I DO NOT OWN NARUTO OR SAW. This is the first fanfiction I have gotten the nerve to post on here. This idea hit me when I was watching SAW. I thought to myself, I wonder why no one has done a SAW and Naruto fic before. So here we are. Now, there will be NO characters from SAW in this. The main killer will be named Bijuu, or The Bijuu. Bijuu means Tailed-Beast. The rookie nine are all 19 and Jounins. The rest of the ages you can figure out for yourself. Sasuke is back in Konoha, and is dating Sakura. That will be the only obvious pairing right now. My grammar is not the best, but the story is readable which is all that matters. If you have a problem with it, then please tell me nicely. Any similarities with other fics is purely unintentional unless otherwise stated. Now, enjoy, because this was a real pain in the ass to write.



Tsunade rubbed her temples to try and get rid of her stress. 'Dammit, first this deranged killer targets the villagers, and now he targets two of our Jounin.' She sighed, and called in Shizune. "Yes Tsunade-sama?" Tsunade stood up and went over to her 'sake cupboard', "I want you to bring in all available Jounins here for a meeting." Shizune nodded, and went to work gathering the Jounins, while Tsunade poured herself a cup of sake and waited.
All available Jounins, including Kakashi, Kurenai, Asuma, Gai and his former team, Anko, Ibiki, and most of 'The Rookie Nine' sat on mats in front of the Hokage's desk. "Ok, now that you all are here. I have an announcement. Two of our Jounins have been killed by 'The Bijuu'." A collective gasp came from a good portion of the Jounin. "This is now getting very serious. So far we have lost twenty-five villagers and now two Jounin to this deranged lunatic and his sick games.", Tsunade said, her voice filled with seriousness. Tsunade motioned for Ibiki to come up to front, which he did. "Ibiki, I would like your take on these killings please."

Ibiki nodded, and started pacing in front of her desk. "While 'The Bijuu's acts may be deranged and sick, 'I' as a Torture and Interrogation ninja, can't help but see the genius in this persons 'games'."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow at this. "You almost sound like you admire him."

Ibiki sighed. "In a strange way I do. The traps are ingenious. These obviously aren't random attacks, because the way the 'games' are set up suggests that 'The Bijuu' has done his research on his victims." He faced Tsunade. "If this guy wasn't such a deranged lunatic he might have been a good addition to the Torture and Interrogation team." Tsunade rolled her eyes at this, while everyone else sighed.

Ibiki bowed, and went back to his mat. Naruto raised his hand. "What do we know about him thus far?"

Tsunade sighed and pulled out a file. "Nothing really. His attacks seemed to be random, but as Ibiki just pointed out, this doesn't seem the case, since the traps are far to...personal. We know that he likes to wear a black ANBU style robe, and a fox mask. However, according to the only survivor it isn't just a fox mask. It is a Kyuubi mask." The Jounin that disliked Naruto shift their gaze to him. Tsunade scowled and stood up quickly, causing almost all of them to jump. "Now listen here. Just because 'The Bijuu' wears a Kyuubi mask does not mean it is Naruto. Granted, we can't rule him or ANY of you out but..." She sighed, and sat back down.

Anko raised her hand. "Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting Hokage-sama?"

Tsunade nodded. "Yes, I believe that 'The Bijuu' is a shinobi of Konoha." Several of the Jounin's in the room stood up in shock and started yelling at Tsunade. "You can't seriously think that Hokage-sama!"

Tsunade stood up again and slammed her hands on the desk, nearly breaking it, and silencing the Jounin. "Yes I do think so. No simple villager could do this, that was proven by the last 'game'. 'Bijuu' made special shackles that go around your wrists and ankles that suck up Chakra. Making any jutsu useless." She sat back down, and took a few deep breathes. "Besides...there are a few 'mistakes' he failed to cover up that point to this, like subtle ways of crafting things in a way signature of Konoha shinobi. Not also mention the only way to gather that much information is to be a shinobi of Konoha." She stood up and looked at the Hokage Monument. "Not only that, we may have many enemies, but no one as sick as this. Since Orochimaru and all of his followers are dead we can rule them out. And even if there was a stray follower still alive, I doubt they would have the skills to do something like this. The Akatsuki we can't rule out, but they have been almost completely destroyed. Now...it may be a trap to get us to start pointing fingers, but we don't have much else to go on right now...

