingly. She quickly pulled on her scythe more, slashing her hand but ignoring it and turning her body in his state of surprise, yanking her powerful scythe out of his grasp. She slashes the blade across his face and sliced his head off yet again. "Hugan I know your secret…" She lifted her scythe and slashed deep into his skull, causing a large wave of blood to spill out and make a huge line on her body by blood. Hugan's body shivered and shook madly. She hurled his head at his body and smirked when all it did was hit him. She quickly charged and smashed the end of her scythe in him. "Gore!" She shouted and turned her scythe the other way where there was no blade. A flare of black Chakra materialized and slashed his stomach. Turning the scythe so the Chakra blade faced up in him, she smirked. "Blades do not cut you well but Chakra does!" She forced the blade up and kicked right beneath the material blade, causing her blade to slice right through his chest. The Examiner blinked at the animosity. She slashed the blade out of his shoulder, causing the black chakra to disappear and she stabbed down again with her material blade, causing the blade to dig right back into his bleeding flesh and come out the other side. She quickly moved it and made a disgustingly blood X on Hugan's body. "The Hekimetsuki Gore style never failed me…" Huganmatsu's body crumpled to the floor in a bloody mess and lay still. Naki hefted her large blood soaked blade onto her shoulder. The crowd was silent…

"…That…Is he really…" Mumbled Naruto while Shikamaru stared at the gruesome sight. A Genin? A murderer? Naki tapped the blade against the ground and sighed.

"It was all a fun time Hugan…but you have to understand…I don't care about death…it's a way of living. To die is to live and to have proved you had lived you have to die…It's one big nasty cycle…" She opened her "trench coat" and the small trickle of blood going down her mouth was quickly whipped away. She pulled out a small red scarf from her inner pocket and tossed it on his severed head, smiling slightly. "But you put up a fight…That is what you always wanted right? A good death to prove you existed?" She shut her trench-coat like clothing back up and looked at the Examiner who nodded.

"Winner, Nakimetsume!" The Kazekage glanced at the Hokage.

"Quite the brute…" He murmured. The Hokage smiled warmly at the girl.

"She has come a long way Kazekage…" Smiled at Hokage, watching the petite girl from such a distance. Naki walked to the stands and was greeted by the ever happy Naruto.

"You were amazing Naki-chan! …But…Is…" Naruto looked at her…

"Dead? Yes. There is no way around it. I could die trying to win but there is no way he'd let me give up." She smiled meekly at him. "I'm sorry you had to see that side of me." She bowed low. Naruto laughed.

"You're still Naki-chan!" Naki blinked at him dumbly then smiled.

Naruto….Thank you… Kakashi appeared next to Naki nearly causing a heartattack. She and Naruto had been talking so much that she didn't get to even notice that Kakashi and Sasuke had entered earlier and their matches were to begin soon. Kakashi gazed at her intently. "Come with me Naki…I need to speak with you." Naki nodded very slowly and followed Kakashi. He lead her to a quiet secluded area and watched her carefully. "Sasuke and I were watching your fight…Why…?" He asked slowly…

"Kakashi-sensei, you know me by now as the Hokage has probably told you, I never no regrets…Only to fight." Her brown eye flared darkly, her feet didn't shift and her posture didn't change, her dour gaze stared at him fiercely, a familiar look in her sharpening pupil. Kakashi had to think quickly to calm the oncoming beast from ravaging everything. He could definitely hold it down but for how long? She sighed and began to mellow her furious attitude, her stern expression changing back to her forever façade. She looks up and sighed. "Kakashi-Sensei…will…it just keep getting worse…?" She begged for answers more then she begged for blood. Her insides churned with the familiar feeling, expecting to see blood…ready to strike down her Sensei, her mind was in turmoil... Kakashi sighed.

"Just take a good days res---a loud roar interrupted the ever careful Ex-Assassin. Kakashi bolted to the walls of the arena as did Naki and both stared at a large ball of sand beginning sliced open by a very loud bird-like noise. Kakashi watched Sasuke attempt to inflict severe damage to the 'ultimate' defense of Gaara, though it looked like failure at first glance the belligerent snarls that happened as a reply was a sweetening feel in Naki's stomach, she refused to let Mizukoujin overpower her with lust for blood. As she watched this combat suddenly a smoke bomb was let off up by Hokage and Kazekage. Naki's eye narrowed and she leaped down into the arena charging forward to quickly yank Sasuke away from the oncoming attack of a sand-nin who attempted to attack the Examiner and Sasuke was in the way. Sasuke didn't exactly look happy she had yanked him either. Her expression wasn't readable however.

