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What was happening with Gaara?

Gaara had been sitting on Ino's couch waiting for his supposable 'date' with the Evil Sasuke Uchiha. He felt stupid sitting there, first off he hated the guy and saw him better dead than alive, second off Ino's mother had poor Gaara dressed up in the preppiest clothes he ever saw! AND THEY WHERE LAVENDAR!! He hated that color so much, I fact if he could he would kill the color.

6:05 p.m.

Gaara's patience had grown thin, he wasn't a patient person in the least and Sasuke was 5 MINUTES LATE!! Who does he think he is making him wait like that?

"I swear, when he shows up I am take him to an ally and make this body kill him the bloodiest way I know how." Gaara had mumbled to himself. His evil thoughts where interrupted by a ring of the door bell. "About damn time." He thought.

He dashed to open the front door to greet the Uchiha. Sasuke didn't look any different at all, same clothes he always wore. What the hell was the point of the date then?

"Sorry I'm late; I got held up at th..." Sasuke started to explain but then was cut off when Gaara kneed him in his you-know-what. Sasuke had fell on the floor in agony, cursing under his breathe.

"THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR MAKING ME WAIT SO DAMN LONG!! ITS 6:05 AND YOU SAID YOU WOULD BE HERE AT 6:00. WAIT TO GO; YOU WASTED 5 MINUTES OF MY LIFE!! AND WHAT THE HELL, YOU DIDN'T EVEN DRESS UP?" Gaara had screamed at the top of his voice. Ino's mother had heard her daughter yelling and came to the door way to make sure everything was okay.

"Ino, Sweetie, is something wrong?"

" mom. Sasuke and I where just leaving." Gaara said while dragging Sasuke out of the doorway and outside. Sasuke continued to curse under his breathe.

"Alright now you pansy, where are we going?" Gaara had said as coldly as ever. Sasuke regained his normal state, and comprehended what Gaara had asked him.

"Geeze Ino, I knew you where a little moody but I wasn't expecting you to do that to me."

"Yeah well I am full of surprises. Please just answer the question."

"Why such a rush?"

"Erm...Asuma-sensei wants me to…um…read so scrolls." Gaara said trying to come up with something a sensei might do. Baki never made Gaara do much of anything so he didn't know what sensei's had them do.

"Tch. You liar. Anyway we better go before it gets too late." Sasuke said walking down Ino's walk way. Gaara followed closely behind. He didn't want to get too close; he didn't know what Sasuke might do...

8:47 p.m.

So far, the night had gone well in Sasukes eyes. Gaara wanted to kill himself. They went out to dinner at some expensive restaurant in konoha and Gaara had bought the most expensive stuff. They also went to see a movie, and a few times Sasuke attempted to put his arm around him, which made Gaara feel uncomfortable, and he just made the excuse he had to go to the bathroom every time.

That was also a sight to see, Gaara in the ladies room. Needless to say, the men's room and ladies room where really different. But that's a different FF topic.

Now Sasuke was walking 'Ino' back home. They had reached the door step, and Sasuke tried to classic door step attempt.

"I had a great time." He had said slightly smiling. Now that was scary seeing him smile.

"Erm I've had better. I mean I had fun!" Gaara said trying to act more like a girl.

Sasuke had looked embarrassed, and then he had attempted to kiss him. Eww. What was he thinking? Gaara was a boy, homo, oh wait. Sasuke had thought Gaara was Ino. Since Gaara didn't know much about love and there was no way he was going to kiss him, he did the first thing he thought of...

He had punched him in the face.

This sent Sasuke falling over the railing, and he landed on his back looking at 'Ino' shocked.

"Oops sorry, my hand slipped. Well I got to be going; Mom is going to be mad if I don't get back home by 10."

"But its only 8:50..."

"See you later Sasuke-kun!" Gaara had said and then hurried inside. He pushed his back against his door.

"Gosh. I'm going to have to clean my mouth tonight. And I haven't showered for awhile, oh well. Ino can do that when she gets back in this damn body." Gaara had said to himself and run to Ino's room.

Outside with Sasuke

Sasuke was still shocked that Ino had hit him so hard that he fell off the railing, and that she even HIT him! He was staring at the door, seemingly lost in a gaze. His eyes looked very shocked; he looked that way for many minutes.

He had finally come back to his normal state of mind.

"Tch. Well that could have gone a lot better. Note to self, if someone asked how this date went. Lie and say it went well." He said them proceeded to pull himself up and walk away coolly with his hands in his pockets.


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