Behind Those Cold Eyes

Disclaimer: Did Episode 26 have a kiss? No? Then therefore, Ouran is not mine.

Oooohhhh…Another one-shot! This time for Kyouya x Haruhi! Gawds…I really loved that couple when I watched episode 8! And episode 17 was kawaii, too!

There he is again, scribbling something into that clipboard of his. I really don't know why he writes there most of the time—he always said that whatever necessary information, he takes down for future reference.

Sometimes, it would actually scare me to discover him standing in a corner, scrawling stuff relentlessly. I mean, I learn how people behave by simply observing them and that's that. I don't write them down. Things like that stick to my brain.

Speaking of that, I just realized about my debt. You don't know how difficult it is to have one. Especially when someone like him keeps track of your balance.

Back to that clipboard slash notepad thingy he has, it actually makes me wonder what's inside there. Debts? Math equations? Well those are the usual things and finding those there isn't really surprising. Poems? Love letters? Now those are the stuff I'd be paying a good amount of money to see. You don't see the Shadow King doodling hearts every day, you know?

"Mom! Hikaru and Kaoru are harassing our daughter again!" The whining pitch of Tamaki-senpai's voice cuts through my thoughts.

Which reminds me of my current condition…

I'm sitting in a chair, tied by a rope, with twins rubbing their faces against my cheeks.

"But milord, Haruhi's not complaining anyway!" Hikaru reasons.

I roll my eyes.

"Hikaru, Kaoru, please untie Haruhi now unless you'd be willing to scrub the floors for the next five hours…"

In a snap, I was free.

I could only chuckle to myself. Tamaki-senpai's million cries couldn't stop the twins yet a single statement from him could.

"And as for you Haruhi, I'll be raising your debt by 25,000 yen due to the mess you and your companions have done here."

Okay, can I swallow the compliment now?

"B-but the twins caused the ruckus, not me!" I whimper.

"Have you ever heard of being provoked?"

My eyelids drop. What is he trying to say, that I motivated them to cause a commotion? Sometimes, the brains of the wealthy amaze me…

Then he gets the clipboard from the table and jots something. He clears his throat, "Fine. For that answer, I shall reduce 10,000 making your additional debt only 15,000 yen. In total, you still have 3,015,000 yen to pay."

My stomach growls.

He returns the clipboard to the table and walks away nonchalantly, "Now, if you would excuse me."

My eyes turn into a blazing, fiery shade of red. What is it with these people! Now I was more serious than ever to find out what kind of method he used to calculate that debt of mine. Just as he closes the door behind him, I rush over to the table and grab the cursed clipboard. I flip it open and after a few seconds of skimming it, my eyes widen and I instinctively let it slip through my hands.

No. It couldn't be.

It read:

Haruhi's Debt:

Kiss Kyouya.

Hug Kyouya.

Sleep with Kyouya.

I love you, Haruhi. I love you so much. And I'm only using this debt so that you'd stay longer at the Host Club. So you'd stay longer with me. I need you and I can't let you go. I'm sorry…

And then there were hearts squiggled around the entire thing, serving as a border. I thought I'd never even live long enough to see this day…

"Haruhi, what're you doing with my clipboard?" He was back, and he asks me calmly though I could clearly see through his act.

...Kyouya-senpai has officially cracked up.

Yes, it's done! Lol. I've always wondered what's inside Kyouya's notepad/clipboard, too…