Since Laying Eyes Upon Her

Chapter 1: Passion

Ever since he had laid eyes upon her, the robust curves of her body, her ebony lochs, those beautifully brown eyes so full of love and forgiveness it had seeded a deep emotion within himself, similar to Onigumo's passion for Kikyou, only more powerful, and therefore more deadly. At first he had thought this feeling was inspired from that loathsome clay pot Kikyou through the thief's twisted idea of love. But it had only grown stronger since he had ridded himself of both his human heart, and the clay bitch. Now it was nothing but pure torture to watch as another man made her happy, but it was so much worse not to know what she was doing.

What angered him most was the fact that this girl was so in love with the inu-Hanyou she traveled with. He had forced himself to intervene with their schedule merely to keep them apart more often. Most of his plots had worked wonderfully.

But this one had backfired. Badly.

Now the ex-hanyou watched as the object of his obsessions struggled higher and higher up a mountain, entirely without protection while a cloud of bloodthirsty youkai herded her towards the frozen top. Naraku knew that if he allowed her to reach that top, she would surely die of exposure. Naraku also knew that if she fell into the reaches of those demons, she would also die, albiet less gracefully. The very idea urged him to go to her, to protect her, to take her back to his castle and keep her as his own.

So powerful was this urge that for a moment the demon rose to do just that. But as suddenly as he had stood, he plopped back down once again before the mirror of his incarnation Kana. He wanted to growl, to yell, to roar at the image of the tiny miko, who's wounds streamed blood where sharp stones had gouged her pale skin. It was as if she bled to purposefully draw attention to the fact that it was his fault she was in this predicament.

That was another thing that pissed him off.

If it had been any other being in that glass, including that bitch Kikyou, this bastard would derive the greatest of pleasure from watching them suffer. But somehow when Naraku knew it was Kagome, he felt the complete opposite. The youkai felt hate toward the objects that dared to mar the pale skin of the girl he loved.

Yes. Naraku actually loved someone. Naraku, the most despicable villain in all of Japan, wanted this woman, no, this girl, for himself. This villain wanted to spoil her, to pleasure her. He wanted all of her, and if any dared to lay an eye upon his prize, they would die a miserable death. Starting with that Hanyou.

At last the youkai could take it no more, and stormed from the room, his anger getting the best of him as he released an ear-splitting howl of frustration. By the time it was over his breathing was labored, and his eyes fell upon the wonderfully tainted, almost completed, sacred jewel.

'It is so tiny' he mused, 'and yet even incomplete and separate from my body, it still gave me the power to create manifestations of myself.' But somehow the tiny gem only served to remind him of her. The villain became increasingly irritated, and he seized the gem bent on crushing it within his palm.

He came to himself once more before he could accomplish this, however, and instead held it firmly. Silently he re-entered the room where Kana still held her looking glass, and plopped down where he had been sitting before, as if his temper tantrum had never happened. The evil youkai watched on in carefully concealed terror as the miko Kagome slipped upon her own crimson life force, and slid down a few feet. She cried out a word, a word he could not hear, but knew just the same.

A beast within him awoke, and began to rage within his chest as the one for which he longed scraped her sensitive legs and stomach upon the sharp stones and cried out another man's name. He battled to keep it down, as he had every time Onigumo tried to raise to the surface. But the beast was much stronger than Onigumo, and it tore through his heart and chest. Naraku clutched desperately at whatever was attempting to escape, only to fall back as the room disappeared in an all encompassing cloud of black.

I am going to sit Inuyasha so many times he'll wish he had never met me! Growled Kagome as she tugged herself higher onto the cliff, even now she could hear the chatter of rocks of the hungry demons that pursued her.

How dare that jerk! Leaving me at the foot of a cliff when he knows Miroku and Sango are nowhere to be found! And Kami only knows where Shippo is! Oh Inuyasha how could you? The betrayed young miko whined as she sliced her hand on a particularly sharp rock, hesitating her acent for only a moment before the snapping of jaws barley two yards behind her inspired a faster pace.

If I didn't know any better I'd think they were herding me. Huffed Kagome to herself as she attempted to grip the next handhold, only for her bloodied hand to slip, she fell a few feet, closer to the demons below.

