A/N: I need inspiration, so I wrote this in the hopes that it would spark something in my head that could get me writing stories again. It's not exactly great, since I was really just using a continuous thought kind of writing style here, but I still hope it serves its purpose.


A constant in his life, a name he couldn't seem to get rid of, a shadow he couldn't hide from. The guy who was hunting him, saving him, keeping him from completing his goal.


How annoying that he would think of him at a time like this, but once he starts thinking about something, he can't stop until he's come to a conclusion. But what about Naruto? Naruto, who loves ramen. Naruto, who cares more about his friends than himself. Naruto, the guy he's fighting. What to say, what to say...

Sasuke doesn't really like Naruto. He is a brother, he's family, he's shared blood. He holds a bond with Sasuke that simply can't be broken- trust him when he says this, for he's tried. Naruto was always there to pester him, to bring him out of his house when they all went out for dinner. He was always the one who fought with him when he needed someone to fight with most. Always there to be a friend when he didn't have anyone else. What could he possibly say about this babbling blond idiot? What could he say about the guy he considered his brother? Well, he could tell the truth.

Naruto is annoying, he sticks his nose in other people's business, he holds too tightly to friends and puts the people he considers important a thousand miles above him. He's too strong for his own good, too immature, too happy and too bright. He's too caring, too considerate, too sentimental to be a ninja.

But then, he was always like that. This is Naruto he's talking about.

Naruto, who is frustrating at the most inopportune times. Naruto, who always helps him when he doesn't want help. Naruto, who is a brother, a friend, a teammate. Naruto who is everything.

Sasuke loves Naruto.

But that doesn't mean he has to like him.