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Blood Mage

Chapter One Blood that wiggles?

A blond boy walked briskly in an attempt to keep up with Itachi's pace, while keeping his head down for fear of being disrespectful. He knew that he was not allowed to ask irrelevant questions but Naruto could not stand the silence between the two anymore.

"Ne, onii-sama, where are we going?" the blue-eyed boy inquired quietly, eyes bright and unusually large. His teacher, who had trained him for two consecutive years, had not said a thing about any night trainings but he knew today was an exception. Itachi was the only one he could turn to when everyone walked away and Naruto would just leave it at that. He respected Itachi for the power he harnessed, and the wordless concern he had directed at the blonde.

Naruto knew of the great demon that was sealed in him years ago, as Itachi had calmly told him, and also telling him that he had power that the village did not acknowledge and Itachi was sure that he would not waste it away. It was that one time that Naruto knew that he could rely on somebody he could truly trust, and for once he would not be easily bullied or be spat at because he would be getting stronger each day.

For two years he had put his heart and soul in his training, trying to please Itachi. It was his only dream he could work towards to and even it was just a tiny smile or a 'Good', it was just enough for Naruto. He had truly wondered what it was like to have a real family member who would be there for you, and now he knew what it was like. Naruto never opened up to Itachi directly before, since the Uchiha had hated weaknesses such as unwanted emotions that will affect the fighting mood and even to feel pain. But still, Naruto knew how it was like to be acknowledged.

Itachi halted abruptly before turning to address the boy's question directly. He had long, raven-colored hair tied up into a ponytail and his eyes were the things that Naruto admired the most- the thin scarlet veins, and at the centers, the fathomless dark. At times, Itachi would even activate his bloodline, the Sharingan, and they were a daunting blood-crimson.

A kekkei genkai (literally 'blood inheritance limit' or an 'ability limited to blood inheritance', also called a 'bloodline limit', 'advanced bloodline', or 'bloodline trait') is any property passed down genetically through a specific clan that cannot be imitated or duplicated by any method, although it might be possible to copy it using genetic manipulation. Kekkei genkai are often beneficial, and are employed commonly by shinobi to improve their chances in battle or other challenging situations.

The eagerness with which the rulers of nations have taken advantage of shinobi with bloodline limits for the purposes of furthering war efforts has taken its toll on their reputation, to such a degree that many in the world automatically associate bloodline limits with war and pain. It eventually reached the point of outright fear and hatred, resulting in witch-hunts and systematic murders of families and individuals with bloodline limits, as was the case with the Uchiha and the Hyuuga clan. Both clans were respected for their advanced bloodline and there had been an incident of trying to rob the bloodline of the Hyuuga's clan.

"You will see. I am going to test your abilities tonight," Itachi answered, his voice with the minimal amount of emotion. The night was starless and yet the moon's beams were thrown across the river, which were drowned in the pristine waters. A light breeze blew slightly and the grass rustled. The Nakano river still held its beauty after being around in Konoha for so many years.

"Itachi." A man, who Naruto assumed to be the same age as Itachi, appeared before their eyes. His bright ruby eyes bore the indication of being a traditional Uchiha as the three water-droplet-like shapes spun wildly in the pupils.

"Shisui-san," Itachi acknowledged and for a moment, his eyes flared a crimson red before becoming the spinning red Sharingan. For a while, neither spoke and moved. They simply stared at each other, seemingly trying to read each other's thoughts. It was Itachi who broke the little staring competition as he turned to nod at his student. The wide-eyed boy then nodded in return as if he knew his sensei's small gesture before narrowing his eyes at Shisui.

The man named Shisui took a battle stance, staring at Itachi warily and did not even spare a glance at Naruto's direction. He thought a child at that tender age would be harmless, like Itachi's own brother would be. But, he thought wrong.

A kunai whistled past Shisui's face and blood trickled down his cheek from the thin line of cut. Shisui glared at the obviously skilled thrower before he disappeared in a swirl of leaves and reappeared behind the unnamed brat who had flung the kunai. Itachi had stood aside, letting his student and Shisui battle, although he already knew who would emerge as the winner.

"Don't you know that it is dangerous for a kid to play with knives?" Shisui taunted, reaching to grab Naruto's wrist. But it would seem that Naruto had eyes on the back of his head because he jumped away from the Uchiha and landed gracefully a few feet away with a somersault.

