Drabbles, Dreams and Deleted Scenes

Hello Readers!!

If you're here, you've probably run out or other stuff of mine to read and still want more (Yay! I'm Loved!). Or you're just bored and have a few extra minutes to kill and this, as stupid as it my have looked, was better then something else you found to occupy your time (Boo! You Whores::stabbed:: Ahh!! I Jest! I Jest!!) Well, allow me to explain...

As of late, I've been surfing the Avatar the last Airbender Fanfiction area rather then the DragonballZ one and I've noticed a lot of new lingo going around. Granted I was never up to speed on fanfiction lingo even when I was surfing the DBZ fanfiction area (Me: What the hell does SLASH mean?) but there is one little new word I've figured out and kinda...want to stab (not sure why though...maybe some inner conflict or something). The word is DRABBLE.

Drabble, as far as I've been able to piece together, basically means: a written piece of work that is unrefined, raw, has little to no plot and is pretty much a pointless single expression made about something by one writer or another. So THAT'S what all those crappy wanna-be fic things I write are!!! Horray! It has a name!

A lot of people, at least that I've noticed in the AtlA fanfiction area, have taken to posting these random little sputs of nothing on this site, usually under one title and not all separately Thank God. This is basically my collection of drabbles ranging anywhere from DBZ to AtlA and anything swept up in between.

Also, as the title implies, I've found that I have some scenes in some of my fics where, in the editing process, I may realize they might not be needed. But somehow, I have issues deleting them forever so I'll post them here. Usually, drastic plot twists are the deleted scenes, and I just thought that the title I picked out for this was cool sooo...pretty much all your getting is drabbles and deleted scenes. I predict that some of my drabbles may someday grow into an actual fic...if I nurture it enough and stuff...but mostly, it's just sputzy stuff I wanted to share so you could waste moments of your life reading my crap.

ALSO, I post these to maybe inspire someone else to write something beautiful. And hopefully worth while. In the next chapter, one of the many drabbles tells that I found this one lined drabble about Zuko being drunk and running off to confess his love for Aang and stuff. I just felt it needed to be expanded and started that process only to be yelled at by my Beta to work on my SoZu fic, Neutral Ground.

For your reading enjoyment, here's a lay down of this crazy puppy so you can pick and choose what you want to read and what you want to avoid because I'm not separating the peas form the carrots for this children; you'll eat your vegetables and like it!! (Or just pick them out yourself...) This "chapter" will be updated as regularly as the posting of other chapters to keep everyone up to date, okay? Kay, have at it!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Zuko's A Man WhoreAvatar: the Last Airbender; I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but I have severe issues with who I think Zuko should be romantically involved with: Aang or Sokka. This is just a bunch of crazy Yaoi ideas running through my head about his love life and who's in that boy's pants.

Chapter 2: Sokka/Toph Get Action TooAvatar: the Last Airbender; Just long enough to make it's own thing, I think. Born of a random stress dream, it seems I've once again followed my Pirate ways and jumped Ships. Cuteness ensues...

Chapter 3: Goodbye JetAvatar: the Last Airbender; Unlike all the other fangirls out there, I didn't instantly want to jump in bed with Jet upon first seeing him and once I actually met him I was even less enthusiastic about wanting to be nice to him. But Jet is one of the few Muses I've had that makes me feel...things I'm not sure I can describe. I've wanted to do a lot of things with his character, but being too busy and him not being my absolute favorite like Sokka or Zuko, I constantly pushed him aside for other things. Now, I really wish I hadn't because he needed more love...

Chapter 4: Untitled Final Exam 1Full Metal Alchemist; A story around Edward and Alphonse Elric when they were just young children. A (failed?) look into Ed's fascination with Alchemy and the feelings that reflect on his father as he studies and practices it. Yay, Sibling interaction!

Chapter 5: Untitled Final Exam 2Naruto; A story set seemingly in our time about Gaara, Temari and Kankuro. They're in foster care because their god-forsaken father has abandoned them and their mother is mentally unstable in a psychiatric hospital. That doesn't mean they don't still love their birth mother as they steal away to go visit her, but how do all the dynamic recent events reflect on Gaara's feelings?

Chapter 6: Full Metal Pirates...Or SomethingFullMetal Alchemist slight Pirates of the Caribbean Often when I go to write a fic or I get an idea for one I start off by writing up a quick sketch of what I want to happen so I don't forget about it. Usually these skeches are pretty vauge and leave a lot of room for me to stear off in a totally different direction altogether if I so wish (which I tend to do A LOT). And generally they're just a few parahgraphs long and don't say much about the ending. Well here's a more detailed version of a plot for something I may very well never start: a fan manga. Based loosly after this ghost story a friend once made up when we were real little kids. I was always rather fond of it, even if I couldn't remember everything that happened.

COMING SOON TO A DRABBLE NEAR YOU: Deleted Scenes from my SoZu fic, Neutral Ground. Because, I'm cutting a lot of stuff I thought was pretty cool. :( Le sigh.