He glanced around, where was he…? Everything was dark, he couldn't see anything.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of silver and tensed.

A sharp sensation at his throat. "Why hello there Cloud…" With a smirk on his face and his sword at Cloud's throat.

He grit his teeth and narrowed his eyes. "Sephiroth…" His buster sword was out and was clashing against Sephiroth's.

The other didn't respond, he instead ran his sword's edge against Cloud's, listening to the scraping of the swords, watching the sparks fly…

His eyes suddenly flick to Cloud and his sword is moving too quickly for Cloud to see though it really wasn't Sephiroth's style at all…

But Cloud jumped when the sword cut under him and when he landed it was like he was fighting Sephiroth again like that one time in the life stream, except it was darker. Much darker. But he could see Sephiroth and that was all he needed to see.

Cloud lunged at the figure that was Sephiroth; but when he got there, there was nothing and it was dark again.

He looked around, eyes scanning everything they could. Was this a trick? He didn't even know how he got here…

He felt a sharp stab through his stomach he unconsciously placed a hand over it as he looked down. There was blood on his hand and a slim sword impaling him and he couldn't move his body. What to do…

He whipped his head over his shoulder where he literally came face-to-face with Sephiroth.

Sephiroth simply twisted his sword in Cloud's stomach. Cloud should've faltered or fallen kneeling to the ground due to immense pain, but…

It didn't hurt.

With this newfound knowledge, he twisted around and slashed at Sephiroth with his sword. Where did that come from?

Sephiroth didn't move, however. He just stood there, with a bloody smile on his face and then he was behind him, arms around him like a lover would do.

"You can't forget me Cloud…" He whispered into the blond's ear. And Cloud couldn't move and he could've sworn that Sephiroth had just kissed him on the cheek; a peck really but… "You'll never be able to…" And then he was gone.

Seething with anger. "What the hell was that; Sephiroth?!?" He yelled into nothingness. Oh how he hated it.

He twirled around and there he was again, staring into a mirror.

Blond hair.

Blue eyes.

Tan skin.

Blond hair. Blue eyes. Tan skin. Blondhairblueeyestanskinblondhairblueeyestanskinsilverhair—

A hand around his throat. And the reflection that wasn't really a reflection at all was Sephiroth stepping out from the mirror that used to be him and tried not to think about any meaning behind it because said man was currently choking him.

And as he pried away the fingers, he could see the sadistic smirk on the other's face through his bangs and he hated it so much but then…

Snap. His neck was broken.

And he could see that smirk get wider as his mind numbed because he was dying and he didn't even go down with a fight whatjusthappened?

He could feel Sephiroth's fingers loosen letting him slip through the floor into oblivion.

"Farewell, Cloud."

And then there was nothing.


"Cloud, time to wake up."


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