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Desert Moon

After tossing and turning in her sleep, Hinata found herself suddenly awake. She activated her Byakugan to see what caused her reaction but found no sign of a threat. Akamaru growled playfully in his sleep and she smiled down at him petting his fur gently, reminding herself to thank the guys for making her bring him since he made being alone tolerable.

Noticing the balcony she grabbed one of the tiny extra blankets and rapped herself up using it like a shall, deciding to look at the stars like she would back home, maybe they'll help me relax so i could sleep a few hours, at least.

She was almost to the door when she noticed her mask and on a whim put it on as well.

It was still cold outside but it didn't seem much colder then earlier. The sky was almost black with no stars, only the moon was visible, hidden behind a fog. The darkness held the village in shadow making it appear gray and black in contrast--leaving behind bleak abandoned houses and ominous shapes in the darkness.

An artic wind blew by sending shivers down her spine, she clutched her 'shawl' tightly deciding to go back inside when a voice startled her..

"you shouldn't be out here"

Hinata's head snapped upward but there was no sign of Gaara and she was severely tempted to try and use her Byakugan.

Her heart was beating loudly and she pulled her blanket closer doing her best to respond while nervously searching for him, "I..I jjust..I.."

Gaara was leaning against her balcony doorway with his arms crossed over his chest, and his hair wiping over his tattoo, covering his left eye briefly. He looked calm, analyzing her with his stare, taking no notice of the bitter cold or anything wrong with their meeting.

Hinata just stared at him wide eyed, mouth slightly agape, as the wind tangled her hair. Her arms were covered in goosebumps and her lips and cheeks held a tinge of pink, from the cold, but were quickly turning a bright red.

Gaara continued watching her odd behavior intently but a strong gust forced him to momentarily lose eye contact, bracing himself against the wall to avoid tumbling.

Hinata didn't notice the winds strength until Gaara looked away and she felt her skirt fly up. She quickly pushed it down but the wind was too strong and she fell to the floor, sliding a bit till her side hit against the banister.

Her skirt was adamant about flying and it didn't seem like the wind was going to calm any time soon. She quickly turned toward her doorway seeing Gaara stubbornly retain his position: pressing his back to the wall, with his legs spread, and his arms still crossed defiantly against his chest. His hair was flying everywhere but she could see him watching her through her brief glimpses, his gaze challenging and curious, yet still retaining that cold edge.

I cant just stay here she forced herself into a crawling position trying to make it to her doorway. The wind and her heavy clothes kept pushing her back the more she progressed. Her blanket was long gone probably on the street somewhere but she hardly noticed it as she dragged herself forward.

Not expecting the sudden gust that came next Hinata was thrown ungraciously backwards, her skirt covering her eyes as the wind assaulted her bear legs, giving Gaara a generous view.

The next thing she knew they were both inside her room with the balcony doors closed, and the only light came from the window as the wind continued to howl outside.

She forced herself to stand up; her face flushed as she stared at the floor and tried not to think about the fact that she had a topless male in her room. Father would kill me for this.

Neither spoke as she looked at his shoes conscious of every noise and the sent of his cologne. She'd just blinked when she realized he stood only a few inches away. Shocked and confused she took a step back but a wall prevented her escape. Unsure of what else to do she looked up and met his gaze.

His stoic appearance never once wavered and yet her heart wouldn't slow down… almost positive that he was leaning closer each time, enticing her with his heat.

She was sure she'd faint once his hand gently grazed her cheek while his lips remained only inches away….

He suddenly stopped and just stood there enjoying how she squired, wanting to leave but unwilling to move away. Watching her struggle to decide what to do he smirked cruelly and closed their distance. He was only a breath away when she felt him fondle her left breast, as she gasped in shock, he took her response as permission to continue …




Awoken with a start she quickly sat up trying to even out her breathing and cool her reddened cheeks.

Glancing at the clock it revealed she was actually quite early but she climbed off the bed still anxious as she looked around almost trying to prove to herself that it was in fact a dream.

