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Emily in my own Character

Baby (Daddy's Little Girl)

Clouds hung in the air that morning. All was silent at Kong studios with the exception of Russel's boisterous snoring, but something was stirring outside. Noodle was already up like she was every morning meditating. This was the only time she could, and if she couldn't at all she probably would kill herself from experiencing all the madness that is Murdoc's "buddy-buddy'' sarcastic lifestyle, 2-D mind of a four year old, and Russel's monster he calls a stomach. Noodle was sitting in the living room eating a bowl of cereal, and watching the Powerpuff Girls, when she thought she heard a car drive up, someone get out, loud foot steps, a plop, the car door slam and then speed away in the distance.

" Hai ?" she said with a sudden jump from the couch. "We never get mail this hour, it is only 6 in the morning." With that she walked though the lobby, opened the doors. As she went to step out her bare foot accidentally hit a wicker basket that was left on the door step. From the sudden jerk of Noodle's foot, a cry came from the basket. "Hai ya, a Dukuru?" Noodle gently picked up the basket, and shut the door behind her. "Shhhh little Dukuru, everyone is still asleep and so should you." Noodle cooed at the basket, but the cries continued. " NOODLE!" roared through the studios.

"Uh Oh!" was all Noodle said.

" Noodle for the Love of Sweet Satan, Turn Down the Bloody Telly I'm Try'n To Get Some Beauty Rest!" "Noodle are you listen'n to meh!" but the cries continued., when a very grumpy Murdoc stormed into the Living Room only wearing his undies and a upside down gold cross. " It is not the T.V. Murdoc -san". Noodle said quietly. "What IS that sound!" Murdoc shouted ands pointed a finger at the basket in Noodle's arms. "It is a Dukuru, please keep your voice down." Murdoc's eyes widened. "Keep my voice down…….KEEP MY VOICE DOWN, DON'T YOU TELL MEH TO KEEP MY VOICE DOWN LIL' GIRL! MAKE THAT DUNKEROO KEEP ITS VOICE DOWN!" Noodle gently giggled "You mean a Dukuru, Murdoc-san , a Dukuru is a baby, and it is very cranky, and tired like you"

Murdoc's mouth just dropped. " A baby? Where did it come from?"

I don't know, it was left on our door step. Noodle then laid the basket on the couch and picked up the tiny bundle of joy out of the basket, when she did this a note fell to the floor. "What's tha?" with that Murdoc picked up the note. "What's going on?" A voice said, Russel and 2-D entered the room, rubbing their eyes from a deep sleep.

"Somebody left a baby at our bloody door, probably one of the Dullard's offspring" Murdoc added. . While Murdoc was making his comment on 2-D's children, Noodle snatched the note from his hand, and read it to herself. "Actually Murdoc-san our little Dukuru is…….yours." she replied with a big surprise. Murdoc was speechless, wide-eyed, jaw dropped, a little drool. 2-D fainted and fell backwards, with is lanky legs up in the air. Russel's face turning red to purple trying desperately to hold in his boisterous laughter.

"Meh? What?….I….. Did you just say?…… Can't Beh, …… I have a child?" was all Murdoc could stutter gently. " Hai, you Murdoc-san, and there is more." Noodle replied. "More?" said a weak 2-D, and he passed out again this time hitting his head hard on the tiled floor. "It says:

Dear Murdoc Niccals,

You probably don't remember me, but nine months ago, me and you had a fling together in you Winnebago, after a few drinks at the Coco Club.

"O yeah!" Murdoc interrupted. "That was the crazy bird with the curly red hair, WOW! That girl is a freak in bed!" "Murdoc!" yelled Russel and 2-D as he shot back up to his feet. "EWW!" Noodle shuddered, "As I was saying"

Well, I got knocked up Murdoc. I'm sorry, I can't take care of a baby! I want to live my live, childless. Well Mr. Niccals here is our daughter, her name is Emily. Don't try to find me, by the time you get this I will be out of the country for good, moving away to get a fresh start on my life. Take good care of our little girl.

