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A boy with silvery purple hair ran tardily towards the nearest giant gate in the subdivision; his face so sweaty and oily with obvious discomfort and tiredness. He made a great effort on plugging the silver doorbell with his elbow to alarm the inside of the house. A small monitor switched on beside the doorbell and the boy sighed heavily.

"Hey granny, it's me, Yoshi!!! Oh please hurry up and open the gate!! I'm carrying the world you know!!!" the boy screamed deliberately, his feet jumping up and down in complete impatience.

The old skinny man sweatdropped and pushed the "enter" button in front of him. The huge gate opened and he didn't even catch a glimpse as the young lad swooshed off from his former vicinity. The old man sweatdropped again and shook his head before turning the monitor off.

It was already twelve noon and everything seemed to twirl dizzily on his view. He was tired and exhausted carrying a huge bunch of nose-twitching flowers within his arms. He even forgot to execute his usual gracious greeting to their mayor domo in the monitor. Half a day of enfeeblement and he knew his whole day would not go along with his good plans. Worst is, he even forgot to attend a very special meeting, I mean, REALLY special meeting where his whole proceeding life will depend on...

And it was all because of her...

His UGLY, fat and good-for-nothing citrus-headed sister.

"ONEECHAN!!" he screamed loudly, his whole face feeling totally itchy with the petals covering it.

A sunset-haired teenager slowly came downstairs with an amused smirk on her lovely face. She wore a half-a-thigh mini skirt and a turtle neck red and white sleeveless. Her slipper landed on the last stair and she giggled at her little brother's lame form.

"What happened to you dear brother? You look terrible!!" she gasped dramatically. Yoshi rolled his eyes disgustedly.

"Enough with that sis, your acting looks terribly fake," he snorted and handed the bouquets of flowers to his sister rather harshly. The older teen smiled wider.

"Awww, thanks bro. It's so sweet of you to carry my flowers today," she said while sniffing every petal of the roses.

"Yea, as if I didn't bring the same junks here yesterday, and the other day, and the day before that?" he retorted sarcastically, colliding his spine aimlessly on the sofa.

He inclined his head in a relax position, tilting his head towards the ceiling and gently massaging his forehead. He closed his eyes and started to take a short nap, not knowing of a darting palm to strike him.

"OUCH!!! Oneechan! What the fuck is wrong with you?!?!" he gripped a soft chair pillow and bumped it to his Oneechan's face. "Leave me ALONE, alright?!"

His sister smiled at her brother evilly and heaved. "Come on, bro. Was it really because of the flowers sent by my admirers that your acting a complete jerk today?" she inquired and sat beside her little brother on the soft cushion.

Yoshi groaned. "Look, seriously, I don't want to be bothered today. Will you give me even just a LITTLE time for myself!?" he said and placed his palm on his sweaty face. His silver hair was tangled to the tip and he knew he smelled like crap.

But instead of skipping off, the big sister just raised an eyebrow on him. "You got dumped, haven't you?" she said after a second of silence.

With that, he almost jumped out from the sofa. He gave his sister a bewildered look as though she asked the most unbelievable thing to happen. "What? No! Heck! ME, dump?!"

A huge cheeky smile emerged on her sister's face. Then she got up and marched her way towards the kitchen, leaving the lad dumbfounded for a moment. Yoshi sighed and was ready to rest silently in the living room when he heard a couple of running footsteps from the kitchen.

He immediately flung his eyes opened and tilted his head down to see his mother and sister, both with a VERY amused smile on their faces (although his sister's was more like a victorious smirk).

"Oh my Yoshi! Who dumped you sweetie?" a purple-head woman went beside him and hugged him closely.

"What the—Mom, I WASN'T dumped!" he said defensively, trying to get out from his mother's embrace. "Come on Mom, WHO would dump me?" he added after he successfully found a way out from his mother's grasp.

The woman gave him a knowing smile and looked at his sister, who was grinning for ear-to-ear since earlier.

"Don't know bro. Probably a girl named...Neomi?" her sister started teasing.