Akamaru gave a soft halfhearted bark to entice her to bed seeing as the sun hadn't even risen yet, but she just grabbed a towel and headed toward the shower, unnerved by the almost tangent aspect of her dream… though she could only recall small fragments now and the image of him standing before her with his hair disheveled as those piercing eyes held her captive.

She ran a hand through her hair and chose a long shower to ease her nerves, attributing her dream to the confusion from the day before.

After raping her hair in a towel she slid on the new undergown and her dress, walked back into her room to see the full length mirror when she noticed the missing sleeve.

While the dress was clean it was still damaged. In disbelief she stared at the mirror's image noticing how the detailed stitching was torn in various places, with its now ragged edges glaring back at her.

She spoke softly to herself as she realized the extent of damage done to her gown.

"I thought they were going to fix the dress…I just…I" she glanced down at Akamaru hoping for a solution but he just stared at her with his soft brown eyes seemingly concerned.

She gave him a halfhearted smile trying not to worry him as she ran her hand over a sizable tear that left part of her stomach and left side bare. The missing sleeve she recalled losing along with a sizable amount of blood but she vanished those memories as her eyes focused on the bottom of her dress… which seemed to hold the most damage.

Frayed edges and glaring holes now adorned it with deep gashes in random sections and a large slit across her left side. It's not a gown a suitor would wear…

Vanishing that thought she pulled her hair into a quick bun and scavengered her room for anything that could make the dress more presentable; finding only a pair of scissors, a handful of pins, and no sign of the maids.

With the scissors she straitened the cut of the missing sleeve and sliced off the other sleeve for symmetry. Using the pins she folded a bit of the fabric so she wouldn't have her stomach exposed.

She sighed at the still visible holes but decided there was nothing more she could do She didn't even have time or material to fix the slit which came up a bit past her knee. The serpent dragon was now missing scales and a good portion of its tail but the new undergown covered the gaps so at least she wasn't indecent…her new pair of black shoes, however, seemed way to shiny for what was left of her dress.

She stared at herself a moment longer but Akamaru's barking reminded her she was going to be late for breakfast. She left quickly, barely conscious of her movements as she readied herself for the elimination, already losing her appetite.




Filling into the ballroom, it seemed really empty. Hinata like the other girls just sat at the coffee tables on the sidelines, nervous because the competition was much more prevalent now that they could size each other up.

The music played some upbeat tunes but the girls remained seated; a few talked but most just listened to the melody or fiddled with their clothes.

They all looked up when the music hissed into a high screech, holding the high note then abruptly cutting itself off as a set of ninja appeared on the dance floor. The nin were dressed in red or tan but each wore a black sash, with only their eyes visible.

The girls watched with apprehension as the harmonica started playing, alone for a moment, while the shinobi separated; some stood on the right and left side while the bulk remained in the middle.

When the other instruments joined the melody, shurikans were flying from the sidelines while the center nin did flips and stunts to avoid each blade. The weapons were then easily caught by the shinobi on the opposite side and they repeated the act.

They flung the blades quickly, without pauses, and at different angels ..and each time the center nins dodged easily, moving with the music in some sort of dance, timing their landings and movements as they incorporated the entire dance floor in their game.

Hinata watched in shock, focusing on one nin to try and see how he could possibly manage such a thing without seeing the blades and with such bulky clothing.

They held no fear, simply moving with precision and focusing on the music. Even as the song changed again and again, they continued their performance changing it so it suited the song but always trying to kill the center dancers. During a folk song the dance consisted of break dancing, incorporating nothing but spins into their movements.

It was during a slow song that they incorporated jumps and angled balancing acts, slowly moving into odd positions that barely skimmed the oncoming attacks when the sudden echo from the violin made the dancers pause mid step, capturing the shurikans before sticking their poses. Holding one blade in their hand with the other blade secured between their teeth, sustaining their weight in a one handed hand-stand. The dancers then disappeared into dust while those who aimed the attacks appeared before the girls with their hands outstretched.

The music was slowly starting and Hinata just glanced around to see what the other girls were doing, and if there was any escape.

