"What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet"

Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

When we met I was of a feeble heart

Sitting alone while you taunted

Before my true friends came beside me

You were the only one who saw me

The only one who noticed me

Even if it were to tease me

You reminded me, that I existed.

Even as the Years went on

The taunting, Teasing, tarried on

And although beside me were my friends

They scarcely noticed me.

Studying Alone In the Library,

Not much had changed since the time we met

And you still reminded me

You called me names and they progressed

From Granger To Mudblood,

And Buck-teethed Lioness

And then you mocked me for my Friends

You goaded them with Disdain

Your eyes told me you didn't approve

And you reminded me

In Darker Times my friends and I

Have found you are but a misguided boy,

I do not believe for once, that you

Have a mind which follows in suit?

That answers, to a beck and call

Who insults me for an order tall?

And just with that, I remember I exist

Your final Judgement day has come

And gone, flown by, departed

You stood in the shadows, silent and strong

Not named a hero, an aid to the light

Not named an enemy, you stayed out of sight

What puzzled me more was that the mockery did not cease

And in that act itself, I knew I existed

One day I asked you why the wit

The charming banter with I the chit

The toned down taunting, the scorning remarks

The innards of your conscience was divided

And then you see, I thought I had you!

You could not explain! But then you caught me,

Reminded me again. You kissed me. And exist I did.

We became Lovers, as clich├ęs will tell

You cared for me and for you, I aswell

Because you were the one who always noticed

Even for a jibe, you sought me out

Unintentionally, you became my light

In a tunnel of everlasting blackness

And when you married me. I felt so alive.

Time went by, not long, not small

And I felt awakened, alive and well

From my nightmarish childhood, my lurid hell.

But when you left, against your will

I wept and cried, and sobbed and howled

Your nicknames they struck a chord

They reminded me that I was alive

No more, you're calling in the night

Your horrid nicknames out of sight,

Nobody to notice my times of ill

And no one who senses my weakened will.

Nobody to remind me who I am

And when I think back to when we met

My heart feels weaker, impossibly weaker.