Truly Yours,


"Oh boy:" was all Russel said in the silenced room. 2-D got a little uncomfortable at the silence and had the sudden urge to hiccup. Emily just cried in Noodles arms. "Umm…. Murdoc-san, would you like to hold your….daughter?" she asked as she held out the baby in front of him. Murdoc just stared at Noodle, then at the baby, then back to Noodle, then just walked into the other room. "Wow, rejected by both parents, AWWW poor little baby!" said 2-D, as he swooped up the baby into his arms, and rocked her gently. "What are we going to do guys, there is no way I'm letting either of you send her to an orphanage!" stated Noodle. "Wouldn't dream of it baby girl" said Russel "Yeah, This is Murdoc's infant we are talking about, she's family, whether Murdoc likes it or not" 2-D said sternly. "He has to warm up to her eventually…..right?" Russel just looked at Noodle. "I hope your right 2-D-san, a child needs a parent-type figure or they would sure be lost, like myself, I lost my past with my family, but gained an even better father figure, she smiled at Russel, a protective older brother, 2-D nodded at her, and even a grumpy old Uncle, she grinned motioning to Murdoc in the other room, sitting in the dark. "Emily is going to be good for Murdoc, just wait and see." said 2-D.

Later that afternoon Noodle came up with an idea. Everyone was now in the kitchen. Murdoc was sitting at the table eating spoon full's of sugar, considering it was the only thing edible in the Studios, while Noodle, Russel, and 2-D searched frantically for something to feed the infant. "What do baby's eat?" asked 2-D. "Food" said Noodle sarcastically. Emily was back in her basket on the table right next to Murdoc, Russel put her there on purpose. " Here we go, nice warm milk should be good." said Russel. He then turned on the stove, and poured some milk in a sauce pan. "Uh…. Russel-san we have a problem." mentioned Noodle shyly. "What is it baby girl?" replied Russel. "We need a bottle to feed her with.". "Oh Man, that means we need to go buy one." " I made a list of items that are necessary too." chimed in Noodle. " We also need to get a crib, clothes, toys, formula, baby shampoo, stroller, bibs, pacifiers, diapers, etc……" Noodle's list went on. All this made 2-D's head spin. " We better get going if we are to get everything in one day, our Emily needs it". said Russel. The baby sneezed at the smoke from Murdoc's cigarette, and he chuckled lightly from this. Suddenly Noodle pulled Russel and 2-D closer to her and said "This would be a good chance for Murdoc to bond with his daughter, we'll just leave her with him." "WHAT!" yelled 2-D. "SHHHH!" replied Russel and Noodle. "Trust Me." Russel just shook his head, 2-D started at bite his nails and walked out to the car park, followed by Noodle. Russel walked over to Murdoc, and his arms across his chest. "What do you want lards" Murdoc spoke up. " We're going out." Russel said sternly. " Good take the brat with ya." "Sorry Muds, we can't YOU need to watch her while were gone."

" Ya right!" laughed Murdoc showing his green teeth. " Why should I listen to you?"

" Because she's YOUR kid," Murdoc growled through his teeth, being not able to reply to his truth. " If anything happens to this infant, I'll hit you sooo hard, your mind will be back in the state of a four year old, ya got it? Have fun!" and Russel stormed off.

"Fuck You!" said Murdoc but it was too late for Russel to have heard him. The baby sneezed again, from the curling smoke around the basket. Murdoc just raised his eyebrow, he was curious for the little one. He really didn't get a good look at her, so he pulled the basket towards him. " You're a fat little one aren't ya?" Of course he knew it was only traditional baby fat, she had big chubby cheeks that made her eyes look slanted, but you could see she had beautiful blue eyes, she certainly got them from Sarah. " A least your not cursed with my freaky red eye." Murdoc said snobbishly. Her hair was soft and black, daddy's hair. She was wearing a pale pink terry cloth outfit, fit for a princess. Suddenly Emily started to cry.
"Oh Hush, that's starting to get old." was all Murdoc said, but the baby continued to cry. " Forget this, I'm going to bed." Murdoc got up and left to kitchen with Emily still on the table alone, crying to be picked up. Back in the Living Room, he jumped on the couch, grabbed a bottle of rum, and put on the telly. I wonder if any porno is on at this time, Murdoc though out loud with a big chuckle afterward. Emily's cries could still be heard, and it was beginning to get on his last nerve. Frantically he tried to turn up the T.V., but still the cries rang through the studios. " For the Love of Sweet Satan!" Murdoc yelled as he rose from the couch. " WHAT!…… STOP CRYING, YOUR MAKING MEH HEAD HURT!" Murdoc yelled at the basket, but she didn't stop. Murdoc just grabbed hold of the table, trying to contain his anger, slowly his fast beating heart came to a steady pace. " No I refuse to pick ya up!" he said sternly. With that he walked out to the car park to get some sleep in his Winnebago. As he laid on his stained mattress, he became restless. Finally his guilt was getting to him. Murdoc rushed to the kitchen to the desperate infant. " Fine just this once, but don't get used to it." Murdoc said snobbishly about his actions. Instantly, when Emily was in his arms, her cries were soothed, and the tears stopped flowing. " Thank Lucifer." he thought with a big sigh trailing afterward. Then, Murdoc carried her into the Living with the basket under one arm, he put the basket on the table, laid her in it, then laid himself on the couch for a nap. Not seconds later Emily starts to cry again. "What Now!" he yelled. " No, I'm tired, go to sleep or something!" but the cries continued. From being restless, Murdoc did the only thing he could think of. He picked her up again. Once again the cries stopped. There was only one way for both of them to get any sleep. Murdoc just laid down, laid the infant on his chest, rubbed her back gently, held her one hand in his, and rubbed her soft, pudgy fingers gently, kind of like a tiny massage, Slowly Emily closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, to the steady rhythm of her daddy's heartbeat.

