Noodle's high pitched scream rang through out the Kong Studios. 2-D was the next to follow, along with Hannibal. "MURDOC!!!!" 2-D cried outloud. Hannibal ran over to his brother and shook him about, snapping his fingers in his face, "Wake up Muds...Come on", finally reaching his wrist to check his shallow pulse. 2-D ran over and picked up the very frieghtened Emily. "OH MY GOD YOU GUYS...WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM!!!" 2-D cried out. Russel came huffing and puffing up the stairs. "WHAT...HAPP---...MUDS!!!" Russel yelled. "Oh Russel-san!.." Noodle wailed and ran over to her big teddy bear, who embraced her ever so tightly into his chest, as Noodle let her tears flow into his red woolly sweater. "Its okay Babygirl...shhh" he said to her while rubbing her shivering arms. Murdoc was just lying there, with coldsweat running down the sides of his face. Hannibal then looked up at them in horror... "I...I don't really feel his pulse...its weak...we need an Ambulence Now!" 2-D whipped out his cell phone and dialed the number. "Please!...My Friend is lying unconscience...we need an Ambulence Right Away! Essex, Districtshire...Kong Studios...yes...thanks! (slams the cell phone shut soo hard that it almost broke) Ther'e coming" 2-D said while trying to sooth the little frieghtened one in his arms. "Alright lets get him downstairs" said Russel in a stern voice. Russel and Hannibal both began to carry Murdoc down to the couch.

"What's Wrong!...What has happened to meh Grandson!" Nana demanded to know as she slammed her cane down on the ground over and over again like a judge with his hammer. Noodle beat them all to the couch as Russel and Hannibal laid him on it, with his head on Noodle's lap. Isis ran in with a bag of ice and began to rub it on Murdoc's hot forehead. 2-D continued to sooth Emily but it didn't seem to be working. "Aww...please baby...shhh" he said as he was about to cry too. Nana shook her head "Bring her to meh" Nana hobbled over and snatched Emily from his arms, causing 2-D to yip away like a little puppy. " little Poppet...Its okay...Nana is here, Nana's here (she began to rub her back and the back of her neck)...shhhh... awww...Emily Rose..." Emily did start to calm down but, she continued to cry. She could see Daddy on the couch and she reached out for him over her Nana's big shoulders. "Daddy..." she struggled to say in a little sobb, big tears filling up her eyes, and gently flowing down the chub of her face. Just then the Ambulence had arrived, and Murdoc was on his way to the hospital. Hannibal and Nana rode with him in the Ambulence, while The Gorillaz, Emily, and the twin cousins followed closely behind in the Geep. Murdoc did start to stir a bit with a low groan. "Bro..." Hannibal said low. Murdoc then started to sit up, but was shaking as he did "Whats going on...owwww meh chest..." he said in a weak voice.. "Mr. Niccals...please lay are in no condition to get up" said one of the paramedics along side of the cott. The paramedic then put a oxygen mask on Murdoc's mouth. "OOOOWWW" Murdoc yelled in pain. "My poor baby!" Nana grabbed Murdoc's hand a squeezed it tight. "Its gonna be okay sweetheart" she said to him sweetly. Murdoc laid back down in pain, sweat still running down the side of his face. Then he went unconscience again. When they all got there...all they could do was wait.

It was exactly 12:30 am, and Emily was now out like a light, with a tear stained face, in Uncle Hannibal's arms with his leather jacket wrapped around her like a blanket. Noodle sat on the floor resting her head on a chair, Russel sat in the chair next to her, 2-D was laying down on a bench along the hallway wall, and Nana walked back and forth hobbling on her cane. Isis and Lilith were outside having a cigarette. "Its the chestpains...isnt it?" Noodle asked out loud. Russel just stared at her. Nana now froze in mid walk. "What did you just say?" Noodle lifted her head to look at her. "Chestpains...Murdoc-san was having them earlier these past few weeks...but he didnt tell us... well...I just found out today myself" Noodle said very low. "Oh FUCKING FANTASTIC!!" Nana yelled. "NOW BOTH MY GRANSON, AND MY GREAT GRAND BABY ARE SICK!" Isis and Lilith came back in just in time to here this. "Nana please calm down" she pleaded. "No Isis..." Hannibal rudely intereupted. "Nana has every right to feel this way...and I feel the same way!...No body bothered to tell meh...meh own brother is sick!" Hannibal was pissed. Russel didnt know what to say to that, and 2-D was zoned out staring at the ceiling. Just then two doctors entered the waiting room.