Naruto knew he did not need to speak. He only knew that this should end quickly so that he can let Itachi know his abilities, which had grown over these two years of training. Analyzing his opponent with cautious cerulean eyes, Naruto could tell that Itachi's presumably older brother who was also one of the most talented in the Uchiha clan was rather sloppy in his taijutsu and would most probably switch tactics to either ninjutsu or genjutsu soon.

After spending time with Itachi, Naruto was well versed in the arts of the Uchiha bloodline and knew that if Shisui had owned the Mangekyo Sharingan, the next level of the Sharingan, he would be sure not to look into his opponent's eyes. The Mangekyo Sharingan is able to create illusions inside the enemy's mind, making him experiencing seventy-two hours worth of torture or personal tragedies to be played over and over again. The illusions would be so real that one can even feel the pain inside their mind for seventy-two hours, yet a mere minute would pass in reality.

So far, Naruto had not heard of anyone in the Uchiha clan possessing such fearful eyes, but one should never let down his guard before his opponent. He decided to play close range since Shisui was the one who tried to play close range first in hopes of intimidating the blonde, even though it would never be in his forte. Using three shuriken to avert Shisui's attention, a punch that only held half of Naruto's usual power without charging it with chakra was thrown into Shisui's direction. Naruto wanted to see how far that Shisui could go first before doing his best but much to his chagrin, Shisui was thrown off-guard- the punch met his right shoulder and the demon vessel could clearly hear the shoulder being dislocated.

The Uchiha's red eyes widened visibly. He knew the shuriken were only baits, as the brat would try something further such as trying to land a blow on him. Shisui had foreseen the punch coming with his Sharingan and he had dodged to prevent the punch landing on his face but the blonde was just too quick and nimble for him—the blonde had used his other fist to land a blow on his shoulder and from the nasty 'crack' sound, he knew the arm would be rendered useless temporarily. Shisui quickly smashed down the thought of having his Sharingan not being able to register the opponent's moves for the first time and staggered a little before standing right up again.

Slightly blinded by the sharp pain shooting up his right shoulder, he forced his hands into making fast, blurred seals.

"Katon: Goukakyuu No Jutsu!" A large ball of flames escaped from Shisui's parted lips and he smirked in satisfaction. The brat should be toasted by now.

As the smoke and the last remains of the fire technique were cleared, the evident carnage that was caused was only the burnt remains of a log. His opponent apparently impressed Shisui despite his age. 'Is he the brat who Itachi had trained? He is definitely more than what I would expect from wimpy kids. Pfft. Even Sasuke won't even be able to land a hit on me.'

Shisui's eyes scanned the entire clearing vigilantly, trying to make out the blonde's hiding spot after using the Kawarimi No Jutsu to escape the wrath of his fire technique. Shisui had been surprised when Itachi had arranged this meeting at the clearing but he would have no regrets coming at all because of facing such a challenging, young opponent.

He could feel his heart pumping furiously—not because of fear but of excitement he was feeling. Then, after a moment of silence, he could sense the brat's chakra coming towards him. 'There!'

The blonde's leg was caught deftly by Shisui's left hand, disrupting his midair stunt. Shisui then proceeded to use his kunai and make a clean swipe at the kid's stomach but was blocked by the blonde's left arm.

Shisui could not make out any wince coming from the kid or any pain that would usually be displayed in anybody's eyes. No, he could not see the pain registered in this child's huge, blue orbs. Shisui's eyes narrowed dangerously. 'What did Itachi do to this kid to even train him to erase pain immediately?'

Then, the weirdest thing happened to Shisui.

The blood that was spilling profusely from the blonde's arm was now forming a thick crimson rope like it was a living thing and it slithered its way up to Shisui's body, coiling around him and effectively binding him. Shisui's mind could only register shock and pain as his life was being squeezed out of him.

For that short period of time, his opponent's face was so close he could discern the fading whiskered-marks on the blonde's cheeks and Shisui finally knew whom he was fighting with.

Of course, who else but the Kyuubi brat?

From a distance away where Itachi was monitoring the progress of the battle between Shisui and Naruto, he smirked—a thing that was not common for the emotionless Uchiha. 'He's using that already?'

