"Mummy, look how many sweets we got!"

David Weasley enthusiastically entered the kitchen, putting his bag above the table while removing his knight's helmet from the Halloween costume he'd chosen to wear. His siblings, Matthew and Catherine, were behind him bickering over one jelly bag.

The sight of a Captain Martin Miggs, the crazy Muggle, with his red and green costume filled with stripes and an orange baseball cap trying to pull away one bag from a Celestina Warbeck, wearing her long orange dress with spangles and a hat filled with red and blue flowers was too funny for Ron. He couldn't help chuckling when he entered the kitchen. He approached Hermione and stroked her back, putting his chin on her right shoulder. The famous Weasley temper was intense in their children, and they were get used to their rows.

"Cathy, you don't like orange jellies!"

"Yes, I do. I don't like lemons. We could trade them."

Matthew shrugged and exchanged the bag with his sister's. Cathy smiled and gave one jelly to him, and he gave one chocolate frog to both of his siblings.

Hermione looked at Ron and couldn't avoid smiling at the noise their children were making. The house seemed full of life when they were inside of it.

Couldn't imagine my life without them.

David grinned. "We got ten Chocolate Frogs."

Hermione smiled at her youngest son. "You'll keep some of them for eating later. Your teeth don't like chocolate as much as you do."

David nodded and proposed playing Wizard Chess in the living room with Matthew. Ron ruffled Davis's hair and followed them.

Catherine helped her mother, asking if she could help with the pumpkin cookies.
Hermione kissed her hair and agreed. This family was what Hermione always had been waiting for, all her life.