" Good, now z my turn." Murdoc thought to himself, and moments later he fell asleep to.

It must have been a while considering Noodle, and 2-D entered the lobby with loads of bags, and Russel carried in the crib, which still needed to be assembled. " Whoa!!! I've never shopped soooo fast in my life!, and I've never seen sooo many kinds of diapers before." said 2-D. " Yeah, I just hope we got the right size." replied Noodle. " There are sizes!" exclaimed 2-D. Noodle just shook her head, and walked into the Living Room, with a sudden stop. " Hai?….. Oh My….. Russel, 2-D, quick!" Noodle whispered loudly. The two rushed in. " Quick D get the camera!" whispered Russel, and off rushed 2-D only to come back only seconds later with the camcorder. " Man. This is priceless." mentioned 2-D. " No…. this is a beautiful start of bonding between baby and daddy." stated Noodle kindly. There on the couch was Murdoc, with cuddling baby in her father's arms, laying on his chest. Both of them looked so peaceful, they didn't want to disturb them, but Russel needed Murdoc's help to set up the crib, he couldn't rely on 2-D for that.

Russel walked up to the sleeping pair, and gently woke up Murdoc. " Yo Muds time to get up were home." Murdoc's eyes shot open within a split second. He noticed everyone surrounding and staring at him cuddling Emily, and from this his face turned beet red. " Uh….I ….um, the little fucking brat wouldn't shut up till' I held her. She's worse than Dullard watching Old Yeller." stated Murdoc trying to sound like a badass. " I do not….wait….. No don't do it! He's your best friend.!….. Yeller! NOOOOO!!!!!" screamed 2-D running away with streaming tears. From the wails, the baby woke up and was not happy about it. " Oh great! Thanks Dullard! Ya woke the Brat up !" yelled Murdoc. " Here take her, I can't stand her near me anymore." With that Murdoc handed Emily to Noodle and started to walk away, when Russel quickly grabbed the sleeve of his shirt. " Where do you think you are going, YOU need to help me put Em's crib up so YOU can put her to bed." said Russel. " Why Me!, get Noodle, or the Dullard to help you, I had to watch her all day!" whined Murdoc. " First of all, you slept all day, you better not be tired, second, Noodle can't help, she's a teenage girl and doesn't now how to work with tools, third, 2-D, do I HAVE to go there, and fourth, ….SHE'S YOUR DAUGHTER, YOU HAVE RESPONSIBILITY NOW MAN!!! GOD DO I HAVE TO

SPELL IT OUT TO YA!" and Russel stormed off to get a quick sandwich. Murdoc smacked himself in the forehead, it was like reality was smacking him in the face. " Fine where the Hell are we gonna put the crib." sighed Murdoc. " Well, ya know that room next to D's in the carpark, it's just a storage room, and it's only a second away from your Winne, we got everything to put in the baby's room, including a baby monitor so you don't have to check on her as much through the night to see if she is okay." mentioned Russel while stuffing his face with a tuna, and pickle sandwich. " As long as she stays quiet I don't get a fuck" replied Murdoc sternly. " Whatever, let's get this done so our baby can get some sleep." said Russel. " Oh, that's so sweet of you Russ, I do need to get my beauty rest." replied Murdoc trying to sound like a smartass. " Man, shut up." replied Russel with a slight chuckle while throwing a hammer to Murdoc.