Naruto could feel his bloodlust acting up as he listened to the soft gags and choking sounds made by the enemy. The mantra 'kill, kill' was pounding in his head, demanding the opponent to be killed quickly. But, no, he would slowly enjoy the man's pain first.

As Naruto used his own blood to form ropes and bind Shisui, his face was so close, Naruto could just see the ice-cold fury in the Uchiha's wild, red eyes and feel the hatred radiating from the man.

Hatred… Naruto definitely did not associate with such thing for the first time. Hell, no, he did experience it first hand for the most time of his life ever since he was born. He was hated for a thing he did not want for it had not been his choice to make.

No, since when the Fourth Hokage would ever consider before choosing him of all newborns to seal the almighty Kyuubi in? No, Naruto was just the unlucky one to be born on that day.

Feeling his own anger and hatred fueled simply by the look Shisui was giving him, Naruto tried all means to suppress it, as it was just an emotional act on his part. It would just give him a disadvantage and his opponent would try to use that weakness to overwhelm Naruto.

Shisui then smirked suddenly and formed handseals despite being tied up tightly.

"Shunshin No Jutsu!" Shisui whispered, using the high-speed movement technique to scare the brat in hopes of moving again. Indeed, his decision was correct. The blond brat had widened his eyes visibly before releasing his grip on the ropes. He was Shisui Uchiha, one of the most talented Uchiha, and was feared as "Shisui of the Body Flicker" ("Shunshin no Shisui").

With the strange crimson ropes gone, Shisui could move freely again and he regained his composure, hopping away from Naruto.

Not wasting any time, Naruto used his blood whip and smacked it as hard as he could in the direction of Shisui and with his opponent exhausted and nearing death, the Uchiha had deactivated his bloodline and had not predicted the attack. The whip slashed brutally on the Uchiha and his left arm had come straight off, literally.

Shisui then proceeded to stare at the gory mess lying a few feet away on the grass, which were once his left arm and then his bloody stump where his left arm should be. 'What the hell?' With the pain overwhelming him as tiny white dots began to fill his vision, Shisui shook his head violently in an attempt to stay conscious. It would not do well for him if he fell unconscious then. He knew without thinking that the Kyuubi child would just finish him off with another strike.

Naruto raised his left arm, which the blood from the injury had formed the whip in his right hand, and was going to finish off his opponent until he was intercepted by Itachi's back. "Onii-sama?" Naruto asked, cocking his head.

That was when Naruto saw Itachi's right arm impaling Shisui's chest, where his heart resided, ending his so-called friend's life immediately. Slowly, as if enjoying the gurgle sounds that the blood was making against Itachi's hand, the Uchiha drew out his hand from the body and threw it aside.

Itachi began to laugh. It started out as a harsh bark, but gradually it became louder and louder, until Naruto could recognize it as a laughter. Naruto could not comprehend Itachi disrupting him from making the kill or the fact that he was laughing now. For two years, the demon vessel understood that the word 'laughter' and the name 'Itachi' did not go well together.

"Onii-sama?" Naruto called again, this time, much louder in order to catch his teacher's attention. However, as Itachi turned around to face him, the blonde could barely distinguish the Mangekyo Sharingan eyes that were staring into his own, boring into him, reading his soul. Shortly afterwards while staring into Itachi's 'newly' attained eyes, Naruto could feel himself falling deep into the clutches of horrific illusions…

Years Later…

"Naruto, you fail!" Iruka's booming voice echoed throughout the whole room, causing the sentence to sound more like: "Naruto you fail, you fail, fail, fail, fail!" A pregnant silence settled in the class… before everybody burst out in raucous laughter. The chuunin with a scar on the bridge of his nose sighed, while glaring at two of Naruto's bunshin, which resembled more like chalk-white dummies rather than the blonde's replicas.

"Ne, Iruka-sensei, we should just pass Naruto for his commendable effort of at least trying… See? He created at least two clones this time!" Mizuki-sensei said beside Iruka, who had been judging the blonde's performance all the while.

Iruka shook his head in disapproval and said, tight-lipped, "No, Mizuki-sensei. Naruto did make two clones but they are barely what we call clones! The other students have at least made three clones and even Uchiha Sasuke had made ten. If we pass Naruto this easily, he would not survive as a genin."