Everone sat up and stood from their chairs. one of the doctors ajusted his old pair of glasses on the brim of his nose "I'm sorry to say this, but Mr. Niccals had a Massive Heart Attack. It's a good thing he was found when he was, if it had been moments later, Mr. Niccals would not be here with us right now." Nana busted out in tears, along with Noodle. Hearing the words Heart Attack made Hannibal shiver abit, making Emily shift in his arms in a deep sleep. Russel dropped his head and held his fists together. 2-D went over to Noodle to console his little luv. "I wanna see meh grandson...Bring Meh To Meh Grandson!" Nana demanded. "Right this way, but just for a little while, Mr. Niccals needs a lot of rest" the doctor said as he lead the group to Murdoc's room.

Nana and Hannibal were the first ones in the room. Low and behold was Murdoc, with oxygen tubs in his nostrils, wires on his chest connected to a large heart monitor on the side of the bed, and an IV drip connected to his left arm. It was silent for a moment. All that was heard was Murdoc's sick heart beep on the monitor, and Murdoc's heavy breathing from being a heavy smoker for many years. He was alittle pale, but you could see how much weight he really did gain, since his shirt was off, and uncovered by a blanket. "oh Murdoc..." Nana said low as she sat along side of his bed. Hannibal sood on the other side, cradling his Niece. The rest of the gang waited patiently outside the room. Murdoc slowly opened his eyes. " Hello Mudsy" Nana said as she snuck him a kiss on the top of his hand. "Nan...I" Murdoc started to say. "SHHHH...Honey you need your strength" She interupted him while patting his hand. "Hey Bro.."Hannibal said to him. "Hans" Murdoc just replied with a small weak grin. "Hey Nan..Can I have a moment alone with him please?" Hannibal asked kindly. "Sure" She then slowly rised to her cane a gave Murdoc a big wet kiss on his cheek "I'm right outside sweetheart" She said to him "Okay.." Murdoc replied giving her a weak grin aswell. Nana hobbled out the door, and Hannibal shut it behind her. "What's all this about Chestpains?" Hannibal asked sternly. Mudroc didn't make eye contact but just stared down at his big belly and rubbed it gently. "I'm mean...look at you man Jesus..." Hannibal said rubbing Emily's back. Then it was silent for a moment. Murdoc then realized that Emily was there. "Bring her to meh.." Murdoc said as he held out his arms. Hannibal gently lifted Emily Rose and placed her in his arms. "Hello my Luv" Murdoc emmediatly smiled and kissed her on her sleepy face, and she snuggled up into his neck and chest; she was snoring slightly. He then wrapped her in his hospital blanket that he wasn't using."She's tuckered out.."Murdoc said in a low voice while rubbing his baby's back and placing a cheek on top of her black hair.

"Why didn't you tell meh you were sick?" Hannibal asked with concern in his voice. Murdoc closed his eyes. "I don't want anyone to feel bad for make such a big fuse over meh...It makes me feel weak...I Hate that Shit" Murdoc said sternly. "You really did it this time Muds...You almost died man!...Because of your fuckn' pride...look at your baby!" Murdoc then looked down at her and kissed the top of her head. "Think of Emily Rose...she needs her father...did you forget how dad treated us...he was never there for us man...your just like him..."Hannibal said in a cruel voice. "Don't You Ever Compare MEH to Dad! Ever!" Murdoc yelled, his heart beat was quick...he needed to calm down so Hannibal didn't say anything for a moment. "Then don't become him Muds...Emily loves you, and I know you love her gotta satrt taking car of yourself (Hannibal starts to poke at Murdoc's belly fat) Murdoc grinned. "This is gonna kill ya man...get on a tredmill or something" Murdoc winced at the thought of that word. "Do it for yer baby" Hannibal whispered to him, while rubbing her small hand. "She really is beautiful ya know.."Hannibal told him with a smile. "She needs you" he also said. Murdoc had tears in his eyes, and pulled Emily up closer to his face, her cheek touching his, and he began to nuzzle his cheek into hers. "Yeah..." He whispered to himself.