"Na-"Sasuke-san we don't have time. This is some big plot against you…I'm guessing their after Naruto as well…" She narrowed her eye. "Sound Belongs to Orochimaru and most likely he has a lot to do with this. Sasuke I know you would loathe to run but you have to in order to survive." She glared at him. He shook his head.

"I am going to pursuit Gaara, you have no say in what I can and cannot do!" He growled out, quickly chasing after the escaped Sand-nin. She was frustrated at him but her defensive walls did not crack, she quickly gave chase after, Her speed still greatly higher then his even with his training. He noticed her close to him and was ready to get grabbed but she stopped suddenly wide-eyed.

"I-I…I…care…W-Why?! No! I don't!" She murmured… Sasuke quickly ignored this and continued off. "No…No I don't care…This isn't happening to me…" Her shaky hands moved closer to her face and she stared at them.



You murder…

"No! That is you!"

You're a monster…

"No stop talking to me! Stop taking hold over my life!"

Don't you feel it? The joy of the splatter of blood? The rush of combat? The clash of weapons? The way claws slash flesh to bits? Naki's inner battle was so intense she did not notice the shadowy presence behind her. A Kunai lifted, and her Pupil turned to a narrow brown slit. She kicked the man in the gut and began her rampage of Blood lust.

One step at a time Naki…You're mind will become MINE! I will forever own this place…And you will be the one trapped deep within…or may just deep down you are me? Aren't you? You love blood…Let your pain through…Let your hatred raise…Fight and Fight until you Die…Come back to fight more and more…Little Naki, murderer of the Hekimetsuki clan Naki's war-cry loud and rageful. She had indeed…begun to loose her sanity.


"There is no end!" Shouted Gai to Kakashi, who ducked and slammed his foot into the neck of an oncoming nin. Kakashi was just distracted with his talk with Naki, Worry of Sasuke's seal overacting, and Hokage. He knew his loyal summon dog would be able to watch over Sakura and Naruto but… A familiar roar echoed throughout the arena and Kakashi stiffened. Naki leaped over a railing, her body wrapped in the Blood water of Mizukoujin, Her normal brown eye shut and her other open for Mizukoujin. This Blood-water was not as thick and was not in globs as was the first time it had been witnessed; it was thin and easy to see through. Naki leaped down and the blood-water had already formed claws to slash her enemies to bits. Kakashi knew this might happen to Naruto…Suddenly he felt smaller in the bigger world. Did she carry burdens? Was she tossed aside and destroyed like Naruto…?...He continued to fight deep in though…

No…She had been crushed…Only…

She was never given a hand to help herself out of the ditch that had been dug by those who judged her. Kakashi smiled in his mind. "Naruto…Remind me to thank Iruka later…" His concern turned back to the Hokage. "Hokage-sama…" He mumbled slowly.


-Restraint- -Power- -Greed- -Pride- -Lust- -Wrath-

-Despair- -Pain- -Destruction-

Dare I think…

-- -Death---

Naki refused to open her only eye… "Why…" She murmured in her unconscious state. Her hand was limp, it refused to move. "Why…does this have to happen…" She creaked her poor eye open, glancing at the cold, uncomforting ceiling. None to stand by her bedside- none by her close…none… alone….

The restraint she always had to put on herself so she didn't hurt anyone, including herself…

The power … needed to restrain what bits she can recollect of her sanity…

The greed…Why…Why so greedy for power… Doesn't it bring harm?

The pride…The pride that kept her from accepting others…. The pride that hid her greed for comfort…

The lust for blood…The Lust to never stop…Continue her prideful stature.

The wrath…The hatred that keeps the lust going…

The despair of what she had done while in her wrath…

The pain she caused and how the Despair ravages her mind...

The Destruction she causes…

….The death…She was death…

She stared solemnly at the ceiling… Her hand reached to touch …yearning to touch the ceiling but her arm pathetically fell to her side. She sat up slowly and noticed something around her wrist to keep her pulse. She tore it off and slowly opened the door. Noticing she wore the pathetic excuse for clothing, she walked to a chair and noticed her clothing, clean and sitting there. She blinked in slight curiosity but shrugged it off and took her clothing to the bathroom. Coming out back to normal. She grabbed her Scythe that she found against a wall and slowly walked out. She watched her feet dumbly as she collided with an Old man who blinked at her. She bowed in apology and the man smiled toothlessly at her.

"Young lady…are you a ninja?" He asked. Naki blinked and nodded slowly…

"Yes…I am." The wrinkled face creased more as his face turned into a more happier look.