Noodle had picked out a pale pink and pale yellow crib. " For the love of Satan I hate these cheery colors." said a bitchy Murdoc. " Mud's she's a baby girl, what did you expect, black with red flames painted on?" replied Russel. " Hey ya! That would be great!" said an excited Murdoc. Russel just shook his head. They finally got done, it only took about twenty minites to assemble. " Well now all that load of crap is done, It's time for meh to hit the sack. Make sure the brat keeps quiet." with that Murdoc headed for his Winne. Once inside, laying on his bed, with his eyes shut, suddenly something was plopped right on his beer belly. "OOFF! What the?…." He opened his eyes to find Emily on his belly, with Russel, and Noodle staring at him evilly, while 2-D was being chased around by Cortez, Murdoc pet Raven. All was silent for a moment, considering 2-D was screaming bloody murder as Cortez pecked at his face. " What the Hell is going on! I was sleepin' and ya drop the bloody baby on my stomach! What the Fuck do ya want!" yelled Murdoc. " Murdoc-san you need to put Emily to bed." mentioned Noodle. "What? Ya woke me up for that! You fucking do it! I'm already in bed." replied Murdoc as he tried to hand over the infant to Noodle and Russel, but neither of them would take her. " Remember she needs to take a bath first, her bedtime bottle, then she can be laid down for bed." was all Noodle said before she, Russel, and a crying 2-D walked out of the Winnebago to go to their rooms. Once again Murdoc was left with his baby daughter for his care. Murdoc laid back down on his bed and held up Emily, and sat her on his belly. He just stared at her for a second, and Emily just looked around the room, checking out the new surroundings. " Well, I have no choice…… alright ya little brat, it's bath time." Murdoc said with a groan.

He then took her to the bathrooms, there are four bathtubs in there for each of the band members but Murdoc never used his since his Winne had a small shower in it, but you can't give an infant a shower unless you got in with them, and Murdoc was not about to do that. He filled up the tub with warm water only a little bit for a tiny body. Noodle had laid out some fresh pajamas they had bought for her, and they were by her crib. Murdoc stripped her down , then tested the temperature with his elbow, " So complicating to give

a baby a bath." Murdoc thought to himself. Then he gently put her in the tub. He turned around for a slit second to get the baby shampoo and a wash cloth when Emily slipped backwards and went under the water. Murdoc turned around and " AHHH!" he yelled as he picked her back up. Emily was now coughing spitting up water and screaming. " Slippery little brat……. Murdoc ya gotta watch this one." he thought to himself. After she calmed down he gently placed her back in the water, but this time paid close attention to her, and kept one hand on her back at all times. While with one hand he washed her soft baby black hair with her shampoo. With the soap her gently massaged each digit, toe, ear lope, her belly, legs, and arms. With the washcloth he gently went over her face, watching not to get suds in her eyes. Then with one hand cupped up water and poured it all over her to get the shampoo and suds off. As the water drained, he picked his baby up and wrapped her in a big fluffy towel, and he began to dry her. " There now all nice and clean." he said. Then he carried her in her room to be dressed and fed. " I really hate these colors, pink and yellow make my stomach ache!" Murdoc thought out loud. " Now, how do you put this bloody thing on." as he held out the diaper in front of him. He laid Emily down, picked up her legs with one hand and slide the diaper under her. " Not so bad so far." Murdoc thought to himself to early. He picked up some baby powder, but has he was about to pour some out, he dropped the bottle, and the powder flew up in the air in one big poof! Murdoc was covered in it. This made Emily smile, giggle and coo with joy. " So ya think this is funny do ya?" he replied snobbishly, but Emily giggled more. " No use in wasting it." since he was covered in it, especially his face and hair, he leaded over her and shook his head and the powder fell from his mop top and landed not only near Emily's bum, but all over her. This caused her to sneeze and cough gently. Murdoc chuckled at this. "Nowz my turn to laugh." Then he wiped the remaining baby powder off himself and the baby, and put on the diaper, and her pajamas. " Alright little porker it's time for ya bottle." he said, and carried her to the kitchen.

Russel had left a note on the fridge on what to feed Emily. " What have we got here…


To feed Emily, you need to heat up some formula in a saucepan, pour it back in the bottle, test the bottle by, tilting it over and letting it drip on your arm to see if its cool enough to feed her and to see if it flows at the right consistency through the nipple.


" Haha, lards wrote the word nipple!." Murdoc laughed to himself. He then took out the formula, and a saucepan, poured it in, and literally threw the pan on the stove, and it landed with a big clank, but mysteriously did not spill any formula on the floor, considering it was a distance from the fridge to the stove. Emily just stared at her dad. " What?….. I just wanted to see if I could make it" Murdoc said to her as if her stared was a confused one. While they were waiting for the formula to warm up. Murdoc sat down in a chair and sat Emily on the table in front of him, but didn't let go of her waist. He was afraid of another accident like the one in the tub. Murdoc just observed her. Her movements, the physical features, with thoughts running through his mind " This must be my kid, she has my hair, shape of meh face, but Satan, I was never this chubby as a baby! Must get it from her Mum." Then Emily stared back at him. This made him smile a bit.