Yoshi widened his eyes in half a second before turning his head away from them. "Yea right, as if she could" he stood up and stared at the window, avoiding her sister's stare.

"Hahaha! She did, didn't she?" she teased and laughed heartily.

Their mother smiled warmly at her son before asking her daughter, "Raiha's daughter? That Neomi?"

Her daughter answered her with a nod.

Yoshi growled and glared at his sister.

"Well, it seems like my guess is confirmed. She actually DUMPED you," his sister said slyly.

"..." silence was all Yoshi could answer. Fine, okay, she did dump him. She's the first to dump him. Nobody dumps him, nobody. That girl was being totally insensitive, and he already marked her name on his black list for crushing his pride like that. That is just sooooo not good for his reputation. And earlier, he called her to meet him by lunch (which didn't push through because he had to send the flowers first to his evil sister), even though she already declared her answer to him. He'd been through a lot of things just to impress her and the girl was being too impossible! She should even be proud that HE is courting her, he's like the most famous guy in their high school. What the heck is wrong with her? She's the oddest girl he ever met.

"Kaiya dear, maybe you should stop teasing your brother. He's in pain right now you know," the mother said calmly. She stood up and walked towards her son.

"Are you alright, sweetie? Would you want a glass of water?"

Kaiya giggled. " Bring him a gallon mom, he need more water than you thought. To ease his pain,"

Yoshi glared at his sister once more, then he looked at his mother. "Mom, I'm really alright. It's not like I'm gonna die because some geek and insensible girl dumped me," he smiled assuringly at his mother.

"So you were dumped, weren't you?" his mother placed another knowing smile on her beautiful face.

Yoshi rolled his eyes. "Oh mother, you're becoming like oneechan and that is totally not good," he replied abruptly and looked away.

Kaiya's eyes glimmered instantly. "Was it her? Was it Neomi?"

Yoshi made a sour face and sighed heavily. "OK! Fine, yea she did. It was her. Happy now?" he snarled.

Kaiya's teasing smile grew into a very, very large grin. "YYYYYYYEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! You know what that means, YOU LOST THE BET BRO!!! You lost the bet!!!!Hahahahahaha!" Kaiya squealed happily and ran around her mother.

"Wait. What bet?" their mother asked, dumbfounded.

Kaiya giggled unstoppably and took a short paused to gain back her composure. "We had this bet that if Neomi accepts him as a boyfriend before or on valentines, I'll pay his lunch for the whole month. Otherwise, it's him who'll pay. And look at my luck mom, I think Neomi dumped him before the deadline!!!Hahahaha!!" Kaiya said, glancing occasionally at the glaring Yoshi.

Their mother, whom Kaiya thought to be laughing with her right now, gave another expression. Instead of teasing Yoshi like what her daughter is doing, she looked at her son with both concern and mildness in her eyes like any good mother does.

She approached her son calmly and put her palm over his shoulder. "Are you alright sweetie?"

Kaiya felt silent and looked at her brother's reaction intently.

"I'm alright mom. I told you I'm not gonna die just because a girl dumped me. It's just the first time someone did so I think it's the reason why I feel a little bit upset of myself," he smiled at his mother bitterly. "Add the fact that I'm gonna pay toad-face's lunch for the whole month," then he glared at his sister. Kaiya raised a baiting eyebrow and stuck her tongue out.

Their mother smiled back at him and patted his shoulder, comforting.

"I see. I was thinking you're upset because the girl doesn't love you back," a man with silver hair was standing in front of the door, a smile occupying his fair face.

"Mi-chan!" the woman ran towards the silver-head and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. The latter smiled warmly and enveloped his wife within his arms. He then looked at his son, who returned him with an uncomfortable stare.

"I'm not upset because of that dad. I don't even love her, it was just the bet," Yoshi cried defensively.

Fuuko smiled at her husband and tiptoed to whisper. "Maybe you should talk to him honey. Your son needs a man-to-man talk right now," she said and winked. She gestured Kaiya to follow her and the teen ran towards her mother, giggling.

