Untitled Final Exam 2
(For my creative writing class fimal exam we had to write two short stories based from a list of writing promps and then a story continuation. This was one of the writing promps. The prompt for this one was to write a story about an adopted 8 year old boy with a rose being a significant object and having it set in a bus station. As with my pervious chapter, this one was taken over by Naruto Muses, Kankuro, Gaara and Temari. I know Kankuro isn't the oldest of the three sand siblings (at the time I thought he was) and I know I never got around to acually saying their names, but trust me it's really them. Enjoy.)

They did this all the time.

Well okay, not exactly this but something very much like it. Being the oldest of the three siblings, his brother had a birthright to call all the shots while he and his sister would follow along obediently. There might have been days where they would resist an order but in the end they would always follow through because now they were all they had left in the world and he was the only one they could look up to.

Months ago their father had taken off, on the run for the law, and since their mother had never been a big part of the picture before, the three of them fell right into the system of foster care. His brother's rebellious nature had landed him in another house where he would be an only child and "receive the attention he needed," him and his sister were kept together in another house not far down the street. None of them were happy to begin with, but this didn't make it any easier. So it wasn't a surprise really that they often were sitting at the bus station, waiting for one of the large public transportation devices to come carry them away from the city, yet this time he knew it was different. His sibling was conducting something else. Usually it was, "grab your jacket and move," but he'd told them this time to take their time getting ready; wash your face, comb your hair, put on your nicest clothes. When he questioned his brother's motives all he had said was, "we're going to see Mom."

He didn't remember his mother very well. According to his sister she had to leave not too long after he was born. He had a picture that he'd kept with him over the 7 years she'd been gone, a picture of her and dad with his two siblings. His siblings told him that he was there too, but he never could see where; it was taken before he was born after all.

The bus pulled into the station. His sister's hand wrapped around the fingers of the only hand he had free and kept him close by her side as they made their way to the bus they needed to take. In the hand that wasn't being tugged along was a single red rose. "Give it to Mommy when we see her, okay?" his sister had said when she handed it to him that morning. She often had to remind him not to be rough with it when he got fidgety, but otherwise it had remained relatively in tact and safe. As his brother paid their fare, he wondered why; why was it so important that he go see a woman he hardly knew and give her a single red rose? Being no more then eight years however, he wasn't that concerned about it, at least not for now. His brother got them into a lot of trouble most of the time, but then he also kept them out of serious danger so he wasn't concerned that things wouldn't turn out alright.

The bus rolled along and he turned in his seat to stare out the window at the world passing by.