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It was a cold December evening, just ten days before Christmas. It wasn't snowing yet though, and there were a lot of kids playing on the park along with there parents who were eagerly watching after them. Fuuko Kirisawa was merrily strolling the street towards one of the benches around the park. Her boyfriend was following closely behind her. His hands were both tugged in his side pockets and his silver hair, not on its usual ponytail, was flowing with the cold winter wind.

Fuuko saw an unoccupied bench and delightedly ran towards it, with both her arms spread like she was about to hug Santa Claus. She was obviously happy, Christmas was always her favorite holiday. She reached in front of the bench and beamed. She waved at the tall guy behind her who was following her shortly.

He heard her shouted at him impatiently, asking him to fasten his walking.

"Mi-chan! Don't be such a turtle and hurry up, will you?" she called him, grinning widely.

"I'm not slow, you just run like a hysterical monkey, that's all," he smiled warmly and sat beside her on the bench. The teasing and the arguments are still parts of their relationship. It's what making their relationship "spicy and un-boring", as what Fuuko had said before. And he agreed with no questions.

"But you will be the most beautiful hysterical monkey there is," he added after they were both settled down.

Fuuko smiled and moved closer to him, snuggling up on his sides. "Its getting colder, I think it will snow later," she whispered at his chest. She was happy to be with him, especially when they're this close. The two years they have spent together as a couple were perfect and she wouldn't ask for more.

Tokiya looked above. It was dark, too dark actually. "Yes, it will probably snow," he said, not looking at her. He moved his arms around his purple-haired girlfriend and hugged her closer, securing her and warming her in case she's not comfortable with the coldness.

He always like her scent, the scent of freshly bloomed lavender on the first week of spring, that scent always lingered around her even if she doesn't wear perfume.

They have been together for two years now and for all those days they have shared, he had never felt so much happiness in his entire existence. He's drowned to her more, every minute, everyday…and that's what making all matters WORST. For him, that is.

They stayed like that for a couple of minutes, feeling each other's closeness. Lovers were starting to occupy the other benches, probably for the same reason they have. Just to be with the one they truly loved.

Fuuko watched the children playing on the park. They looked so happy and carefree. Their mothers keep shouting at them, stopping them from running off but they wouldn't listen. Fuuko smiled and started giggling. She loves children, she's always fond of them. She was even delighted the first time she met Ganko, she was as cute as a talking doll. And Ganko's staying with her now after they met at Kurei's mansion.

" I wonder what our children would be like," she said, her vision still on those silly little kids. " I wish they would be as cute as them, free and happy," she smiled genuinely, imagining her future sons and daughters with Tokiya. "What do you think?" she looked up at him, her eyes twinkling merrily.

Tokiya didn't answer. He just smiled at her, and she watched those kids again. The temperature was probably colder than those past December days but its not doing much help to cease the sweat from trailing down the side of his face. And his gloves weren't absorbing the sweat on his palms either.

He doesn't want to spoil everything tonight, especially when she's this happy. But sooner or later she would know and she will be hating him more for not telling her earlier. He felt his eyes warming as tears begun to blur his sight. He forced himself not to cry and he fortunately succeeded. He took a deep breath.

This is the right time, this is the only time.

He took his arm around her and clasped his hands tightly together. Fuuko noticed the sudden movement and immediately stared at him with worried expression. She waited for him to say something but he didn't.

"Is there something wrong?" she inquired worriedly. He didn't answer. His expression solemn, he looked solemn. He wasn't looking at her, he was looking at the ground and his bangs covered his face, making it harder to see his expression.

"Are you alright?" she asked again, her anxiety increasing. What's happening to him? She thought, almost hysterical. Tokiya's never like this, not this serious ever since and he never made her worry like what he's doing now.

He turned to finally looked at her. But she didn't feel relieved, she was more going hysterical. His expression was making her worry even more. She felt her heart rate increasing, anticipating what he was going to say. She tried staring at his light blue orbs, but all she saw were tears covering it.

"I'm getting married…," he said and paused. Her eyes slowly widened as she looked at him intently. "…to someone else," her mouth slightly opened in horror.

And a teardrop fell.

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