By this time the formula was ready. After in the bottle and he checked the temperature. He carried her back to her room with the bottle so her can feed her there.

2-D had picked out a comfy rocking chair for the room, and Murdoc sat right in it. There, he laid her in his arms, and held the bottle with one hand, and began feeding his daughter. As she suckled the bottle, she was eating really fast. " Whoa! Slow down, baby no wonder your so chubby, you devour you food and expect more." Murdoc said in a kidding way. After this moment, Emily reached up and grabbed one of Murdoc's fingers that was holding the bottle. Her entire hand wrapped around the tip of his index finger. Her little pudgy legs kicked gently at Murdoc's belly, but he didn't seem to mind. What the two of them didn't know was that Noodle, Russel, and 2-D were just outside the door, watching in silence. " I knew it." said 2-D. " I knew she would soften him up." " You were right D, there's gonna be some good changes here at Kong. Replied Russel. Noodle started to cry a bit. " What's wrong baby girl?" asked a concerned Russel. " It's nothing Russel-san, I am fine…. It's just that I'm so happy for Murdoc-san. He really needed something like this in his life. You may not realize this but, Murdoc-san was angry and alone on the inside. Now he will never be alone. He has a daughter to raise, and cherish forever." said a very happy Noodle. " But what about when she is all grown up, and gone?" asked 2-D. " Man, let's take it one step at a time" replied Russel. "No….even then he would never be alone. She may be grown up, he will still have her in his life. And possibly some grandchildren." stated Noodle. " Not to mention us. We are always here for him."

"Yeah" all of them said together. "Whoa that was creepy….. Get out of my head!" yelled a scared 2-D and he ran off crying. Then the other two followed him.

Emily was now done her bottle, and she began to yawn. " Wow! That was fast. Alright chubs, time to get to bed." Murdoc replied as he leaned her over his shoulder and patted her back. A little burp came out. " Atta girl." Murdoc thought to himself. Then he gently rocked her in his arms, and placed a pacifier in her mouth. Slowly she drifted off to sleep. Murdoc then laid his baby gently into her crib. He stayed there a bit, just observing her as she slept. He watched her movement, rubbed her pudgy fingers, admiring her very soft skin. He stared at her big, chubby cheeks, that made the pacifier in her mouth look like it was going to pop out and deflate them as a balloon would pop. This made his smile warmly. Murdoc just stroked her cheeks with his finger, soo soft, and squishy. Without thinking he leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on her chubby cheek. Breathing in that newborn baby smell, and he almost became intoxicated with it. Murdoc then pulled away real fast. He was in shock, in a fast pace he walked out of her room, and left it ajar. " Did I really just do that?!" he said to himself quietly not to wake the baby. " Meh?……. Fuck this I'm going to bed." With that Murdoc stormed off to get some shut eye.

About seven hours had past, it was 3:30am, when a very tired Murdoc was

awoken by a crying baby on the monitor. " Are you fucking kidding meh?" Murdoc then put the pillow over his head to drone out the cries. Then all of a sudden the cries stopped. " Thank Lucifer." he thought to himself, but then he was curious from the sudden stop, and scary thoughts came to him, what if something happen to her like the crib fell apart from it not being put together correctly, or zombies may have gotten into her room. Murdoc then rushed to see what was the matter. There in the dark there was a dark figure holding Emily. Light groans came from the figure. " Get your dead cold fingers off MY LITTLE GIRL YOU ZOMBIE SON OF BI TCH! yelled Murdoc he came swinging in the room with a baseball bat. " OWW!!OWW!!! OWW!! PLEASE STOPPING BEATING MEH!!! I JUST WANTED TO SEE IF EM WAS OKAY!!!" screamed a weak voice. Murdoc then flicked the light switch to find not a zombie, but a beaten, and bloody 2-D on the floor, but still managing to hold Emily. " Dullard, what the hell I thought you were a bloody zombie!, Give meh her!" and he snatched the baby from him. " I'm sorry Dullard! I'm just new to this dad thing, and I'm scared something bad is going to happen to her when I'm not around." said a sorry Murdoc. 2-D was in bit of a shock, since Murdoc NEVER apologizes for his actions whether they are bad or not. " It's okay, Muds, I understand, I just thought I would help, since you watched her all day, and since her room is right next to mine." replied 2-D. " Thanks Dullard, If I want yer help all tell ya t do something, but thanks for the offer." replied Murdoc. " Okay……I think." With that 2-D limped back to his bedroom.