Everybody laughed again at the blonde's clones as the dummies-look-alike 'poof-ed' out of existence.

Naruto merely shrugged as if it was nothing and walked back to his seat at the back of the classroom. Iruka frowned; it had been the third time Naruto had failed the genin test and it would not benefit the blonde if this goes on. It looked like Naruto was not putting in any effort in the academy at all.

As more and more people stood up to perform the simple task of creating mere three clones, Iruka was giving away more and more hitai-ate that bore the Konoha shinobi symbol until it reached the last one.

Guilt clawed at the chuunin's heart. It would be Naruto's forehead protector if he had passed. But no, Iruka had not been paying attention to the blonde's progress in the ninja academy at all. At first, like everyone else, he had found himself hating the boy more than anything else for Kyuubi had taken away his parents and making him an orphan.

But as years passed by while he taught the Kyuubi container, Iruka then reduced his hate for the boy until it faded into nothingness. He had seen his very own pupils shunned Naruto and the ignorant adults were still harboring evil intents on ridding the child for good. For the less harmless ones, it had been spits and insults for Naruto all the way.

All these years Iruka had not seen the child cry, smile or even act upon anger before. It was heart breaking for the teacher, but it had been true. By making things worse for Naruto, everybody laughed at him for being the 'dead-last' in the class as he had definitely acted like it. Iruka knew that Naruto was not even trying because he could not even see the blonde putting chakra into his clones or for that matter, Iruka had seen Naruto handing in blank theory papers for the past few years.

After every single student left the class, only Naruto and Iruka were in the room. Sensing Iruka walking towards his direction, Naruto simply stuck his hands into his pockets and tried walking out. It was Iruka blocking his way past the door and to the outside. Naruto sighed. 'Does he have a problem with me or something?'

"Naruto, I think you have a problem we should discuss," Iruka declared solemnly.

'I think I should quit the academy and go be a seer or something…' Naruto thought, clearly amused by the strict tone that the chuunin had used. It was not like the blonde had done anything that was illegal or offending the teachers at all… He had simply failed the genin test. What was more to it?

"Naruto… What do you truly want to be? What is your ambition?" Iruka asked, sitting down and gestured to the blond boy to sit beside him.

"…" Naruto said nothing, wanting to provoke a reaction from the chuunin teacher.

Iruka sighed and rubbed his temples. Okay, he knew Naruto was a problem child. But then again, with the villagers' hatred directing at one sole child, Iruka wondered why the demon vessel was sane at all. He knew Naruto would never retaliate to protect himself from harm's way and that he would never open up to anyone else.

"Why, why are you doing this, Naruto?" Iruka finally asked. If his student wants a heart-to-heart talk, he will get it. Naruto was just like him in the past—he was also an orphan and did not have anyone to rely on.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked, almost innocently. On the outside, to Iruka, it would be a simple question that any child Naruto's age would ask when asked that question. But inwardly, Naruto was analyzing Iruka's question as in, 'why he kept on failing his tests' or 'why he wasn't talking to him'. But he knew there was more that Iruka-sensei wanted to ask. Naruto could see it in the teacher's eyes.

It was pity. Naruto hated that human sympathy the most ever since he was born. When he was beaten up in the streets and humiliated, anyone who walked past him would stop and give him sympathetic looks—until they look clearly at his face and recognize the whiskered-marks on his cheeks, they would give looks filled with hatred instead.

But in this case, it was different. Iruka's face was not twisted in hatred and anger. Naruto felt confusion raging a war inside him. 'I thought his parents had been killed by the Kyuubi twelve years ago? I know he hated me ever since I had entered the academy… He would always pick on me and try to trip me… Hmmm… What is he trying to do now? Win my trust before crushing it completely to see me cry in defeat? Wow… That's nasty. I wonder why nobody tried that before… Hmmm wait… I know who did. Of course, it must be him right… Yeah nothing he can't achieve…'

"I know you have led a difficult life, Naruto. You'd think I have no experience in this but I've been an orphan too. I know what it is like to be jeered at or even laughed at for being the clown of the class. But I only did that for attention. I wanted people to recognize me. To acknowledge me, even. But it had been a tough road to walk on until I finally became an official Konoha's ninja." Iruka started ranting while Naruto nearly wanted to give him the look of horror.