"The Hokage passed away…and you had missed his funeral…I …decided to bring these into this hospital incase someone wanted to one to put on his grave." Naki's eye turned into a true innocent-look. A look…Naki had never had.

"Thank you." She said, taking the flower that looked like it held no beauty, but upon closer inspection it had it's own secrets. She bowed and the man smiled and continued on his merry way. Naki looked at the flower and continued down the hall, only to have Naruto happily grab her hand.

"Naki!" He shouted happily. "I was so worried! You were out for so long and Sakura-chan told me you were really sick." He looked like a discouraged fox…

"Naruto…I wasn't sick…atleast I don't think I was…" She mumbled absent-mindedly. She shook her odd thoughts free. "Where were you headed Naruto-san?" She asked, hiding behind that façade…Sakura was coming up on their location and Sasuke was watching the sad girl from a distance.

"What has her destroyed?" He noticed her weak façade and noted it with new curiosity.

"I was coming to visit you Naki-chan!" Naki's eye widened beyond belief, to near saucer size. Naruto blinked and pouted. Though he usually has been noted for being denser then a ton of bricks- When it came to friends he wasn't all that dense. "What? Think I wouldn't visit one of my friends?" He laughed happily and …for a brief moment Sasuke saw her façade slip, a second of joy danced in her damaged pools of brown before her façade sprang back up.

"Thank you Naruto-san." Said Naki, her smile didn't falter, her eye were filled with joy. … "W-Would…they accept me…?" Thought Naki to herself. She grabbed his arm then and ran down the hall. "Naruto-san grab Sakura's hand. Don't ask me why just do it." She laughed. Naruto nodded and grabbed Sakura on the way. Naki quickly turned and Sasuke blinked dumbly when she stood infront of him. She grabbed his arm and dragged him as well.

"Naki-chan…are…are we going for ramen?!" He shouted happily. Naki nodded and continued to run down the hall. Sasuke didn't look all too happy about being dragged…


Protect those that are important to you.

The things you love are always intangible.

Naki happily ran to her sister, who opened her arms and offered a hug to her.

Pain needs to be comforted.

Despair is intangible.

Naki sat alone on her chair, rocking back and forth looking at the ninja's entering her home, looking at the dead bodies of her parents.

"Friendship mends scars that medication can never mend… am I right…Hokage-sama?"

Naki laughed happily as the old-man ruffled her hair that had been short then. He knew of her façades and smiled at her. "Naki…Friendship mends scars that medication can never mend." Naki blinked dumbly at him. "Oh, You'll understand when you're ready little Naki."

"These people…Naruto…Sakura…even that stubborn Sasuke…They give me something I thought to never have…friendship. However stupid this sounds…I know why I can fight Mizukoujin and everything…Because my friends are here." Naki quickly stopped at the Ramen stand and offered them all a seat. "My treat!" Naruto happily hopped into the stand, Sakura soon after. Sasuke sat down next to Naruto. Naki slowly took a seat next to Naruto and looked up. The man who runs the ramen shop smiled at the four.

"Welcome! What would you like today?" he said warmly.

"Miso!" Shouted Naruto happily.

"I'- Naki grunted. "Get her shrimp. She's too skinny anyway." Laughed Naki. Sakura gave her a funny look, then laughed with her. "I would like shrimp please." Replied Sakura. The man nodded and pointed at Sasuke.

"Just w-Naki glared warningly. Though Sasuke was not at all intimidated, he knew if he didn't order she'd order for him. "…Beef…" He grumbled quietly. Naki looked at the man.

"Beef too!" she replied.

"Hey, Hey! Naki-chan! You've become a lot of happier lately…what happened?" asked Naruto. Naki looked at him sheepishly.

"I just realized I had something I thought I didn't…" "Yes…Mizukoujin was wrong…I have friends…I have someone here for me. I have people to return to who will smile at me even if I am a murderer, or a monster. That is what you do not understand Mizu, I can never fail…because here I have people who will always keep me going even in the horrors of my nightmares." She ate her ramen in a joyous mood, the daylight of Kohona didn't seem to falter one bit.


The night was cold and Naki trotted down the road. After eating they simply went for a walk (though dragging Sasuke along by force mind you.)…but sooner or later they had to leave each others company for rest. She walked into the training area and sat on a post, looking up. The grass was still except for the occasional wind, the cold air caused her to shiver. A kunai digging into the post she was on caused her to jump and quickly look around, scythe in hand. She noticed a figure and quickly charged, weapon out and ready. The person brought a kunai up to block the oncoming scythe but with the little strength Naki had he pushed her back. She growled but recognized the scent and immediately stopped attacking.

