Chapter one

The room was filled with noise, celebration noises, the celebration was a Wedding.

The groom was King Phillip of Macedonia, the bride the niece of one of the King's generals.

From his position the King's son Alexander watched the celebration with a grim face.

Ever since his father laid eyes on Eurydice and her uncle Attalus encouraged their courtship to grow, Alexander had been worried about the future as heir to the throne.

He thought that his father would choose the unborn child still growing inside Eurydice over him.

He was not the only one, his mother Olympias seemed to think so as well.

It was her words that she had said to him before the wedding that he was concentrating on instead of the activities around him.

Someone touched his arm causing him to looking away from the newly weds into the face of the blue eyed brown haired person that was sat next to him.

"What's wrong?" asked Hephaistion

Alexander looked back at the couple and curled his nose up at them.

"Look at them," He said in disgust "What a disgust display."

Hephaistion followed Alexander's gaze. He knew what played on his friend's mind.

He looked back at Alexander smiling and shaking his head.

"What?" asked Alexander

"You," replied Hephaistion "You worry to much you."

Alexander smiled as well and took a sip of wine and continued to stare his disapproval.

As the celebration continued the celebrants grew drunker and drunker all except Alexander and Hephaistion.

Suddenly Attalus staggered to his feet and lifted his goblet in a toast, people followed suit.

"Macedonians should pray that this marriage might produce a legitimate successor to the kingdom."

The room fell silent and some of those who had put up their goblets put them down again looking sheepish.

Outrage by this cruel insult Alexander leaped to his feet.

"Are you calling me a bastard." he screamed hurling his goblet at Attalus.

It hit Attalus square in the chest causing him to stumble back.

He soon regained his balance and hurled his own cup at the prince, instead of hitting its target it landed on the floor with a clatter.

This sent Alexander rushing forward with every intent of attacking Attalus but people blocked the way and pushed him back

The room erupted into a shouting and shoving matching.

"Shut up," Came Phillip's booming voice "Shut up, shut up all over you."

The room feel silent but tense. The king was stood up holding onto the back of the couch next to him for support.

"This is a wedding not some public brawl." the king continued before turning to Alexander

"Now apologise."

Alexander looked at his father shocked

"Me?" he said "Why me, when he" pointing to Attalus "insulted me and my mother, I shall never apologise."

"You will do as you are told," Phillip said in a firm manner "Now Apologise to your kinsman."

Alexander looked around the room and then fixed his gaze on Attalus.

"I have no kinsmen in this room." he spat

With that he turned on his heels and started to move away.

"COME BACK HERE!" his father called

But Alexander kept walking.

Phillip drew his sword, intent on using it to force an apology out of his son.

He took one wobbly step and fell flat on his face.

Alexander turned and had to swallow a laugh.

"This Gentlemen," he said thrusting a hand in his father direction "This is the man who is going to lead you to Asia, when he can't even make it from one couch to the next."

With that he left the room with his father's angry shouts of banishment.

He matched up to his mother's room and went straight in with out knocking.

"Get dressed," he ordered "We are leaving."