'Oh my kami-sama! Please spare me from this heart-to-heart talk! It's utterly revolting!' Naruto screamed inwardly, giving himself the imagery of tearing Iruka into shreds. Yes, that made him feels a whole lot better. Instead, the blonde simply gave Iruka an amused look as if to say 'I don't get what you're saying but I know you're trying to make yourself look like an idiot' before standing up and walking out of the classroom.

"Wait, Naruto!" Iruka yelled after the blonde, but it was too late. Naruto was gone.

Naruto was lying comfortably on a thick, sturdy branch of a tree, enjoying the serenity until somebody, who was clearly asking for a beating, disrupted the whole picture of tranquility. He tensed while he realized the chakra signature to be Mizuki-sensei's and let a kunai slide out from his kunai holster, undetected.

"Yo, Naruto-kun. How are you doing?" the chuunin smiled at him sweetly, as if Naruto was the newest fascination and it will just make you feel good by looking at him. But knowing how human body and the human mind work, as Naruto could analyze from Mizuki's body language, Mizuki was actually trying to force a conversation. Naruto could just tell from the fake grin plastered on that stupid face and from the suppressed hatred radiating from the chuunin.

Naruto sighed inwardly, thinking why the dude even attempted talking to him at all. Mizuki should know, by experience, that talking to him, Naruto Uzumaki, it would be like talking to a living piece of wood.

"I know that you're upset about Iruka trying to fail you, again, but don't worry, I know another way to make you pass the genin test and become an official genin," Mizuki offered, putting his hand on Naruto's as a gesture of 'kindness'.

Naruto wanted to snort as he felt the hatred snaking from the hand and into him. Mizuki should just try running for the 'Konoha's Kindness Award' and Naruto was sure he would vote for him—run a campaign for him, even!

Since when would Naruto ever feel the need to even pass the genin test to become an official genin for this damn village? He hated the village and everybody in it ever since he was born and Naruto was sure it would just stay that way. The only thing that kept him sane and alive was his only dream of killing Itachi. The blonde's eyes narrowed as he thought of the Uchiha who had betrayed him years ago just to attain the Mangekyo Sharingan. Itachi had used him to weaken Itachi's friend, Shisui and killed him personally to get the next level of Sharingan.

Naruto then knew that to attain the Mangekyo Sharingan, one had to murder his or her best friend to get it. Naruto should have known that no one would be good to him, ever. From then onwards, Naruto had never trusted anyone.

Even though Naruto knew that Mizuki was up to no good, his curiosity piped up and he decided to ask the way of passing the genin test. Yeah, act like you are real sorrowful first to somewhat win his stupid 'trust'. "But how, Mizuki-sensei? How are you sure that Iruka-sensei will pass me then?" Naruto put on his damned mask and blinked his tearful eyes at the chuunin.

"Well, it's easy. You just have to obtain the Scroll Of Seals from the Hokage's tower and learn the jutsu inside it. Once you're done, you got to show what you've learn to us then we will pass you!" Mizuki answered, the idiotic grin still on his face. "The only thing is that those jutsu will be more advanced and it will definitely be rather difficult to master… So, good luck, Naruto-kun." With that, Mizuki-sensei was gone in a swirl of leaves.

Naruto contemplated the words that the chuunin had given him and came to the conclusion that it was just another bastard wanting to use him again. Naruto was not stupid. He did act like an idiot in the academy but that was because the lessons were too boring and he had what it takes to be either a chuunin or jounin already. Itachi had seen to that.

However, Mizuki had wrapped up his pretty, little speech with such an attractive package and even offered such an opportunity to let Naruto learn more jutsu, the blonde was definitely going to regret not going. So, he decided to rob the Hokage that night.

'Kage Bunshin No Jutsu?' Naruto mused, poring through the contents of the scroll he had stolen not long ago. Feeling rather satisfied with the traps he had set up earlier on in the Hokage's tower and places surrounding it, Naruto had decided to learn a few jutsu first before the Hokage would have caught him red-handed.

There were various jutsu that Naruto could put in use and some that his previous sensei had taught him before. Most of them were forbidden and ranked as jounin-ranks, even though to Naruto, they were relatively easy to perform. Techniques such as the shadow clone jutsu, too.