Suddenly the rest of the gang entered. "Oh Murdoc-san!" Noodle rushed over and she had her arms wrapped around his neck, she hugged him so hard she started to straggle him abit. "Noodle!...sweetheart yer choking meh..." Murdoc struggled to say. "Ok Noods...okay...come on now, yer gonna wake the baby" Murdoc finally was able to get out. She gently let go. "Yo you do'n man" Russel asked as he put his hand on Murdoc's shoulder. "Just Peachy..." Murdoc said sacrastically with a weak grin. "Hey Murdoc..."2-D asked from the back of the room. "Dullard..." Murdoc replied to him. "Why are ya back there?...come up here." he also replied. 2-D then gently made his way to the side of the bed. "I'm sick...not the kind of sick that's contagious..."Murdoc said with a grin. " I don't know what to say to ya Muds... Those chestpains were a sign, and I feel that it's part of my fault that yer here...I could have helped I think" 2-D said while starring at the ground. "No Dullard...yer wrong (2-D looks up at him with a shocked look on his face, along with Noodle and Russel)...I should have listened to the signs, its meh own fault that I'm here" Murdoc replied while rubbing the back of Emily's neck. 2-D nodded in agreement then it was silent. At that moment one of the old doctor's entered the room.

"Okay, everyone out. Mr. Niccals needs his rest. You can all come back tomorrow." he said. "Don't you tell meh, what I can, and can't do! Ya wanker!" Nana yelled in the doctors face. "Come on Nan.." Lilith and Isis, had to pretty much drag Nana out of the room. "See ya man.." Hannibal and Murdoc shook hands, then he left. Noodle snuck a kiss on Murdoc's cheek. "Bye Murdoc-san I hope you feel better" Murdoc blushed a bit. "Thanks luv" . "Bye Muds...I'll se ya tomorrow.."2-D waved and was about to walk out when.."Dullard..." Murdoc called. 2-D turned back "What?" he asked. "Its not yer fault man..." Muds replied. 2-D smiled gently and turned around agian. "Oh! and Dullard?" Murdoc called again, making 2-D turn around once more. "Thanks" Murdoc said with a weak grin. Noodle grabbed 2-D's han dand they walked out together. Russel was left. "Ya want me to take her..." Russel asked as was about to take Emily fromMurdoc. "No...not yet, I need to talk to her first give meh about ten min."Murdoc replied. "Alright" Russel nodded and walked out leaving Murdoc with the doctor.

"Mr. Niccals...Do you realize the damage that was done to your heart tonight?" the doctor asked sternly. "Yeah.." Murdoc said low. " I take it that you didn't use the diet that I have given you a while back" the doctor said while starring at Murdoc. "Yeah...I was on a diet...a seafood diet...I see food and I eat it" Murdoc said with a chuckle. The doctor did not laugh. "Mr. Niccals this is almost died tonight of a Massive Heart Attack...and on your daughter's birthday no doubt..." Murdoc placed his cheek on hers. "Let me ask you something Mr. Niccals?...Do you want to be around for your daughter?" Murdoc looked up at the doctor, his face beet red with anger. "What kind of question is that?...Of Course I do!" Murdoc replied in anger. "Then you better start acting like be honest with you, at the rate your health is declining, you WILL NOT live to see your daughter's seventh birthday!...that's right...five years from now, I see you dead...unless you do something about it right now". Doctor said sternly. Murdoc had tears in his eyes. "Now...Mr. Niccals, when we have a patient that has had a Massive Heart Attack, we have to keep them overnight for two days...(Murdoc looked up at him, he was hoping to leave in the morning) only because, heart attack patients have a 95 percent chance to get another within that time period, so we have to keep an eye on you. Thats why you are hooked up to that monitor there on your left." "I'm going to leave you now to get some rest" The doctor said then walked out, just as Emily was starting to wake up.

Murdoc wipped the tears from his eyes, he didn't want Emily to see him cry. Emily opened her eyes, kept her head in Murdoc's chest. "Hello Baby" he said to her gently. Emily was then totally awake now, and she gasped for she recognized that voice. Then she lifted her head to look up at his face. When she saw that it was true that she was in her Daddy's arms she squealed "Daddy!" and she nuzzled her cheek deeply into his making him closed his one eye. She was so excited that she kissed him on his nose, making Murdoc blush, then he kissed her back on her nose. "I missed you too." he said to her sweetly. Then he placed her on his big belly, and held her hands in his. "Listen baby...we need to talk". Emily tilted her head to the side. " talk" she repeated. This was going to be hard. This would be the first time Emily would be away from Murdoc overnight, and for two nights no doubt. "Um ...(he didn't know how to start)...I'm sick you know that?...I'm sick baby" he said to her gently. "Daddy sick?' she asked. "Yeah...Daddy's heart is sick see..(Murdoc pointed to his heart, with all the wires connected) Emily gasped " Heart boo boo?" she asked as she pointed to is chest. "Yeah...heart boo boo" he replied to her. That was the only way she could understand it. Then Emily leaned into her dadd'ys chest and gave his heart be a big wet kiss. " Heart boo boo gone!" she said while waving her arms in the air like she had performed somekind of miracle. Murdoc smiled warmly. "Okay, that was too cute" he thought to himself. This was going to be harder than he thought. "Thanks luv I feel much better, but I'm still sick and the doctors here are gonna make me even more better okay, and Its gonna be about two days till I can come home"he said to her as he winced. Emily's smile faded. and she grabbed and tugged on his hand. It was so big compared to her baby hands. "Daddy come home..." she said with concern in her voice. "I'm sorry baby...I can't right now... you can come visit meh tomorrow...okay?...You and Uncle Russel, and Uncle Dullard, and Aunt Noodle are going to have so much fun...I swear..." Murdoc tried to reassure her. Just then Russel came in. "Okay babygirl...its past your bed time" Emily snuggled up in Murdoc's arms "No!" she cried out shaking. She was scared...this was an all new experience for her. "Go on sweetheart...(Murdoc gave her a million kisses) " then he had to prye her from him and handed her to Russel. "See ya man" Emily started to cry. "Its gonna be okay sweetheart" Murdoc called to her. He too had tears steaming down his face. Its always hard for a parent to be away from their child for the first time aswell.

