Sheets (Ghosts?) Of The Night

Chapter Two



Margaret screeched. She dropped her pen and gasped for breath. "Who is it?"

There was no answer. The blonde head nurse stood up from her desk and carefully walked over to her tent's door. Even though she'd thought Klinger's story was caused by sleep deprivation and a severely active imagination, the fogginess of the night and the wind had caused her to re-think her decision.


"Who's there?"

The door swung slowly open.

"K-Klinger? If this is a joke..."

Margaret trailed off. As far as she could see, no one was outside.

"Probably the wind," she sighed as she shut the door and went back to her letter to her sister.




The door which had been shut not ten seconds ago was wide open.

Margaret grabbed her robe and shot out the door. She gasped for breath as she banged on the door to the nearest tent--the nurses'.

"Yes?" called Bigelow.

"It's Major Houlihan."

"C-c-come in," Able hiccupped.

Margaret opened the door and stepped cautiously into the tent. Bigelow, Kellye, and Baker were draped over the bunkbeds and Able was trying to stand on her head.

"What's going on in here?" she asked, more curious than angry.

"Jean has the hiccups," Kellye said. "We're trying to cure her."

"It's not w-working," sighed Able. She stood up. "Did you want something, Major?"

Slightly calmed by the nurses' behavior, Margaret shook her head. "No, I was just checking to see how you all were. You know what Corporal Klinger's stories can do."

Bigelow nodded and said, "You can stay in here and help us come up with cures, if you want."

"Well." Margaret paused, then sat down on the bottom bunk. "I might Just for a bit."

"I thought so." Bigelow and Baker exchanged knowing grins.

A/N: I'm doing this story in shorter chapters...oh, what am I typing? I ALWAYS do shorter chapters. Chapter 1 of "Crash" is the longest I've ever done. Nice, light reading. I'd hoped to have this finished before Halloween, but certain circumstances intervened.

(Lillian--Margaret's sister. I just made that up. Was it ever established if she had a sister?)