Jack stood at the gallows, his crimes being read aloud. Is that what I have done all these years? How time flies when you're a pirate! He had to stifle a laugh at this serious situation. His eyes darted over to Callista once more, as they had for the past half hour.How he could have let this happen? He did not know. He promised himself to look after the daughter he had left a long time ago. He was not prepared to do it again for good.

Calli stood only five feet away from the pirate yet felt very helpless. Her leg had healed a bit and made it easier to walk. The only evidence of her wound was a long scar. Even if they did escape, where would they go? They had no ship and they could not commandeer another. The guard next to her looked very bored, like he had more important things to do than stand watch over thirteen year old pirates. The Caribbean heat that they knew too well did not help either. Then her eyes found Will.

Will looked at her, his look told her to wait for the signal. Whatever this signal was, in Calli's mind, better be obvious. He had a quick word with Elizabeth and he was off. The drum roll invaded Callista's ears. She sucked in sharply and gasped when the rope dropped. It looked like the end for ol' Jack.

Then the quick reflexes of Will took over. Jack was barely standing on the sword he threw into the trap door. This, apparently, was a good enough signal for Calli. When Will had cut Jack loose, Calli made a break for it. She ran from the distracted guard, but not without taking his sword. The guard seemed to be confused then quickly went into pursuit of the girl, but she thwarted his efforts and ran him into a pole. She ran to join the fight, bystanders amazed by the young girl's talent with a weapon. She took care of most of the soldiers who were trying to sneak on the two men from behind, though the men were doing well on their own.

Soon the trio had defeated most of the soldiers with ease but then they were surrounded. Will kept his sword up, as did Callista, and Jack, who had no weapon of the sort, plainly stood his ground in front of the soldiers. Jack closed his hand around Calli's shoulder, in reassurance, but he had done too much to be sent back to the gallows now.

Will, who was facing Norrington, commented that his place was right where he was, between him, Norrington, and Jack when Norrington had said something about Will so low that the pirates couldn't hear. Then Elizabeth came from behind Norrington and said, "As is mine."

Jack soon interrupts this oh-so dramatic situation. "Anyway, I think we've all learned something 'ere, haven't we? Spiritually? Dramatically? Grammatically?" Calli laughs. He looks back at her. "Well, this will be the day-" The two start walking out, as if melting out of the picture, "that you will all remember-" Jack takes Calli's arm, "as the day you almost caught-" They are soon on the very edge of the fort tower and Calli whispers, "Father, what are you thinking…?" "the Sparrows!" Jack continued as he jumped, with Calli by his side, over the edge.

When they resurface, Calli laughs. "Warn me 'bout that next time would you?"

Jack smiles and looks over to a nearby ship. It was the Pearl. "Come on, love. Our ship is waiting." He said as he started to swim over to the ship with black sails. Callista followed.

When they had been hoisted up on deck, Anna Maria, the woman among the crew, led Jack to the wheel of the ship. "The Black Pearl is yours."

"No. The Black Pearl is ours." Jack said looking at his daughter. Now that everything had settled down, Jack finally took the time to admire his daughter's strengths. She looked just like him and even had his talents. He then turns to the crew that was just standing around him. "What are ye doing? Get to work!" he said with a smirk on his face.

Calli took a seat on the stairs of the helm. She heard her father sing such a familiar song. "Drink up me hearties, yo ho. Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me…" Calli smiled. Everything seemed right in the world. She found her father, she found her calling, and she can put her talent to work. What could be better?

Jack was staring off into the sea at the wheel as his thoughts made him smile. He had everything a man, or pirate we should say, could want at his age; a beautiful daughter and the perfect ship. What could be better?

That late afternoon, Calli went up to Jack as he sat at his desk with more papers and charts. "Father, might I go pirating with you, I mean if it's okay with you? If you wan to take me back to England, then well, if you think I should…," she rambled a bit.

"Of course you can! You 'ave seemed to prove yourself true enough. Besides, love, I wouldn't have it any other way." And with that, Jack embraced Calli in a hug and spent the evening on deck singing away the time.

Therefore, the two had finally achieved what they had wanted; a visit to see their father, and revenge, but mostly it was what they had not expected that really brought the two together. Callista found a loving father that would be there for her always and Jack found a daughter along the way that was the best thing could ever happen to him. She had taught him that there was more to life than treasure, revenge, ships, stealing, quick thinking, and, dare he think it, rum. There was love and the seriousness of dangers and caring about things important to others. Callista Sparrow had proved that there was a way to change Jack Sparrow.

The Black Pearl continued to sail off into the horizon, off to new places bringing in adventure, action, treasure, laughter, and mystery. However, one thing was for sure; Calli and Jack would always be together as Father and Daughter.

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