"Inuyasha!" She all-but squealed in desperation, knowing all too well that he was nowhere within hearing range. The sharp rock she had a hold of cut into her skin, the blood began running freely down her arm, staining the long white sleeves of her school-girl outfit, her short skirt whipped about her legs as an evil wind swept her way. At last she began loosing her grip upon the hold and with one desperate twist the young miko attempted to find foot-holds once more, only for the movement to be her undoing, and down she fell, closer and closer to the gaping, hungry maws of demons. She squeezed her eyes closed and anticipated the pain of death, only to find herself caught and held to a firmly built chest. The young woman dared not open her eyes, instead she clung desperately to the bare chest of this figure, slowly becoming all too aware that he wore nothing.

Despite being unwilling to open her eyes, Kagome could detect the beat of wings, and wondered briefly if a dragon had taken her? No! that was stupid, dragons did not have such chiseled abs, nor did they have such a human build…or manly erections at the mere capture of a ningen. This was definitely a demon of some sort, and despite the frighteningly hot member rubbing against her inner thigh Kagome held onto his arms with all her might, as unwilling to release her savior as she was to open her eyes. After a few moments she figured if she were going to die she'd rather be able to see her killer so that she may curse his name from hell as he lived on, and at last opened her eyes blearily. At first she was aware of pale skin and silky black hair, well that didn't cut it down any, almost everyone in Japan had black hair…but they didn't have raven wings upon their backs as this creature did.

Kagome noticed then how silky her saviors wings seemed, and gently inched her hand down his back to touch some of the down, eliciting a soft moan and an extra pulse of the scalding member from the already tortured creature. She quickly withdrew her hand, as if she had been scolded.

"I-I'm sorry." She apologized in a quivering voice, the winged demon stared down at her, and she almost gasped at his beauty. His eyes were like shining obsidian and his face was both delicate and masculine at the same time. Kagome had never been one to believe in love at first sight, but as soon as her chocolate pools met with his demonic depths her once strong feelings for Inuyasha were brushed aside as easily as a fly, and quickly forgotten. She wanted to taste this demon, wanted to pour all her pent-up love and frustration out upon those strong, masculine lips.

Her chance slipped away as the flying demon's attention was again directed straight ahead, and he back flapped, unintentionally thrusting his erection into the cloth barrier beneith her skirt and instantly arousing her feminine needs. His entire body stiffened and his gorgeous face was again directed at her, she could not resist this time, Kagome pushed her lips against his, and poured her entire soul out in a passionate kiss, pressing herself fully upon the demons body.

The moment she realized what she had just done, the young miko instantly released him, blushing vigorously and averting her eyes from his nude figure.

Ohmyhoshohmygoshohmygosh she repeated within her mind as her heart fluttered like a caged bird, You can't just go around kissing strange demons you baka! She mentally scolded herself. After a moment she apologized, her blush refusing to leave her cheeks and eyes refusing to meet with his.

"Thank you…for saving my life…" Kagome stated at last, accidentally glancing at his still-semi hardened member and blushing an even deeper shade of red, if that were even possible. For a moment she contemplated asking him if there was anything she could do to repay him, and then feared he may ask her to bed him, then welcomed such an offer.

Bad Kagome! Bad bad bad! You are NOT Miroku! She blushed once more, keeping her gaze well away from his once throbbing member, she remembered how it had felt against her inner thigh, and wondered at once why it had scared her when it had felt so right and good.

"You are welcome, Kagome." A suave voice flooded her mind making her feel ditzy and slow, the miko's senses were sharpened however, when a warning bell went off within her mind.

"I don't recall telling you my name." She stated somewhat frightened and more than slighlty suspicous.

"You did not." Replied the demon.

"Oh…" Came her sharp acknowledgement, "well, then since you know my name, why don't you tell me yours?" So long was the silence that elapsed between them that for a moment Kagome thought he was not going to answer.

"You may call me Synrakku."

"Synrakku…" She tested the name, finding it very pleasing to her tongue "Arigato for saving me, Synrakku." Again she was lost within his obsidian pools, and she longed to close the distance between them, and to find his lips once more.

"Kagome!" Shouted the rude voice of Inuyasha, instantly diverting her attention from Synrakku, realizing it was naught but her friend Inuyasha the miko anxiously glanced back, only to discover that she was alone...