"However, this means that 'The Bijuu' could be in this room right now."

Time seemed to stand still after this comment. Most of the Jounins looked around at their fellow Jounins in suspicion.

Neji Hyuuga sighed. "Did you really have to say that Hokage-sama? It is just going to create panic." Tsunade turned and looked at him, and then around the room. "Eh, ok you might be right. But I can't take it back now." She sat back down and leaned her head on her right hand. "We must catch this sick monster before he takes any more lives. His games have gone on long enough. I am tired of waiting for the public investigations team, so we will be putting our best ninja to this case."

Tsunade looked over at Shikamaru Nara. "Shikamaru, I hate to do this, especially since you just got back from an six month long mission, but your smarts could be a great use to us. You can refuse if you wish, but it would really help." Shikamaru sighed. "Jeez, I leave for five months and this happens. Ok, I'll help, even though it's...troublesome." Tsunade smiled and turned to face the others. "Ok, some of you will take shifts to help. You can also refuse if you want, but I'll give you C-Rank missions for a month if you do." The Jounins gulped at this prospect.

Tsunade smirked. "Now, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Shizune. You'll be on shift helping me and Ibiki's team tonight. The rest of you will get your orders tomorrow. Ok, Dismissed!" The Jounins nodded, and most of them poofed out of the room. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura bowed politely to the Hokage, and walked out of the Hokage tower.

When they got outside Sakura whispered something to Sasuke. He nodded and faced Naruto. "Hey Naruto, why don't you come over for while, it's been awhile since we were all together." Naruto looked back at them, and Sasuke took note of the signs of sleep depravation in his eyes. "I'd really love to, but I've been really tired lately. I'm gonna go home and try to get some sleep."

He gave them a weak and forced smile, which both Sakura and Sasuke picked up on. Sakura looked crestfallen, but giave a smile of her own. "It's ok Naruto, you look like you need sleep anyway, we can catch up anytime." Naruto nodded and went off to his apartment, waving his right hand behind him. Sasuke sighed, and put his arm around Sakura, leading her back to his house.

A woman, no older then 30, wearing a simple light red kimono, and with shoulder length brown hair, opened her eyes slowly, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings. She was laying on the floor at the end of a semi-dark and somewhat wet room. At the end of this room was a double door with a television screen above it. She sat up and rubbed her head. "Oh man, what happened. Where am I?", she asked, not asking anyone in particular. She jumped when the television turned on, she looked at the blackness of the screen. She got up and walked over to the door to try and open it, but found it locked. She jumped and fell backwards when a rough and scratchy male voice broke the silence. "I'm afraid that wont work. The door has a special lock, so you wont be able to open it."

She looked up at the TV, and still saw nothing but black. Until a figure turned around to reveal a red and orange face mask that resembles the Kyuubi. "Who...who are you? AND WHERE AM I?!", she screamed out, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. "I am called...The Bijuu. And you are at the area of your judgment."

Her eyes widened. "The...the Bijuu? You...your that psycho that has been killing people!", tears were now streaming down her face. 'The Bijuu' laughed. "If you look at it from my point of view, I've never killed anyone. Well...anyone loyal to Konoha." She collapsed to the ground in tears.

The Bijuu's tone turned serious, darkness laced his rough voice. "Now Sunaki Hotoro, I want to play a game. Do you remember what you did to a little boy years ago? If you don't I'll refresh your memory. You stoned the little boy, punished him for false crimes and your own selfish reasons. You almost killed that little boy, and got away clean. Well now you will feel his pain. The ceiling above you is split into six sections, but it is also highly 'unstable', and is made of pure stone that is exactly eight feet tall. Every three minutes a section will fall, and the only way out is the door. But where is the key? The scroll tied around your wrist will help you with that." Sunaki looked down and finally noticed the scroll.