When the women were out of view, Tokiya hefted his shoulders and pointed his hand on the sofa. Yoshi nodded uncertainly and laid himself on the cushion. His father followed him by sitting on the single couch beside him.

"Look, Dad, I'm not really very upset. I just hated it when I lost at Oneechan, it's so embarrassing. Just look at her face! She was grinning like an idiot and it means I'm gonna pay for her lunch for the WHOLE month. And we all know that girl eats like a pig!" he started his indignant babbling.

"Are you sure it wasn't because Neomi ignored your charm and good looks?" his father asked.

Yoshi felt silent, trying to find the right words to say but he ended up with a " Yea, and also that. That girl is just being too stubborn," he said grumpily.

"Add the fact that even though you're like the best guy in the campus, she's still immune to your perfection," Tokiya chuckled.

"Yea, totally. And even how much effort you put to impress her she'd tell you that you're being plainly stupid and egoistic!" Yoshi agreed abruptly.

"And then she'll say that this guy is still better than you and that you should stop what you're doing,"

"Yea, yea! So true dad!"

"Plus when you try to send her flowers and if you do something romantic, she'll think you're sick or you're weird. And then she'll say that she needed the real you back,"


"Typical. You two remind me of your mother and I when we were younger. So you love her?"

"Yea!!! Heck, wha?!NO! NO way! No way in hell Dad. OF course NOT!" he choked out. A blush immediately filled his face in embarrassment.

Tokiya chuckled once more. "You know, when you keep restraining yourself from following your own feelings you'll end up being miserable for a longer period of time. You know what happened to me and your mother before you existed right?"

Yoshi answered him with a slight nod.

"I had been a fool and waited for a couple of years before I tried searching her. When I found her, she was already with another man. It was pure luck that brought us back together,"

His son listened carefully. He respected his father more than any other man in the whole world. He knew his father would never lie or tell him something based on unsure facts. Yoshi knew what happened to his parents and what they had risk to be together again.

"Yoshi, if you love the girl, be true to yourself and tell her the truth. Don't mask your true feelings with the bet you and your sister have. Neomi is a very intelligent girl and I wouldn't be surprise if she'll say she knew about you and your sister's bet. The probability that she dumped you because she knew is very inevitable. Smart girls are cunning, they want to be sure with everything because they don't want to take the risk. It will just waste their time," Tokiya explained.

"You think she knew?" Yoshi raised his head to his father, his face alarmed and sweaty.

"Possible. She probably thought your just playing with her, which is not really a good start of a blooming relationship,"

Yoshi sighed intemperately. "That is what I really want her to think, I just don't think it's the right time to confess to her. I mean, she likes somebody else and she always compares me with that guy. It's really irritating sometimes that I want to strangle her to stop," he rolled his eyes.

"Who's the guy?"

"Her ultimate crush since grades school, Akio," Yoshi said in a "duh" tone.

"Your sister's bestfriend? Akio Hanabishi?!" Tokiya's voice was of surprise and shock.

"Yea, yea. The smart ass,"

"Recca's son?!?"

"Yes, dad. Why?" Yoshi raised a questioning eyebrow.

For some odd reason, Yoshi was sure he saw his dad's eyes showed a dim glint in a split second.

"You want to get the girl?"

"Of course,"

"This is what you do..."


Fuuko and her daughter were drinking tea on Kaiya's own curtilage discussing anything under the world of feminism, when a slender and tall, handsome man with black hair approached them. With his usual stoic features.

"Good afternoon Mrs. Mikagami," he greeted with a slight bow.

Fuuko rose up and looked at her daughter then to the man standing a foot from them. She smiled and returned his greetings.

"The same old Mitsu I know, I told you many times before to call me "Aunt Fuuko" instead of calling me with my husband's name," she said and patted the young man's shoulder. She asked him to sit but the man declined respectfully.

"I wont take long Mrs. Mika- I mean, Aunt Fuuko. I just needed to discuss some things with your daughter," he said and gazed Kaiya with narrowed eyes.

