Chapter 1. Thanks to you all who loved Tsuki to Houshi, so here's the sequel! The pair in focus this time will be Silver Pair. Also, for those of you who like the Atobe x Jirou back-story, it's going to pop up more in this story since Atobe has an infatuation to Shishido.


WARNING; AU, possible OOC, shounen-ai

PAIRING: Shishido/Ootori

Chapter 1- Yume

He was careful as he painted in the folds of the clothes because it would mess up the entire painting if he let the paint run over their boundaries. He learned that in sketching and painting, the artist must make the piece look like it would come to life. To do this, the artist had to get the lighting, shading, and features right. Not to mention capture the soul of the viewer by blowing them away with something spectacular.

Ootori Choutarou finished the last stroke in his painting and breathed a sigh of relief. It was finally done. His brown eyes wandered around his piece. He didn't know if he would blow anyone away with the coloring, but the painting itself seem to blow him away. Some of his professors say that if you feel something when you create the piece, the viewers will as well, and he was certainly feeling deep sorrow as he saw his piece. It was how he felt about his current condition, which wasn't the brightest.

Satisfied with the finished product, Ootori closed the door to the art room and left. The campus was empty since everyone was in classes save for a few people with a free period on their hands. The art major sat down on a bench and started sketching the school building. He still had to practice shading for drawing.

"So, have you gotten better on your backhand?"

"Not really, but my volleys have gotten better."

Ootori looked up to see two college students carrying tennis bags. They both seemed to be beginners because backhands are learned at a beginning level.

"I'm sorry, but until your heart gets better, you can't play tennis."

That was five years ago. He had anemia in junior high and he knew it, but he thought it wouldn't affect him much, until he overworked himself in a tennis match and fainted. He had been rushed to the hospital to get his condition stable, and the doctors discovered that he had a heart problem. The suggested treatment was a fitted pacemaker, but his family couldn't afford the operation, so in the end, he was left with a fact that he will die in several years and there was nothing he could do about it.

Ootori looked down at his sketching and realized that he had wandered from drawing the school building to a tennis racket. Grabbing his eraser, he erased what he had already done and forced his mind back onto drawing the school building. Brooding over the past wasn't going to help him fulfilling his last wish in creating an award-winning painting. Painting was a passion he had forever, and he wanted to make something special for the world to see before he left it.


"Hiyoshi-san, hold still."

"Ow! I am."

"There," Ootori said as he finished bandaging the last of the wounds. Taking a look at the nasty bruise on his roommate's cheek, he said, "You shouldn't fight too much, Hiyoshi-san. You could get in trouble."

"Che," was all Hiyoshi said before testing his injured arm.

Ootori sighed. His roommate, Hiyoshi Wakashi, was always getting into fights over trivial matters. It seemed that the forensics major lived for fighting, if not, getting into situations that forced him to fight. It was no wonder that he wanted to be a police officer.

"Hey, I heard about the incident on Thursday," Hiyoshi said quietly. "Did you see a doctor?"

Ootori's brown eyes looked to the floor. "Yeah."


The silver-haired student put a hand to his chest. "It seems to be getting worse. My heartbeats are becoming irregular sometimes, and once I start exercising, it's hard for it to settle down. I don't know how much longer I'm going to live before it stops beating."

"And you say I fight too much," Hiyoshi muttered. "Ootori, don't push yourself before it does get worse."

"I don't care much, Hiyoshi-san. I know I'm going to die young anyway," Ootori said simply before going into his room to do some sketching. Hiyoshi quirked an eyebrow.

And people say I'm pessimistic…

On Thursday, Ootori had decided to take an early morning jog and got so caught up that he didn't realize that he had ten minutes to run over to class, which took at least twenty minutes to walk to. Panicking, he ran to class only to pass out from his heart beating too fast on the way. He had been rushed to the hospital to get his heartbeats back to normal.

At this rate, he might not live for another three months.


Ootori calmly continued sketching the little bird perched outside of his window. He normally enjoyed talking to Hiyoshi, but today, he wasn't in the mood. It made him angry knowing that his roommate was right; he was going to get worse if he keeps pushing himself too much. His heart was fragile, so fragile that if he overworked himself even once, it could kill him.

Still, it never kept him from trying. Everyone was going to die at some point, and he wanted to have no regrets when his time came. After all, a ghost is freer when he's free of burdens.


Chewing on an apple, Ootori calmly walked around town carrying his sketchbook and some pencils. He had remembered to set his alarm clock early so he would finish his morning jog a half hour before class started. It wouldn't do him any good if he had to run to class only to collapse from a weak heart. He didn't have any classes this afternoon, so he was going to try sketching something other than the school building.

Ootori tossed his finished apple into a nearby trashcan and turned a corner, only to find something that he had long left behind. He knew that if he walked up the stairs that were in front of him, it would lead him straight to a street tennis court. The silver-haired student didn't want to go up there; it would bring back memories of how he had to give up his tennis dreams. Still, he felt that he should go there. It sounded like a calling.

Walking up the stairs, Ootori was greeted by the sight of a bunch of tennis players either playing on the courts or watching the matches being played. He found an empty bench and sat down hoping to find something to sketch. Deciding to focus on one player, he watched the brunette as he rallied against his opponent. Sketching quickly, Ootori kept one eye on the brunette while drawing. He had a quick eye, so he could capture a moment in his head even if it went so fast.

"Watch out!"

His brown eye quickly caught the movement of a flying tennis ball coming his way and caught the ball with one hand. The brunette that he was drawing came over to where he was sitting.

"Are you okay?" he asked. Ootori nodded and tossed back the ball. "Watch your head next time," was all he said before going back to his tennis game. Ootori nodded his head before going back to his drawing. He had a silver moment of the match planted in his head.


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