The other females were slowly heading toward the dance floor behind the nin, following their lead. She forced herself to look up, only to stare into powerful gray eyes on a lightly tanned face, and quickly decided that the floor was a nicer view. When the song ended she forced herself to look up once more, but he kept the same expression waiting for her to concede. Nervously she raised her hand onto his tan glove and let him lead her toward the others, hoping desperately that she wouldn't make a fool of herself.

The song was a country melody and she seemed to be giving the nin trouble because her feet refused to move when he placed a hand on her waist. The dancers moved around them as they just stood there, and she desperately tried to get herself to move. He didn't seem angry at her but it was hard to tell with his calm unmoving expression.

She didn't expect him to take a backwards step or to pull her forward using the hand on her waist so she almost fell on him, her eyes wide from shock. He then moved left and pulled her with him, a bit less forceful now that she seemed to remember how to move.

They didn't exactly dance like the others, merely moving side to side with a few spins, no twirls or dips in their repertoire. When the song ended another began, picking up speed, but her partner remained dancing at a mid pace.

It turned out to be kind of fun, though she was still incredibly nervous, and managed to step on the guy various times before any song ended. They continued dancing the same styles so Hinata learned some of the moves and managed to save the guy some pain.

The quick paced songs were actually the best since they didn't give her any time to second-guess herself and the swapping partners thing was interesting. He'd send her twirling and then she'd be with some other tanned nin with the only distinguishing feature being their eyes.

By 4pm she'd danced with every nin there it seemed. Their eyes varied from gray all the way to black, the darker shades being far more dominant, a few even had bicolor eyes or an eye of each shade, something she'd never seen in her village.

Most girls didn't even notice when they were swapped toward each other, allowing the males a chance to sneak off and stand near the side walls like before.




The girls were taking a break, eating at their tables, when Kankuro and Gaara made their entrance.

Kankuro forced his eyes off a gray female's exposed thigh to focus on the parchment in front of him, announcing Gaara's plan for the day.

"The Lord Kaze has decided that for today you will perform a standard practice exercise that demonstrates skill and agility." he paused to make sure they understood, forcing himself to avoid adding the tiny fact that only the most skilled assassins and elite nin mastered the exercise.

"Earlier you were given a demonstration of this markman game, but seeing as this is your first attempt you are only expected to avoid having a dagger in betted in you."

He took a deep breath, trying to vanish the image of the possible horrors this could result in, before continuing, "during the song swaps Gaara will separate those who fail. They can eat at the buffet, after removing their masks, until it becomes time to go" he finished glancing toward Gaara to see if he forgot something.

His little brother didn't even acknowledge him as he sat there with his eyes closed.

His breathing was a bit off so Kankuro decided to start this off and do the first elimination for him, while Gaara got himself under control. There's no way this is gona turn out well, he's already struggling and the girls haven't even started to bleed…

The girls were already lined up in front of the stage, nervously glancing at the weapons wielders who stood in the same positions from earlier, so Kankuro gave the signal to start... but nothing happened.

Neither of the six shadows moved as they stared at him with their dark onyx eyes. Their stares would of made lots of guys shrink and wuss out but damn after handling Gaara for so many years its not likely I'll find a guy to scare me shitless with just a glance, any time soon.

He wasn't about to give them a direct command so he decided to just wait it out, instead of matching glares with killers, while girls giggled at the display of "authority".

Soon a soft quick-paced melody played, it mixed all six of their instruments, harmonizing and confusing the dancers.

A spring of jumping and twirling ensued as the blades began slicing through the pack of girls. Slightly slower then earlier but still aimed toward vital organs. It was an incredible mess, the girls flipped , jumped, ducked, turned, and moved in quick movements with little regard for the music, merely trying to get out for the way and avoid running into other nin.

Two girls were already out after bumping into each other… but they kept dodging regardless since the song wasn't over and they were still being targeted.

Hinata still couldn't use her bloodline gift but regardless her eye sight was sharp and the blades only skimmed her during the song.

Her luck didn't last long as more nin took aim while the harmonica continuously speed up. Blade after blade sliced through Hinata's dress, as her blood covered the clothing gaps but she managed to avoid having a shurikan wedged inside her so far.