Kaiya answered by blowing her sunset bangs and snorted.

"Well, if that's the case then I might as well leave the two of you in—" she said but was cut off by Kaiya.

"No Mom, were drinking tea here. I'm sure my BOSS wouldn't mind if we discuss it in front of you, it's just about our job anyway. Not too confidential," Kaiya interrupted and gestured Mitsu to sit down beside her.

"Hmmm, are you sure?" Fuuko eyed Mitsu.

The young man heaved and said ," It's alright Aunt Fuuko,". He took the next marble seat beside Kaiya and pulled a folder out from his briefcase.

Fuuko sat back and drank her tea silently, waiting for the two to interact.

Kaiya watched as Mitsu opened her own folder, she was sure it was hers, with all the pink Hello Kitty stickers on it.

"I cant imagine you bringing my folder. Haha!" Kaiya began to talk.

Mitsu glared hard at her. Kaiya gulped, her boss sure is scary...ALL THE TIME. But he's pretty scarier right now, she wondered what she did wrong, again.

Her boss opened her folder and stared at it with itchy eyebrows.

"What is THIS!?" he growled and pointed the paper.

Kaiya scanned it and found out that it was his schedule for the whole week. She looked at him and simply answered. "It's your schedule boss, for the whole week,"

"I know it's my schedule, Kaiya. But what did you do to it! A meeting with Mr. Nagasaki in Monday morning and three hours in the Spa Clinic after that. Tuesday: Full four hours in the afternoon for an appointment in the Derma Clinic! Wednesday to Friday: All three days for the job!! What the heck are you making? This isn't my schedule, Ms. Mikagami!" the man exclaimed in outrage, he didn't even mind that his secretary's mother is just in front of them.

Instead of barking back like what she usually does, Kaiya answered him calmly. "Sir, I told you from the first time you hired me that I don't wanna be your secretary. I'm a graduate of Fine Arts and Advertising, not secretariat. And you're expecting a good schedule record?! You're being impossible, boss," she shook her head disagreeably.

An annoyed eyebrow twitched up and down on Mitsu's face. "YOU told me you'll take WHATEVER job there is as long as I hire you, remember?" he hissed at her. "If it wasn't because of Akio's persistence, I wouldn't hire you in the first place," he added.

Kaiya's calm smile turned into a vicious angry frown. "And if it wasn't for Akio, I would have killed you a long time ago,"

Fuuko watched the two as they strike each other with insulting words. But she wasn't feeling sad or disappointed about it, she was actually smiling. Mitsu, Recca's first born, reminded her so much of her Tokiya when they were their age. Now, it's more interesting to know were this relationship goes, especially now that they seemed to interact more than when they were still children, even if their interactions are more of violence than harmony.

"Akio here, Akio there. Will you get rid of saying his name everytime we discuss something unrelated to him? You're just finding a way to stay out from the crap you made,"

"Ha! Look who's talking! You mentioned his name first and now you're blaming me? What the heck is wrong with you? You are being so confusing, Mi-chan. First, you demand a change in your schedule, then you talk about hiring me just becoz of Akio, and now you're telling me not to talk about him when you talk about him first!!" Kaiya retorted, almost screaming. And to think, HE'S her BOSS.

Fuuko stared amused. Mi-chan eh? I didn't know about this. But it's not bad for an endearment. Fuuko thought, intently watching the two's furthering argument. It's leading to something obviously romantic and it's something a mother wouldn't want to miss.

"Will you stop calling me with that childish nickname? I warned you since grade's school NOT to call me that!" the almost-exploding Mitsu told her.

"OK, and now you're mad at me for calling you the nickname I always call you? See how confusing you are? God, Mi-chan, you're being stupid and childish," Kaiya sighed and placed her palm on her forehead.

Fuuko started to chuckle silently on her seat. Now this is really leading to something good.

The young man's beautiful face almost crumpled with madness. He knew arguing with her will just make him crazy or ANYONE crazy. She's always stubborn since she was born and it's something he can never change.

