Authors Note: I got the idea for this story because I'm always comparing past and future Angel. I wanted to use Time in my story. Especially with the Third Season of Angel, which is my favorite. This one shot is right after Provider.

Rating: K

Pairing: Cordy/Angel

One Minute. Tick Tock.

We can only have one perfect moment. Cordelia Chase knew that very well. Now that she thought about it, Cordy realized that it made sense. In this world with so much hate and grief, one perfect moment was special, more than anything else in the world.

Tick Tock

She remembers her perfect moment. It seemed like a lifetime ago, back when things were good and happy. Back when she had a family. Cordy remembers it clearly.

It had happened after Angel had gone through the money craze after Conner was born. They had just saved Fred from the Nahdras, the ones who had wanted her head for their Prince. And for once everything had worked out great. They were all okay, Conner was safe, and they were $50,000 richer. Everything was great.

Tick Tock

Cordy remembers going back to the Hyperion with Angel and walking up the stairs to his room. She was exhausted and Angel had asked her to stay- so she did. He had set Conner down on the bed, making funny faces at him. Cordelia laughed at him, calling him silly and laid down on the bed, giving Conner his bottle. Angel just rolled his eyes and got into bed too, snuggling Conner in the middle.

Tick Tock

She was never much of a singer but, Cordy loved singing lullabies to Conner. She still giggled when she thought of the conversation that had followed with Angel about the money.

"Go to sleep, my baby peep..." Cordy sang softly

"I'm just saying a boat."

"No Cordy. College fund."

"Yes. College fund - and pay our bills - and put a down payment on a boat."

"We're not getting a boat."

"Hmm, they're fun Angel."

"They're expensive. And when would I go on this boat, hmm?"

"Moonlight sails. - Okay. - College fund - pay our bills - and rent a ski condo in Aspen."

"Ski Condo, Cordy?" Angel had questioned her.

"There's got to be some fun in our lives."

"Hmm - I like a ski condo." He agreed

"Sure. Snow. Trees. Chipmunk robots on ice..."

"Chipmunk robots... - on ice..." Angel teetered off, sleep coming over his eyes.

Than everything was silent. Cordy could feel her heart beating, and Angel's hand covering hers. Cars were swooshing across the roads outside, and the moonlight shone into the window washing over everything. The bed felt soft and like home. Cordy opened her eyes and saw Angel's smiling face and beautiful Conner in between them. A Perfect Moment.


And than suddenly… it ended. The minute was over.

And everything shattered.