Once upon a time, a beautiful maiden had met a wonderful and brave man in England. They got married and had the perfect baby girl who looked just like her father, her laughing brown eyes and dark, fair brown hair. The family was perfect as time went on, but soon money was a subject of concern. Before the girl had even turned one, a fight broke out between the perfect couple. The man had decided to go into piracy to support his family, and the woman couldn't take it. He left her and the baby saying that he would be back, but he never did come back. The woman had raised her girl alone, but only until she was three. The mother had died from an unknown illness and the girl was adopted. She grew to be a healthy young woman, never knowing who her mother was nor her father. Only one name on a golden locket made her still have hope for finding them. Sparrow. Her last name. Her mother's name, no one knew. But her father's? Everyone who sailed knew him. The infamous Jack Sparrow. The girl's name was Callista Sparrow.

The morning had started with the crew's "gossip" during their morning work with the rigging.

"Aye, I've heard that Sparrow's finally been caught, down in Port Royal." The gruff man told the other crewman during work. The others looked intrigued.

"Finally? What about the other times he's escaped from prison? He always finds some way out. He's got people on the inside." The men around agreed.

Callista had heard this talk before, on every ship from England, where her adventure began. She sat in the sealed barrel in an uncomfortable beetle-like fashion underneath her decreasing supply of food. Being the stowaway always had disadvantages, yet she had never been caught from all her previous escapades. The time to herself had given her a chance to look back in the past of what she had done and where to go next. This Port Royal was her next destination. She thought back to England, her homeland. She was only thirteen and already sailing across the seas alone for the one chance to find her true family. Jack Sparrow had to be her father. There was no other Sparrow she had ever heard of. The idea of her father a pirate made her curious. What will he be like? she asked herself. Of course, Calli did not know if she really would get to see him. She had been chasing him across the seven seas for 3 months to even get a glimpse of him. Oh, how she wished he'd slow down.

The ship lurched as a man called out, "Land ho!". They were making port, in the Caribbean as far as Calli knew. This was her stop. While the men unloaded her barrel, she rolled continuously until they dropped her and she rolled away into the streets. From there, she opened the barrel from a latch on the inside and popped out.

She blinked her eyes at the dazzling sun and stared at the bustling town before her. It seemed that she was in a place called Edmund Towne Bay. Calli smoothed her fraying blue dress and asked a nearby man, "Would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of Port Royal?"

"Port Royal? It's very close; just keep going west. I could take you there if you'd like, I'm on my way there anyway." The man said kindly. His hair was long and kept back. He was cleanly shaven and pointed toward a cart filled with baskets of what Callista was sure were animals judging by the noises.

Calli refused politely and walked toward where he had pointed, hoping to stretch her legs and get used to walking, and walking on land for that matter. She passed palm after palm tree, clutching her locket, the scenery being the same but warm and lovely. The walk wasn't long at all, exactly as the man had said but she had the time to plan a perfect way to find her father, and she soon came to the quant and busy town of Port Royal.

She wandered around, looking in shops and she bought a new dress with the little money her mother had left her. It was not expensive and looked ordinary, just a navy blue dress like the one before. Blue was her favorite color. She found the jail and almost went in if it wasn't for the guards at the entrance.

The afternoon was falling quickly and her plan should have taken action by then. She scurried to find a shop or an inn at least near the prison. At last, she came to a very popular inn, only a block from the prison. Smoothing out her dress again and checking her hair in the reflection of a window, she entered and went up to the innkeeper.

"One room please." She asked in her most mature voice. The person at the desk looked at her skeptically, and then said, "For how long, miss?"

"Just one night, sir."

"Very well, that will be five shillings and I will need to know your name, miss." He said his hand outstretched. Calli rummaged through her coin purse and pulled out five little silver coins.

"My name is Callista….Greene." Callista Sparrow said. The name Sparrow probably would not get the best attention.

The man got up and showed her a room at the back of the building. "Enjoy your stay in Port Royal, Miss Greene." Then, he left.

Callista Sparrow sat on the worn bed and waited for nightfall, wondering about her father. The first thing she really needed to do was to take a bath. When she had come out of the steaming bathroom from the heated water, dressed, she sat down on the bed once more, started to braid her waist-length hair, and sang a song softly to herself looking out the window at the prison.

"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me…"