Mitsu glanced at his watch and found out that he had been there longer than he expected. He gave his last glare at Kaiya at stood up and settled himself. "This is not going to be solved like this. Meet me later in the office, BEFORE duty hours, you got me Kaiya?"

Kaiya pouted and eyed him as though she's ready to plug her shoe on his lovely face. She bit her lips and muttered "Yes, Boss".

Mitsu nodded and bowed apologetically at Fuuko. "I'm sorry for the hassle Mrs. Mikaga- Aunt Fuuko I mean and for staying longer than planned,"

"It's alright Mitsu dear, I'm sorry for my daughter's stubbornness. It's her trademark and I think you know that," Fuuko smiled at him serenely.

Mitsu nodded. "I have to get back to work now. I wish you a happy day, Aunt Fuuko," he bowed again and marched towards the entrance. He didn't even glance back at Kaiya.

Fuuko followed him until he was out of view. She then looked at Kaiya, her face teasing.

"How very interesting, you two will make up a good couple in the future," Fuuko smirked.

"What? Yuck mom, I know he's handsome and all. He's probably every girl's dream man, IF they don't know the real him. But he's not my type. Oh, let me rephrase that. He's NEVER my type," Kaiya answered in a defensive attitude.

Fuuko smirked more. "He's like you're dad then. And I'm telling you, your dad was way grumpier than he is," she smiled, remembering her husband during their highschool years. HE was indeed much grumpier.

"But dad was way hotter than he is I bet," Kaiya replied, sipping the last ounce of tea in her cup.

"Well, that's something I couldn't lie about," her mother responded with a chuckle. Fuuko brought her cup on her mouth and started drinking her tea again.

"No wonder I've been biting my tongue since earlier. My beautiful women are talking about me again," Tokiya came from behind them and positioned himself on Mitsu's former chair.

"Hello Dad," Kaiya greeted and kiss her father on the cheek.

"Don't be so egocentric honey. We were just talking about Mitsu and your similarities," Fuuko said and held her husband's hand.

"So what's with me and Recca's son?"

"You are so much alike, Daddy," Kaiya replied.

"Uhuh? He's actually the only Hanabishi I like aside from his mother," Tokiya answered and drank the tea from Fuuko's cup.

Fuuko and Kaiya both rolled their eyes.

Cellphone ringing

"Oops, it's mine!" Kaiya said immediately. She tugged her phone out from her skirt and read who called. With a snort, Kaiya answered unenergetically.

"What is it again?...I'm at home of course, this is were you left me right?...Heck! Goodness, you don't have to shout you know!...Fine fine, I'm gonna get ready now. Yea, I'm coming alright? ...What?Where? Lija's fine dining? Why there?...Arrghh!Will you just tell me why! ---tot tot tot---Hello! Hellloooo!!!!" Kaiya glanced at the phone and found out it marked 'Disconnected' on the screen. With an irritated heaved, she stood up and bade goodbye to her parents.

"You're going already?" Tokiya asked.

"Your favorite Hanabishi's off to make my life miserable again Dad," Kaiya said sarcastically. "Well, I better go now. He's demanding my presence again, as if he really needs me that much," she leaned down and kissed both her parents.

She waved and ran away from them, leaving Tokiya and Fuuko with smiles on their faces.

"Looks like our daughter got a date," Fuuko commented clearly, cocking her head on her husband's shoulder.

"She sure does," Tokiya answered silently.

"Where's Yoshi?" Fuuko asked and glimpsed at Tokiya.

Tokiya smirked and answered without looking down at her.

"He got a girl to catch,"


Time for dismissal. Everyone's ready to take off. A girl with long indigo hair stood up and fixed all her books inside her red bag. She got her pens and arranged it neatly on the pencil case when a guy called her name.

"Hey, Shimuzu-san! Someone's looking for you!" the guy called her from the door.

She looked up. "Eh? Who?"

Instead of being answered, the door showed a tall guy with fresh auburn hair. A pair of glasses occupying in front of his topaz irises and he held a peaceful smile on his face.