Kagome's been acting strange ever since I found her on the top of that cliff…I wonder what the hell happened, and why the hell she was so aroused. Damn! I'm getting hard just thinking about that scent. Cursed a very flustered inu-Hanyou as he lead the group, hating that another male had touched what he considered his, though he knew by all rights he had no claims over her. And who's scent had that been? It hardly bore a resemblance to any he had ever smelt before…not quite an unpleasant smell, Inuyasha reflected, unlike Naraku and Kouga's stenches, no musk, a clean refreshing smell, almost like morning rain, there was also something cold about that scent, something that felt as if you were waking up to frost on the ground. Not an evil scent, but neither was it good…motives aside, its owner had been aroused to no end by something, and Inuyasha feared it had been his Kagome that had evoked such an emotion from a complete stranger, seeing as she managed to do it for him with mere innocent gestures.

Not for the first time he was grateful that he was the only one able to smell his own arousal, save for Shippo, whom had been bopped over the head so many times for trying to address the subject the kitsune didn't even attempt to say anything about it.

The inu-Hanyou growled angrily once more, again hating the fact that someone had touched his last tie to Kikyo. The bastard would pay, whoever the hell he was!

Naraku had never felt so alive, so utterly alive. He had witnessed the entire scene between Kagome and his most recent Incarnation as if he had actually been there, as if he had been Synrakku, had felt his hot arousal against her inner thigh, had felt himself thrust near to her opening, only to come in contact with some sort of cloth barrier, had felt Synrakku's passion as her lips closed over his…the feeling of her slim form pressed against his.

No, he did not regret the monster finally breaking free of him, it had been much more pleasant than disembodying his heart, and it did not kill his emotion for this woman, rather, made it more bearable, as if it were now split equally between himself and this new incarnation. He did not mind, so long as it felt as if it were he with Kagome, he that she loved so strongly, instead of this new embodiment.

He would have Kagome to himself he decided, for she was already showing signs of falling out of love with Inuyasha.


How he hated that mongrel, not only had he stolen Kikyo from Onigumo and left him to deal with the insufferable human's whining, but he also stood in the way of him ever going to Kagome, and to think how many times that mutt had allowed her so close to death…Naraku ground his teeth in an effort to keep his temper. No matter that it was he himself that had attepted to forfeit her life. That dog would pay eventually…but for now, his main focus was Kagome, he could already feel himself being drawn to her, as if he had been to long from her presence…he wished his incarnation would hurry and go to her once again. But unlike the rest of his incarnations this one refused to obey any but its own will. And seemed as emotionless as that damned demon lord Sesshoumaru. It seemed the only driving force in this incarnations life was that woman, which was just as well. Synrakku could be the link between them.

The one time hanyou smirked at this thought.

Naraku wondered how he would have Kagome thank his incarnation again, and perhaps feel even more deeply for him. He could save her life again, Naraku pondered…yes…that would be perfect…

At the moment his incarnation Synrakku was stalking Kagome from the tree tops, admiring her from afar, still tracing the feel of her lips with his mind. It was now that both Naraku and his incarnation were grateful the fickle wind had chosen to blow their scent away from that damned Hanyou's nose. Synrakku halted at the same instant Kagome did, and watched as she stared directly at him. Had she sensed him? Would she come to him if she had?

"Oi, Wench hurry up!" Inuyasha snapped from ahead, causing Sango, Miroku, and Shippo to turn and glance at her wonderingly. Kagome paid her former love no heed, but instead continued to lock eyes with what she was sure was Synrakku. It was that moment the wind decided to shift and blow his scent directly toward a certain inu-Hanyou, causing him to clench his jaw. "Come out of there and I may decide to be merciful and cut your head off first!" Snarled an enraged inu. For a few moments nothing happened, but at last a figure cloaked in black silk emerged, all eyes hair and wings matching the garment he wore, he seemed almost a manifestation of night, come to walk in the day. Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara struck a defensive posture.

"Synrakku." Kagome sighed, Inuyasha faulted she used to say his name like that, with a such tender emotion. I don't think he's a demon at all…I think he's an angel, sent from heaven for me, and only me.

"So that's you're name! Well Synrakku prepare to die! Kaze-no-kizu!" Screamed the inu-Hanyou, swinging a jealousy induced Tetsuiga at the demon.

"Inuyasha SIT!" In an instant the white haired Hanyou was once again acquainted with the dirt, while Kagome drew closer to her new love.

"Kagome stay back!" Shouted Miroku to no avail.

"Miroku look at her eyes." Sango noticed.

