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The One For Him


It wasn't a pain so much, more of a constant ache inside, it had numbed over time, ready to flair up at the most inoppurtune times. Like now at a family dinner. Just sitting at the table, watching her talk, and laugh with his family. It reminded him of all he wanted, and most likely, could never had. He had been a fool for too long, all that time doubting his family had burnt more bridges than he'd been aware of. Any feelings, whether they had been just platonic, or even respect that had flown out the window the moment he had taken the Ministry's side over his family. Even though they had welcomed him back, for the most part with open arms, she didn't. He could see her distaste when he spoke, the look in her eyes when he entered the room. She had never forgiven him for not believing them, at first it hadn't bothered him so much. Then it changed.

He had always liked her somewhat, they were a lot alike when they were at Hogwarts. She was just as smart, had proven over the years just how much smarter than him she really was. They shared a fondness for the rules that were in place to keep everything running smoothly, of course she crossed the line when she needed to. There were ways about her that were ruthless, the sort of girl you would not want to meet in a dark alley, magic or no magic. After Penelope had broken off their relationship, he had wondered to himself if there was ever going to be another one for him. He wasn't the easiest person to like, let alone love. He didn't hold out much hope for it happening.

There was someone who would have been perfect for him really, but as much as he had found a match in her, he wasn't one for her. She needed someone who could match her intellectually, but would challenge her in so many other ways. Take her away from the work, the stress that she had in her work. In short she needed someone who could make her laugh, make her stop and look at the flowers when she had locked herself away with a book for too long, someone to make her live. And it seemed she had found it.

He watched her often, he was dreadfully scared she was going to pick up on it one day and flay him alive. He just watched, and then he saw it. Whenever he walked into a room, the light in her eyes would shine so much brighter than before, her voice took on a happier tone, her smile would light the room. And it seemed he was exactly the same way. No one else had seemed to notice that they were always sitting next to each other, no matter what other chairs were vacant, they were always beside one another. They would talk amongst themselves at the dinner table, laughing over some joke that only they knew.

He was surprised no one picked up on the change in the relationship, if it indeed was a relationship. Maybe they were just friends, he didn't think so. There was no denying the fact, sitting right in front of him was a very happy couple. She just wasn't the one for him, and he would just have to live with that.