Gaara at this point was watching the game, transfixed; as his eyes focused on each new wound his arms tightened on the chair cracking the wooden frame easily.

Kankuro knew his brothers control was slipping further but he couldn't risk ending the test. Gaara was above all stubborn and an early end would rise his temper and maybe give Shukaku the edge, that basterd needed.

The game continued as the girls sat themselves down each time, nursing the flesh wounds carefully.

The musicians seemed almost sadistic in their speed, rising the tempo each time and lengthening the songs so the butchered females had no choice but to endure.

But when Gaara doubled over in his chair clutching his head in agony Kankuro choose to risk Gaara's wrath by ending the event.

"Stop! Now all those who passed should head to the dinning room for supper. The rest should wash up and meet me outside."

The knife wielders surprisingly obeyed the command to halt, and Kankuro quickly headed toward his brother.

"Taski check for winners" were his last words as Kankuro transported himself and the growling Kaze out of the room.

Once they'd left the band disappeared along with most of the male shinobi, leaving only two behind. One escorted those that were seated toward the courtyard while the other inspected the remaining dancers.




After a quick dinner she headed toward her room, anxious to shower and treat her latest scars.

The door didn't make a sound as she entered but she expected Akamaru to lunge at her before she could even close the door. When he didn't appear to greet her she scanned the room, calling out to him while she filled his food and water bowl.

"where could he have gone" she whispered to herself using her bloodline gift to scan the other floors, thinking he might of snuck out in search of food.

She couldn't seem to track him, everywhere she looked she just saw guards and rooms with books... If she got caught peaking into the rooms she'd be eliminated but she was more worried about Akamaru losing his head and Kiba's reaction.

After giving the kitchen a second scan she took a deep breath and steeled herself before scanning the third floor level. The entire floor was covered in a thick layer of marble probably since she could barely see through it, managing to distinguish vague images of furniture and no apparent movement.

Giving another scan toward the front of the mansion she saw movement in the stables but couldn't be sure if it was Akamaru or one of the horses.

Unwilling to risk being wrong she grabbed the leash and headed toward the stables.

The building was fairly large, a light tan shade with hay pilled up in the corner of each stall.

The horses were quite large varying in colors but mostly remaining white or black, a trait she recognized from the breeding practices of the region, a tradition to insure quick and reliable steeds.

A strange spotted mare calmly watched Hinata as she searched the stable, calling out for Akamaru softly before getting ready to activate her Byakugan.

"What are you doing"

That was all it took for her to make a fool of herself, as she quickly stopped the activation of her bloodline gift and turned toward him, tripping herself with the hay.

Gaara was standing a few stalls away still in his clothes from earlier, but his hair was messy and a saddle was lying near his feet, while his eyes still held that bloody edge.

She forced herself to stand and straiten out her dress, mumbling her apology as best she could with hay sticking to various parts of her dress. She was so focused on avoiding his gaze that she never noticed the blood that seeped into the hay from a gashed leg a black horse sustained or the tint of red still present on Akamaru's lips.

In fact, she continued to stare at her hands dusting off the hay until a pained yelp forced her to focus on the ground to his right where Akamaru stood. She knew it was him even though his frame was slowly becoming incased in sand.

A squeak managed to escape Hinata as she attempted to plead with Gaara but he was unmoved by her desperation.

They both just stood there, a stalemate of sorts, but as Akamaru's whimpers became more urgent Gaara smiled.

It was strange she wasn't sure why , after all it was a cruel smile that promised blood and agony, but in that moment she felt relief slide through her and she fainted.




It was quite comical standing there before that lilac eyed female, slowly squishing the life out of her pet, only to have her faint with a smile.

'looks like she has a crush on you'

She fainted from fear; I was in the middle of killing her precious dog.

' don't lie now Gaara, her cheeks are still red from gazing into your eyes' Shukaku countered, smirking at the defensiveness of his little vessel.

During his inner monologue Gaara glared at Hinata, watching how her hair contrasted the floor. Then, using his sand, he raised her into a standing position, her head droopy and her body slack…her cheeks splashed pink as she remained completely at his mercy.

'I think our little lamb got over stimulated'