"She seems to be in some sort of trance!" Shippo exclaimed, leaping from Sango's shoulder. "Kagome snap out of it." The young fox attempted to leap onto his friend's shoulder only to be blocked by a pale but muscular arm, the winged demon had moved forward in the blink of an eye to lock lips with the young miko. His other arm slipped possessively around her waist and his wings fluttered lightly in the soft breeze that caressed the party. Sango, Miroku and Shippo all gasped, while Inuyasha began trembling with rage, rising to his feet and bringing the Tetsuigua around to chop off the demon's head, only for both he and Kagome to disappear from sight.


Kagome hardly noticed when she and Synrakku left her counterparts, so engrossed was she in tracing the jaw-line of her new love, feeling his soft flesh beneath her fingers, and also feeling the fire she ignited within him with her soft touch. The demon stared deeply into the eyes of the Miko as she pressed her lips against his once more, allowing the demon to light a flame within her own heart as well. Kagome moaned out loud as the demon's lips began to trail from her mouth to her neck and then along her collarbone. The Miko's head tilted back as she reveled in the guilty pleasure this creature unleashed within her. Kagome pressed her body flush against his, feeling his hot member against her stomach. All at once Kagome had the urge to feel that member between her legs, and before she could stop herself she had hoisted herself up and wrapped her legs around Synrakku's waist pressing her opening against his shaft as the demon opened her sailor-shirt to get at her tender young breasts.

"Hmmnmmmm…Synrakku." Her voice was strained with all the feeling coursing throughout her body.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha's voice was faint, and neither of them paid it much heed. As one of Synrakku's arms wrapped around Kagome's back to keep her against him, the other slid down to her leg, which was still wrapped around him as she pressed even harder against his erection. Slowly his hand made its way toward the miko's cloth-like protection and slipped in, his claws combing her pubic hairs fondly as he searched gently for her opening.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha's voice was practically right on top of them, and this time Miroku's sounded with it. Still they did not part, if anything they became even more passionate. "Get yer dirty hands offa her!" Roared the Inu-Hanyou after a moment of stunned silence from both him and the monk. It was to fast for Kagome's lust-slowed mind to comprehend, one moment she was in complete bliss, Synrakku's warm chiseled chest pressed against hers, his hot member safely between her legs as he suckled gently on her breast, the next moment Kagome felt herself being held into a completely different embrace. The young Miko moaned at the loss, tears beginning to form in the back of her eyes.

"He…left me…" Whimpered Kagome. "Synrakku!" She shouted at nothing before falling forward. "I need you…" The female trembled as her lust began to abate, and she realized who was holding her. "I-Inuyasha?" Kagome shook her head. "What happened?"

"You mean you don't remember?" Miroku cut in, trying desperately to ignore the sensual feelings the scene before him had aroused. He would have to get Sango to try that sometime…

"I…remember that Synrakku took me…and then we kissed…but after that I—I couldn't think clearly. Almost like that mist on the mountain that made us all drunk. I think I was in a frenzy of some sort."

"That's one way of putting it I suppose…" The monk Miroku, torn between amusement and concern. Inuyasha growled warningly, dissuading Miroku from pursuing the subject any further.

"W-why? What happened?" Kagome pulled out of Inuyasha's embrace, panic beginning to cloud her features. All at once her eyes shot open and her hand came to cover her mouth…her lust-clouded mind had finally realized what she had been about to do.

Naraku glared mercilessly at the silver-haired inu-Hanyou for forcing him away from his prize. Or more literally forcing Synrakku away. He could still feel the burn where the miko's flesh had met his, where her curious, shy hands had stroked him. Hell he could still smell the scent of her arousal, and it almost drove him insane. Well…more insane than he already was, that is. The dark haired youkai smirked suddenly and relaxed upon sighting the miko's reaction. She had fallen for his incarnation…perhaps he could use that to his advantage and get the rest of them out of his way? Then he would have her all to himself…

"You can't be serious?" Sango gasped as Miroku shared with her what he and Inuyasha had seen. "There has to be some mistake! Kagome would never do anything of the sort…she….she…"

"She did look like she was under a spell…" Miroku pointed out, "perhaps the demon seduced her using its magic?" Sango shook her head slightly, her eyes wide and filled with emotion. "Maybe we could find out what she was thinking if we simulate…" The monk was struck with a giant boomerang as his lecherous hand twitched up to her breast.

"Hentai!" Growled the demonslayer as she turned away from the monk and toward the dazed-looking Miko. 'It had to have been a spell…Kagome would never…'


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