Naruto stared glumly at the countertop of the Ichiraku Ramen Bar. Why did they have to put so much stuff on a menu, anyway? Why couldn't they just pick one and save everyone else the trouble of choosing for themselves?

He had one coupon left. Now he must choose dessert. Yet the variety on the dessert menu was driving him quite wild. The illustration of that one looked good…but that one had a cherry on top and yet another one had chocolate sauce! How would he ever pick?

He was so engrossed in his deep thoughts that he didn't notice Hinata wander over.

"H-Hi, Naruto," she murmured. "What's w-wrong?"

"Ah, it's just impossible to choose dessert in here!" he cried and slammed his fist into the table. Hinata didn't know whether to giggle, or just keep her mouth shut. She stuck with the latter.

"W-what are your c-choices?" she asked. She sat down next to him. He picked up the menu, and she inched closer to look over his shoulder.

"Well, there's this lemon cake thing…and I love lemon! But this picture looks interesting too and if you order this other one here, you get a cherry!" He dropped the menu and turned to face Hinata. "What's the use of trying?"

Naruto's face was so close to hers, it made her dizzy. They were almost touching noses, for crying out loud. But she didn't want him to turn back, and instead attempted to make her frozen tongue shape words.

"T-the chocolate one l-looks n-nice," she said thickly.

Naruto wasn't listening. He was staring at Hinata's eyes and noticing how close he was to her. It made him dizzy, too, but he hadn't the slightest idea why.

She fidgeted, and her knee brushed his under the counter. They both jumped.

Having some trouble making his hands work, Naruto turned back to the counter and snatched the menu. "And there's this one, too," he said, moving his sluggish tongue slowly over the words. Her chair inched even closer, and leaned over his shoulder, further this time, till her chin almost met his orange jacket.

"It's l-lovely. T-too many c-choices," she stammered. He turned back toward her, the small space between their faces growing smaller. Her knee found his again, but this time, there it remained, sending electroshocks up her leg from where it touched. Naruto felt the electroshocks too, and both of them sat, paralyzed.

"I don't know," he said, stupidly. But then, this moment, stupidity was the only thing that seemed to make sense. She felt his breath on her face, and her heart started to pound far too hard to be normal. He couldn't take his eyes off her face, he could count every eyelash, they both could have stayed in that position forever.

Gently she rotated her chair and pressed her other knee against his. Her hands were freezing, and she could see his trembling on the table.

"I-I'd go with the one with the most s-sugar," she murmured, unable to explain her choice of words, unable to explain anything but the markings on his face, his forget-me-not blue eyes…

Her lips, curving softly in the center, her pearly eyes, her sapphire hair. Naruto made his arm move up, his trembling hand touch that sapphire hair. Hinata flinched, then relaxed, her breath caressing his face, shallowly escaping those ruby lips. She smelled like violets.

She let her fingers run down his cheek, along his jaw. He almost stopped breathing.

"Yes…the one with…sugar…" he muttered dazedly.

She came closer, moved her face toward his…she had no idea what to do, he had even less idea than her…and pressed her lips to his.

The chairs clattered to the floor as he stood up, wrapped his arms around her, kissed her back.

Needless to say, dessert was forgotten.