"Ahh...Akio-san," she whispered to herself. A happy smile quickly occurred in her face and she took her bag as she ran towards him. She bowed and greeted him instantly.

"Konnichiwa Akio-san. What brings you here?" she asked.

"I just thought I'd drop by and invite you for a walk outside. Errr, do you have another appointment?" his mild tone answered her.

"No!" the girl answered abruptly.

"Good, shall we?" Akio reached his elbow and the girl took it, smiling.



Akio and Neomi strolled down the sidewalk. Smelling the fresh breeze, Neomi ran before Akio, her hands caught a single petal of the nearest Sakura tree and she sweetly smiled.

"Sakura trees bloom lovelier when it's valentines, have you noticed?"

"Hai, they seem to take part of the month's essence," Neomi silently answered as they continued to walk towards nowhere in particular.

"Haha. February, the month of love. Love...You know, I used to love this girl back then, but that was a long time ago,"

Neomi was a little bit surprise of the sudden openness of the young man, but she still listened carefully.

"It was really weird, I've been loving her for many years, since we were toddlers actually. And when I reached your age, I realized that it was just pure puppy love," Akio started to chuckle. "Odd, wasn't it?"

Neomi looked at him, registering what he just said. "Yea...that's pretty weird...How did you know it was just childish love?" she asked back.

"Hmmm. I, myself, couldn't answer. I was the time when I saw this girl at a flower shop in Okinawa. It was uncanny...from the moment I saw her, I knew...that what I felt for Kaiya before wasn't the real thing. I guess love moves like that. Mysterious," Akio said casually.

"How will you know that that person's the one?" another question was raised by the indigo girl.

"I don't know either. I guess it's will never know when it will come. But when it comes and lays itself in front of'll simple know," Akio smiled and gestured her to stop walking. "Were here,"

In front of them was a peaceful Japanese restaurant. And it was the first time Neomi visited it. Akio opened the door for her and an old lady welcomed them with a bow. The youngsters answered her back with the same courtesy.

Akio led her to a corner in the restaurant. Neomi kept looking everywhere inside the spacious room. It was a traditional restaurant, the waitresses were all wearing a uniformed yukata and there were sushis displayed as the main cuisine.

Akio brought her attention back when they halted and he said " I'll leave the two of you now. Have a great day,"

Neomi widened her eyes and she looked at the guy who'll accompany her. "Mikagami-san?" She wanted to ask Akio what it was all about but when she looked beside her, the auburn headed guy was already leaping out from the restaurant.

Her gaze turned back to her classmate, her eyes piercing daggers on his way. "OK. So what is this?"

"Good afternoon to you too, Neomi-chan," the lad just answered her with a cute smile. The ever-famous cute Yoshi smile, she thought. But something was wrong, it seemed cuter than usual.

"Alright. I want to be frank to you, if you're asking me again to be your girlfriend I will answer the same. NO. It's final, got it? I know about you and your sister's bet and there's no way I'm gonna fall in your bait, Yoshi boy," she narrowed her eyes on him.

But instead of being answered, Yoshi just smiled at her like she just told him a compliment. What's he playing?

"I think you didn't even get what I just told you. I told you I don't---" a blur of purple and silver was all she saw before two arms engulfed her lithe form.

"Oh shut up, Shimizu. You are being noisy as usual," she heard the boy against her chuckled and his embraced tightened more. "I love you, believe me or not, I really do," he whispered softly.

Her throat seemed to thicken in almost an instant and she felt her jaw dropping in obfuscation.

I guess it's will never know when it will come. But when it comes and lays itself in front of'll simple know...

Neomi could only widen her eyes at what fate just brought her.


"I wish everything turned out fine," Fuuko was still leaning her head on her husband's shoulder.

"It will, don't worry. What they're experiencing right now was way simpler than what we have. I'm sure everything's going to be alright for all of them," Tokiya simply answered.

Fuuko smiled and started to drift her eyes close. "Thank you..."

"Hmm? For what?"

"For everything..."

Tokiya smiled and kissed his wife's forehead.

It's all because I love you...


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