Since Laying Eyes Upon Her

Chapter 4:

Winds rushed through silken raven tresses, hassling the once sculpted folicles into becomming a ragged parody of what they once were. Their owner seemed not to mind, however, her eyes half lidded, her face carefully blank. One would never guess the object of her thoughts was linked to any type of passion or pain.

She was perfectly stoic, in the arms of her mortal enemy.

Breifly Kagome entertained thoughts of attempting to purify Naraku now, but shook her head. It would not be worth her falling to her doom, simply to purify one of his puppets. For the miko was sure that this was none other than another of his damned toys, come to set up a new playing field for her and her comrades.

The young woman wondered breifly if she should be worried, but shook her head at the thought. They had always come through, if not whole than alive, no matter the obsticle Naraku had set up for them. And she was sure that Inuyasha and the others would come to her rescue eventually. If not because the hanyou had feelings for her, than because he needed her to find the last of the shards.

And even if that were not enough to motivate him into action, she was sure Sango and Miroku and Shippo would provide a formidable rescue team. Despite herself Kagome smiled, at least she had true friends, if not a true love. At the thought of love the miko's heart faltered.

She loved Inuyasha. But at the same time, she loved Synrakku, who was in and of himself a part of Naraku. Did that mean that she loved Naraku? But no, that could not be possible, Synrakku was not cruel and sadistic, he did not pit lovers against one another, he did not wish to taint the jewel.

Or if he did, Kagome did not know it. Come to think of it, Kagome did not know much about someone she felt such a passion for. Suddenly she felt like a cheap hussy, she had not even known his name when she had first thrown herself on him like the schoolgirl she was.

All at once the miko felt chill, and upon lifting her head realized why. The sun's rays had long ago waned and dissapeared behind the mountain range, and Kagome was dressed in nothing more than her school uniform. Very unpracticle, but a habbit she had not yet been able to break.

Besides, why not dress like a the hussy she was.

Snap out of it Kagome! The miko mentally slapped herself. Self-pity will get you nowhere.

Kagome tensed in the arms of her captor, so she was defenseless in the arms of a one time hanyou, whom she could not harm even if she did have a weapon due to circumstances beyond her comprehension, and even if she could do any damage to him it would be minimal and she would be a smouldering pile of ash on the ground before she could finish half a blink. So what.

That was no reason to fall into a pit of despair.

What did the demon want her for anyhow? It could not be the shards she carried, because if it were he would have killed her and taken them, besides did not Naraku already posess the vast majority of the jewel? Apparently it was because she had 'bewitched' him, which she took for meaning that he loved her.

At this Kagome shuddered. Why could she not have retained her ignorance and gone on beleiving she and Synrakku could be together and live happily ever after? Oh right, because the Shikon Jewel was involved, and all stories linked with such a jewel had to have drama and tradgety and bad luck at every turn.

The miko turned a glare at what she was sure was a demon puppet and wanted to growl. Not a low, under your breath, 'oh god why me' growl, but a full blown 'fuck you' snarl.

Maybe she had been hanging around Inuyasha too much. Though the thought was entertaining, Kagome highly doubted that, she had never heard him snarl, or bark for that matter, while he was in his sane mind.

For an instant the young miko wanted to smile, before a familiar pull at her navel caused her to panic slightly. Two shikon shards closing in fast.


"Oh no..." Of course Kouga would follow her scent, especially if it were mingled with Naraku's. Maybe the demon would ignore him! Or maybe the wolf prince was just passing by?

"Get your filthy hands offa my woman!" Snarled the wolf, who kept pace easily with the shikon shards in his legs.

'I have a bad feeling about this...'

Naraku had every intention of ignoring the wolf prince whom was closing in quickly upon him, but at the bold declariation of Kagome being 'his' the demon second guessed that train of action. Nobody would claim Kagome as their own, unless it were him.

With a menacing glare the one time hanyou halted and turned to face the wolf, who did not falter as Naraku had hoped he would. Although he was much more powerful now that he had a completely demonic body, it was still uneasy for him to risk his true form to death. And that wolf while not a cunning adversary, had the devil's luck on his side.

But luck would only last him so long. And Naraku really did need those jewel fragments in his legs. The villain smirked evilly, and felt the miko within his arms go still at the look. A strange mixture of sadistic delight and irritation settled in his stomach, but he ignored it, opting instead to lash out at the wolf with one of the tails upon his back.

Infuriatlingly the wolf dodged the assult and launched one of his own, comming too close for comfort to him and his now trembling prize.

"Synrakku." Naraku's voice was level, and his incarnation landed nearby, Kagome could not help the tug at her heart. She had not even noticed him following the pair of them. The winged demon's obsidian eyes were filled with jealousy, she could see that from here, but they were also filled with a promise.

The promise of death.

"So, still too cowardly to fight your own battles!" Growled Kouga as he struck an offensive pose. Synrakku said nothing, his entire countenance speaking of calm.

Faster than Kagome's eye could follow Kouga lunged, his claws ready to rip into the flesh of the winged demon before him. Synrakku, however, would have none of that, and easily punched the pest to the ground, fists trembling in fury.

"Kagome. is. not. yours." His voice was still as silken and velvety as ever, as he closed the distance between himself and the downed wolf prince. With an agility only one of his caliber could obtain, Kouga leapt from all fours into the air, ignoring the wind sailing around him as he actually thought about his next move.

The bastard was stronger than he looked, that much was certain from the rapidly spreading bruise across his chest. It hurt to breathe. That was not a good sign.

In the next instant Kouga more felt than saw the creature launch itself into the air, and he definaltey felt his face aquainted with the ground. Just as he was about to recompose himself he felt the beast grab his hair, which had come loose sometime during the breif battle, and yank his head up.

"She is mine."


OK so i lied, i'm sorry its not as dark and evil as i thought i was going to make it. i'm also sorry that it suckssss i'll revise it later i promise!! but at least i finaly squeezed out this constipated chapter ! isn't that a good thing??