She looked back up when he spoke again. "It is time to see if you truly deserved to live." She heard a faint snicker from The Bijuu. "Let the game...BEGIN!" The television turned off, and a faint creaking noise is heard above her. She quickly took the scroll off her wrist, opened it, and began to read it.

"The fourth is a savior, but the third is misleading.

The walls are strong, but they also hide secrets."

You have twelve minutes to figure out the meaning to this.

Work quickly, or else it will all be over. -The Bijuu.

She started thinking about it in her head. 'The fourth is a savior, but the third is misleading. Huh, is he talking about the Hokages? Hmm... Damn, I used to be so good at riddles.' She looked around for a few seconds, and then looked up. 'Wait..."You have twelve minutes". Three times four is twelve. A section falls every three minutes...' She saw the notches in the ceiling and counted them. A light bulb went off in her head. 'That's it!'

She went to the walls on the right side of the room from the door and started hitting them. When she got under the piece of ceiling that is the 'fourth' section her hand stuck to a part of the wall. She smiled and went to drive her hand through it, but a loud crash stoped her, and nearly gave her a heart attack. She looked over to see that the first section of ceiling had fallen. 'Damn, I need to hurry up. I am going to run out of time.'

She screamed and slammed her hand into the wet cement, grabbed some of it, pulled it out in big globs. When there was a big enough hole she scraped her hand on the wall to clean off some of the wet cement, and reached in. Disappointment covering her face when there was nothing there. She pulled her hand out and screamed again, then slammed her hand into the wall again, finding another patch of wet cement a foot above the first one. She smirked and dug through that one, though she is disappointed when it is also empty. She kicked the wall and found another patch three feet below the first. She dug through it like a wild animal, and screamed to let out her frustration when it is empty as well.

She looked over at the wall across from her, and took a deep breath, before running over to it. Getting scared shitless when the next section fell...right next to her. She shook her head and crawled over to the wall. Instantly finding another patch of wet cement. She ripped through it, and growled when it was empty. She stood up and patted the wall, finding another patch near the top. Once again it was empty, she screamed again and drove her fist into the middle section of the wall. She became surprised when her fist went through it, but is more surprised when she felt something inside of it. She smiled and grabbed it, cheering when she discovered it was a key. She ran over to the door, and wiped the cement off the key onto her kimono.

She slipped the key into the keyhole and turned it. Nearly breaking down into tears when nothing happened. She tried it again and again, tears of frustration appearing in her eyes. Only when the next section fell was she broken out of her frustration. She looked back and fell back onto the door in tears.

"No...no...NO! Let me go...PLEASE!" No one answered her of course. She started to do the only thing she could to calm herself down...think. 'Stop crying...stop crying and think. Ok...maybe I got it wrong. Lets see...' Her face scrunched up in concentration. 'The fourth is a savior, but the third is misleading. I went to the fourth section but the key didn't work...oh...oh god.'

She got up and counts the sections again. 'That wasn't the fourth section from the door, that was the third section from the starting point. OF COURSE. I went the wrong way.'

With a smile on her face she rushed over to the wall under the real fourth section and started to smack it. She found a patch of wet cement and started digging. Cheering once more when she found a key. She grabbed it, but as she does her celebration is cut short...by the next section of wall falling down on her. She managed to fall out of the way of the section, but lost her grip on the key. As she lay on the ground she watched in horror as the section of stone fell right on the key.

"No, no, no, no, no, no...NOOOOOOO!", she cried out. Rushing to the door she started beating on it. "Please...please let me OUT!", she pleaded, collapsing into tears against the door. "Please...please...please...PLEASE!" She fell backwards when the next section fell right behind her. She cried her heart out, pleading to be let go. The Bijuu's voice broke her from her pleas.

"Sunaki. You have failed your test. You have proven that you do not deserve to live." She looked up at the television with tear filled eyes. "N-no. Please...I don't want to die. PLEASE!"


The last section shook and fell down onto her body. The last thing heard of her, was her screams of terror...

Ok, that is the end of the first chapter. The next chapter will come whenever I feel like it. This is a real pain in the ass to write, mostly because of all the thought that goes into it. I would also like to thank a user of the GameFAQs message boards named 'Protoman Rulz All' for helping me with some of the things in the fic. Later...

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