Two days later...

Russel had picked up Murdoc from the hospital. He was really weak and tired, and almost fell asleep in the Geep on the ride home. Heart attacks take a real toll on your body. Murdoc couldn't wait to get home to his baby. "It's good to have ya back Muds" Russel said, trying to start a conversation. "I knew it..." Murdoc replied. "What?" Russel asked. "I knew you guys would fall apart without meh...I'm God ya know..." Murdoc said with a grin. Russel burst up into laughter. "Same old Muds...Welcome back man!" Russel said with a large chuckle. Then they finally pulled up into kong, with 2-D and Noodle waiting for them in the carpark. When they both got out of the Geep "WELCOME BACK MURDOC (SAN!!! added from Noodle)!!!!" Murdoc grabbed his head. "Owwww...Shut Up!" he yelled "Same old Muds!" 2-D replied unfazed by Murdoc's rudness. Where's Emily Rose?" Murdoc asked. "Oh she is taking nap..." Noodle replied as she went over to give Murdoc a hug. He patted her head. "yeah...yeah I missed you too..." he told her. Then he scooted her off to head to Emily's room. Of course her Door was left ajar, like always. Murdoc slunk in, and didn't bother to turn on the light... he hated cheery colors. There she was his little angel sleeping soundly with Ba Ba. Murdoc smiled and he laid down on the bed to join her in a nap. He snuggled his face into her belly, and breathed in her sweet smell. Then he wrapped his arms around her and fell asleep.

Alittle bit later Emily woke up, to find Murdoc with her. She nuzzled her face into his black mop top. "Shhh Ba Ba...Daddy sleep" she whispered to her panda bear. Then she managed to slip out from Murdoc's grip, then she got down on the floor to play with her dolls, and her tea set. Not Moments later, did Murdoc wake up, from not feeling the warmth of Emily's body. In fact he woke up in a puddle of drool on her bed spread. He slowly got up. "Emily..." he said in his sleepy voice. "OOFF!" came after then he looked down to see Emily clinging to his pertruding belly. Murdoc had a big smile on his face. Then he rubbed the top of her head."I'm home babe" he said to her. Then Emily grabbed his hand "Daddy Play!" she said. "In a minute babe... Daddy's gonna have a cigarette okay?" he told her and walked out of her room. He would never smoke near her or ever in her bedroom. He leaned against her door listening to her play. He pulled out his pack of Lucky Numbers cigarettes and placed one in his mouth. He was about to light it when the Doctor's voice came into his mind " The way your health is declining, you WILL NOT live to see your daughter's seventh birthday...unless you do something about it now!" Murdoc closed his eyes and thought long and hard... All he could her was Emily giggling inher room. "No... I'm gonna be there...I'm gonna be there for her seventh birthday...eigth, nineth, tenth...21st!...I'll prove that doc wrong...I'm gonna be there on her wedding day..." Murdoc yelled. He then took the cigarette from his mouth, ripped it in half threw it over his shoulder, threw the pack of cigs, across the carpark, and entered Emily's room. "Daddy Play now?" she asked him holding up Ba Ba to him. Murdoc smiled took Ba Ba from her and said "Sure luv...I'll play tea party with ya and Ba Ba" then he shut the door behind them.

That's it...its done...hope you all enjoyed it...and will stay tuned to read the sequel, when I get around to writing it...I have a few reports due for school, as soon as there done I'll start. Thanks for all the reviews, and the support, I do appreciate it. ----Zombiepop69