Ramen Seduction

By: Hiki-chan

Sasuke cringed when he heard the loud 'slurp!' next to him and forced himself not to look.

'Damn that stupid dobe!' Sasuke cursed inwardly as his eyes paid no attention to his pleas and started to rake over the blonde's form.

Of all the times Naruto decides to be thankful for the ramen he gets…

Of all the times Naruto decides to eat at a slow and leisurely pace…

Why did it have to be when Sasuke was around!?

Nope, he didn't like to watch Naruto eat his favourite miso ramen. He didn't like it at all. Not at all.

'I, Uchiha Sasuke, am most definitely not getting turned on by watched the dobe eat his ramen.'

He was not.

Naruto slowly let his spoon fill with the soup and blew on it.

Obsidian eyes widened.

'Look away! Look away!' But his eyes were glued to Naruto and the spoon at his mouth.

Then, he slowly sipped it. Making the most delicious noise Sasuke could imagine.

Sasuke swallowed his saliva.

'There's nothing arousing about ramen!' Sasuke screamed in his mind.

'Yeah, but there's a lot of things arousing when Naruto is the one eating it.' His mind naughtily added in.

Damn, look at the soup slowly dripping down the dobe's mouth… Maybe if I could lick, I mean, clean it off.

The Uchiha sucked in his breath as Naruto put the noodles in his mouth and slurped it up like spaghetti.

'Stop looking at his mouth! Stop looking at his mouth!'

Uchiha Sasuke did his best not to openly gape and drool.

Naruto then picked up a naruto and nibbled on it.

Sasuke clenched his fist.

Naruto kept seeing movements at the corner of his eye and look up, "Gee, Sasuke, you bastard. I told you to order a bowl for yourself. Look at you, drooling over my ramen."

Oh no Naruto, not your ramen…

"Come on, I'm feeling really generous today and have decided to let you eat some."

Sasuke stayed on his seat.

Cerulean eyes rolled before Naruto opened out both his hands, "Sasuke you bastard, if you see something you like, come and get it."

Oh, does he even know what he is saying?

Sasuke slowly smirked as an evil idea flashed across his mind before he shifted closer to Naruto, "Something I like? Oh, yes, definitely…"

Naruto blinked innocently, not liking the predatorily glint in the Uchiha's eye. "Yeah, whatever I have, I guess." Naruto chewed on his lower lip thoughtfully. That didn't come out right.

Sasuke inched closer to the now rigid blond and licked his lips as he noticed the blond chewing on his lower lip, "Something you have…" he drawled slowly, "Oh yes, I think I will."

Then, he pounced.


I had to do that! Yay, a perverted Sasuke!