After studying the scroll in the forest for a long period of time, Naruto was still wondering when the chuunin would decide to make his appearance scarce. The blonde had long since noticed the chakra signature of the chuunin trailing him from the Hokage tower and now here. He had to be so careful not to reveal that he was actually not a 'dead-last' in the academy.

It was then that Mizuki-bastard decided to make his move.

"Oi, Naruto-kun. You have done your job well. Now is the time you hand over the Scroll Of Seals." Mizuki stood on a tree branch, glaring down at Naruto maliciously. He was about to advance on the demon vessel when a swirl of leaves intercepted his attack.

Naruto was rather pleasantly surprised. Who else but Iruka-sensei who wanted a heart-to-heart talk would come to his rescue? The chuunin stood in front of Naruto as if he wanted to protect the blonde and shouted out to Mizuki, "What are you doing, Mizuki? Why did you ask Naruto to steal the scroll?"

Then, Mizuki gave a harsh bark, "I just wanted to use him to get the scroll, idiot. Why would I even try to benefit him with the scroll? He's the dem-"

"No, don't say, traitor! Did you forget about the rule the Third Hokage had stated about that incident?" Iruka spat, glaring daggers at the other chuunin. If looks could kill, Mizuki would be dead a few million times and buried deep under already.

"Stupid fool, you think I actually care?" Mizuki then stared at the blond boy, narrowing his eyes. "Naruto, you are actually the vessel in which the Yondaime had sealed the Kyuubi demon in! The demon that had assaulted the village twelve years ago! Don't you see? The village had kept you in the dark because of a stupid rule the Third had made… Can't you see that you're the monster who had killed so many people, including Iruka's parents?"

"Stop it!" Iruka yelled, looking back at the emotionless student behind him. 'Isn't Naruto at least surprised?'

Noticing Iruka's inquisitive looks, Naruto decided to put up a show first. "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! YOU MEAN ALL THESE YEARS I'M THE DEMON? AHH! LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!" Naruto screamed frantically and ran in circles, making both chuunin raise an eyebrow. Then Naruto stopped to look at them sheepishly. "Uh… So, now is my cue to faint on the spot, right?"

Both Iruka and Mizuki nearly face-faulted. "You mean you knew about the demon?" both chuunin asked in unison.

Naruto shrugged the question off as if it was nothing important then proceeded to throw the Scroll Of Seals to Iruka and ushered him to stand behind him.

"What, Naruto-" Iruka started, but was silenced by the said blond boy who was moving into a battled stance. Widening his eyes to the size of saucers, Iruka then realized what his student wanted to do. "No, Naruto! You will get killed! He's too strong for you!"

Mizuki nearly wanted to fall back and roll on the ground in laughter. The key word was nearly. Instead, the chuunin settled for a same battle stance as not to underestimate his opponent, even though he already had.

Then, Naruto did the most idiotic thing he had ever seen.

Blood dripped steadily from where Naruto had made a cut on his palm with a kunai. Mizuki could see no pain registered in those clear, azure eyes even though he was just a kid. Then, Naruto smirked. Mizuki nearly wanted to yell and say something along the lines of the Kyuubi brat being crazy. Instead, he bellowed, "What, Kyuubi brat? You want to kill me with your stupid blood?"

To Mizuki's horror and to Iruka's fascination, the blood was simply molding itself to take a shape of something that looked like a whip. Naruto smirked again, this time with bloodlust evident in his eyes even though Iruka could not see it since the blonde had his back facing him.

"Yes, of course, Mizuki-sensei," Naruto replied indifferently as he stretched the whip to create a better view for both of the chuunin and proceeded to lick it sub-consciously.

"What the-" Mizuki managed, before having his head sliced off neatly and it rolled away from its owner a few feet away. He did not even have the time to think or act when Naruto's whip was brought down on the teacher.

Iruka gasped. How could Naruto kill so easily and what was that?

"N-Naruto, what was t-that?" Iruka managed to inquire, regaining his composure, even though he was shaking like hell and felt like it inwardly. "Y-your blood…"

Naruto then spun around to face his chuunin teacher; the whip already gone and Iruka could tell that the cut on his palm already healed. 'Kyuubi…?'

"Oh that," Naruto scratched his head awkwardly. "Is my kekkei genkai."