Ninja Switch

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Chapter 1 The Potion That Was Wrong

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It was an ordinary day in the leaf village, nothing too out of the ordinary. Naruto, Lee, and Sakura heading towards the Hokage's, Tsunade, to hand in there report on their mission that they have just completed. Sakura was rather annoyed because Naruto was complaining the whole way back from the mission.

Meanwhile Neji and Ino where sitting in the Tsunade's office waiting for Tsunade to come speak to them. Tsunade was in another room speaking with the Kazekage Gaara on important matters. Tsunade asked Neji to come so she could test a new healing potion that she has created. Ino and Neji sat there for a while until the door behind them slammed open.

"I am hungry, why do all of us have to come here and report how the mission went why couldn't just one of us?"

"NARUTO IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EAT FOR DAYS!!!" Sakura was very angry and was letting her inner Sakura take over.

"Naruto please do not up set Sakura more than you already have!" Naruto just placed his hands behind his head acting all cool and calm. Lee was the first one to notice that they weren't the only ones in the room and walked over towards Neji.

"Neji what are you doing here?" Neji just looked at Lee for a second and decide to respond.

"I was asked to come here by Tsunade to test a new healing potion." Neji sounded calm and relaxed.

"So where is old lady Tsunade?" Naruto said still acting cool. At that another set of doors opened revealing Tsunade and Gaara walked in the room where everyone else was. Tsunade walked behind her desk and pulled out a large bottle and some cups.

"Sorry for the wait everyone I just had to speak with the Kazekage privately for a few minutes. She looked at Gaara who nodded towards her.

"Thank you, you have been most helpful to the sand village and I greatly appreciate you kindness." Tsunade smiled at Gaara and nodded back.

"No problem." Gaara looked serious at Tsunade

"If there is anything you need or you need help with let me know. The sand will help out anyway we can." Tsunade started to pour some of the liquid from the large bottle into 5 cups. And placed them in a row on her desk. She then turned her focus on everyone in the room. She had a serious look on her face.

"Alright well since you are all here already, I would like you all to do me a favor. I have made a new healing potion that is suppose to increase the healing speed and the healing it's self so you can regenerate much faster and not have and pain at all." All of them looked at Tsunade. Sakura seemed most interested in what Tsunade was saying.

"That's Great Tsunade but what does that have to with us?" Tsunade smiled at that comment.

"I need you guy's to test the healing potion to see if I have got it right. O but don't worry this potion won't kill you or anything like that it should heal if I got the formula correct so there is no worries about getting hurt from it!" Tsunade sat down on her chair and leaned back with her fist under her chin to support her head. All 6 of them looked at Tsunade for a minute but then took a cup off her desk. They all looked at Tsunade waiting for a respond.

"Go ahead drink it!" They did all at the same time like it was on queue. Tsunade watched what was happening recording the results mentally. It all seemed well for a few minutes. All of them felt regenerated like they just woke up, but then around the same all 6 of the shinobi that consumed the healing potion collapsed on the floor. Tsunade was still watching them. "Well I guess that mean's I didn't get the formula right. Darn it. Wonder how long they are going to be unconscious?" Tsunade just sat there for a minutes and when they showed no sign of waking she began to do her paper work which really needed done.

About 30 minutes later

Neji was the first to wake up. He sat up and put his hand on his head. "Wow what happened?" Then Neji heard and saw something he wasn't expecting.

"Sakura are you alright?" Neji looked over to see who was talking to Sakura and saw his own body speaking to him. "What in the world is going on here?" Neji's body started coming towards him which freaked Neji out of his mind.

"Sakura you're not hurt are?!" Neji realized his body was talking to him.

"What are you talking about? I'm Neji and who are you?"

"I am Lee and what are you talking about of course you are Sakura!" Lee then noticed his body on the other side of Neji.

"If you are Neji, then where is Sakura?"

"I don't know how am I suppose to know and I am not Sakura!" Neji then stood up and noticed he felt very light and put his hands to his chest and found something that guy's are not suppose to have."

"Neji stop touching Sakura!" Then Lee's body started to move and eventually sat up. Lee went over his body.

"Neji, what are you doing?"

"I am not Neji I am Lee and you are in my body, but who are you?"

"I am Sakura. And what do you mean I'm in your body?" Sakura then looked down and saw Lee's body. She was frightened by the site and started to scream so loud it woke the other 3 up. Sakura saw Ino stirring and went over to her.

"INO!" Sakura heard Ino' response but not from Ino's body, she heard Naruto's voice.

"What Lee and why are you being so loud?!" Sakura turned around and saw Naruto sitting up talking to her. Sakura faced Naruto and repeated Ino's name to see if Naruto was the one responding to her. Ino nodded responding to the calling of her name. Ino then looked over past Sakura (whose body was Lee's) and saw herself. Sakura then began to explain to Ino what she thought happened and why they were like this. Sakura finished explaining it to her and Ino understood.

"That make's sense I guess, but why do I have to be in Naruto's body?" Ino started to whine.

"You think you have it bad, I have to be stuck in you!" Ino and Sakura turned around and saw Ino's body talking to them.

"It's not that bad, and who are you?" Ino's started to yell at herself which she thought was rather weird.

"I'm Gaara."

"Gaara after we dra…" Sakura started to explain the same thing that she told Ino to Gaara until Gaara cut her off.

"Yeah I know what happened. But who is in my body?" All 5 of the shinobi that were awake looked over at Gaara's body. Neji went over to Gaara's body and attempted to kick it but failed since Gaara has the sand shield. Neji's leg started to bleed, due to the impact with the shield.

"Neji stop hurting my body!" Sakura was mad because she was going to have to tend to the wound when she was back in her own body. Gaara's body woke up because of the noise. Ino went over to him and started to talk explain what was going on.

"Naruto some how that healing potion made us switch bodies I am in your body and Gaara's in mine."

"What then who's body am I in?" Naruto being the baka he was (baka-idiot) didn't realize he was Gaara. So Ino had to explain things to him.

"You're in Gaara's body."

"WHAT I'M IN GAARA'S BODY! THIS IS TERIBLE, wait a second I'm in Gaara's body which means I'm the Kazekage! Yes!" Gaara gave Naruto a mean look. Meanwhile everyone was freaking out Tsunade was sitting back and enjoying the show the 6 ninja were putting on. She finally spoke after everyone figured out what happened, but deep down inside she thought this whole this was hilarouse! She sustained herself from laughing.

"Okay so I guess the healing potion didn't work." Everyone looked at Tsunade and gave her a death glare.

"But I will figure out a way to change you back I promise." Sakura became interested in what Tsunade was saying once again.

"So how long will it take?"

"Well it should take about 5 days or so."

"5 DAYS!!!" Everyone was wondering how they were going to live like this for 2 days. Tsunade spoke trying to calm them down a little.

"Yes 5 day's or maybe 4 if your lucky, till then just act like the person you're in, and don't tell anyone about this go it?" As much as everyone wanted to scream at Tsunade and just complain they obeyed her orders.

Everyone told the person who was in there bodies what to do and not to do; they gave directions to where they lived or were staying. They wanted to just get it over with but no one real knew what to expect.

to be continued...
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