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Chapter 1

The morning sunbeams gently touched his face, softly drawing him from his slumber. He stretched his arms and legs, trying to wake himself fully, then reached his arms over to the other side of the large hotel bed. But he found nothing.

He opened his eyes fully and looked at the empty side of the bed. The sheets were in a disarray and the mattress was still warm, but she was nowhere.

" Misty? Where are you?"

Then he heard coughing coming from the adjacent bathroom. It was her. He got up, standing on his sleep weary legs, almost stumbling, and made his way, slowly, to where she was.

They had been together for over a year now, finally after years of hiding their mutual feelings they had confessed, and neither of them had been so happy. Everything was perfect. And soon it would be even better, if she said 'yes'.

He walked into the next room and saw her, crouched on the ground, head over the toilet. He quickly rushed to her side and put his arms around her. " Hey, honey. Are you okay?"

She looked into his face, and saw it was covered in genuine concern. " I don't feel too well. I think I've got a stomach bug or something."

Her response was a little rushed, though, and he could see confusion in her face. He could tell that she was unsure what was wrong. " Maybe you should go to the doctor, get yourself checked out. It may be something more serious."

" Yeah. I'll head down there later."

" You want me to come with you?"

" No!" she shouted. She seemed scared. " I'm sorry. I'll be okay alone."

" Are you sure?" He couldn't get rid of the feeling that she was hiding something from him.

" Yeah." She cautiously stood, Ash still holding her with his arms, and walked back to the bed. " It's nothing. It's just a tummy upset. Nothing serious." But it seemed she was trying to convince herself more than convince him.

" Okay," he answered, unsure, and laid down on the bed, pulling her closer to him, kissing her forehead tenderly.


He sat watching the television in their hotel room, but the programme could not hold his attention. He was worried about her.

At the moment she would be at the doctors, and he knew that no matter what happened, he would always be there for her, but the results of the possible tests the doctor may perform did not fear him.

For the past few days Misty had been acting strange. She had often been distant, and almost seemed uncomfortable in his presence, especially when he touched her. He hoped it was only because she had been unwell, but he was worried that perhaps it was something more.

The door slowly opened, and Misty fearfully entered the room. He immediately turned to her, his eyes staring intently at her.

" Is everything okay?" he asked.

" Ah, yeah. It's just an infection. I'll be okay in a few days."

" Great," but he was still unsure. But why would she lie to me, he wondered. She loves me, and I love her. I should be able to trust her.

She sat on the sofa, a foot from him, with an anxious look on her face. He knew that maybe she wouldn't want this, but he wrapped his arms around her regardless and pulled her into a solemn embrace.

"You sure you're fine?"

" Yeah. Just give me a few days and I'll be better."

He could tell that she was quaking in his embrace. " You know that if you need to tell me anything, I'm here."

" I know." Even her voice was unsteady, almost tinged with trepidation.

" I'll always be here for you, no matter what happens. Always and forever." He held her even closer, never wanting to let her go.

But the next morning when he woke, she was gone.