"Sasuke?" That's you right…?" She asked cautiously. Sasuke walked into the moonlight and smirked at her.

"Why the sudden change to stop fighting?" He asked. Curiosity was taking it toll on him, what was that scream a bit over a month ago? While during the pre-matches? He felt Naki's chakra then a burst of something else… Naki shook her head.

"I do not like to spar with others very much…" She grunted. Sasuke knew she hid her emotions…He would have to coax her into fighting then. This was a two win situation for him. More training…and what Naki really was that he missed.

"Heh, Chickening out because you're afraid of that 'shadow' of yours?" He taunted. Her brown eye narrowed, but then weakened in it's furious glare.

"He's right…I'm scared… No it's just a spar…Just…a spar…" She readied her stance. "Be prepared Sasuke-san!" Her Scythe was point at him dangerously. "Just…a spar…" Sasuke disappeared quickly and Naki quickly turned to block, easily keeping up with him. Sasuke however now having a lot of power pushed her down and in that brief moment her brown eye turned to a slit, she quickly slid under him and took a deep breath.

"What was that…?" pondered Sasuke. "I definitely saw something odd happen to her eye…" He charged again, giving her little to no time to catch her breath. She reacted slowly, putting the scythe infront to block. He kicked her feet out from beneath her and slammed her head against the hard ground, she yelped in pain…

Don't restrain me…Let me take over! I'll only shred him…

"No…" She thought quickly to reply. Sasuke glared.

"Stop taking it easy on me Hekimetsuki!" He demanded. She charged and leaped into the air, her scythe pointed downward. He dodged and kicked the side of her face. She didn't even try to dodge! She skid against the ground and her head banged against a post… "I did not kick her that hard…" She stood slowly… Head down.

"Run Sasuke…Run…" She whimpered pathetically. Sasuke narrowed his eyes. She walked forward, Blood seemingly dripping down her face from her now open eye, the gold thing stared at him as her brown one started to close. Naki let a pained roar out and grabbed her head and slammed it against a tree. "I don't want to hurt Sasuke! I don't want to hurt anyone…! Leave me alone Mizukoujin!" She yelled out.


Kakashi sat down on a rock, Sasuke a bit farther from him drinking from a small bottle of water. "Kakashi…"he asked.

"Hmm?"He replied.

"What happened a week ago? In the pre-matches?" Kakashi looked at him…

"Naki." Was his curt reply. Sasuke glared at his sensei.

"What happened exactly?" He narrowed out his words and specified it.

"…Naki is a bit different then you and I, She suffers from a curse of her family. Her family holds great secrets and like the Hyuuga need something to eat away evidence of their body. Naki…has two things to make sure since her blood-line is very strong in her. Mizukoujin…who is probably causing turmoil in her mind…and Raikoujin. Her family had been the talk of ANBU for years, They were all killed out by…Their own greed caused their own destruction." Sasuke raised a perfect brow.

"What happens if we end up fighting Mizukoujin?"

"Get Naki down before it takes effect, or you'll probably die unless you are ANBU level…Mizukoujin is nothing like Naki in a certain sense, she(Mizu) has more power, stamina, and stubbornness to rival twenty bulls."

Sasuke tackled Naki down and quickly whipped the blood pouring down from her eye, She struggled madly under his grip and her hand was wrapped in Mizu's Blood-water. It clamped on his arm causing a tremendous amount of pain. He reached and covered her dark eye with his hand. Naki's brown eye reopened as he forced her other eye shut and she looked terrified at him. He crawled off her and she reached for his arm with her now dripping wet hand- no longer encased in the blood-water.

"Please Sasuke…?" She looked at him. He looked at her warily and let her gently take his arm, a familiar glow in her hand showed her begin to mend the deep wound. "I'm sorry Sasuke…I…" Sasuke watched her with suspicion.

"She didn't want to hurt me and I pressured her…" He thought quietly, watching his wound heal up. She looked terribly saddened by what she had done… Sasuke watched her and a thought formed into his head.

"Naki, We are going to spar every night until you start to be able to control yourself. You will cost the team if you aren't careful…" Naki looked at him with an odd look he wasn't accustomed to. Was this what Naki really looked like? Was this behind that Façade?

"Sasuke-san you could get injured."

"And you can ruin our team." They were both in an awkward silence…

"Alright Sasuke-san…" Smiled Naki. Sasuke smirked. He got two things out of it, a sparring partner and he could learn things about this 'creature'.