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'Investigations Part II'

Tsunde sat at her desk in the Investigations department and watched as the 'Investigations' ninja came into the room. Her night had been long, she hadn't gotten any sleep at all, but some shocking news delivered by Jiraiya had dulled the need for sleep. Finally as Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto, Neji, Kakashi, and Shikamaru came into the room and sat down, she decided to share the news. "May I have your attention please, I have some news to deliver, straight from Jiraiya." The room instantly become silent, as they all waited to here what she had to say. "The Akatsuki is back..."

Time seemed to stop in the room, Sakura looked over at Naruto to find him shaking slightly, a fearful look on his face. Sasuke was the first to speak, his voice filled with anger. "What...how is that possible? I thought they were all killed!"

"Not quite...", the deep voice that belonged to Jiraiya said. He walked over to Tsunades desk, and sat down on it, looking over the ninja in the room. "There are still some members alive or presumed to be alive. Among them are the Leader, who's body was never recovered, Itachi Uchiha, who's body was also never recovered, but he is presumed dead because of the wounds he had when he was last seen." He looked over at Sasuke, and saw the look of peace on his face at the mention of Itachi, something he thought was impossible. "Tobi, who ran away when the initial attack began, but also practically vanished off of the face of the Earth. Deidara who I did find recently, but it appears someone wiped his memory of everything involving his life as a ninja, since he was working as a traveling artist." Some of the ninjas blinked at this. Naruto spoke first, his fear dulled. "Not surprising, he jumped to his one great love, art. Probably the only thing that remained in his mind..."

He felt the entire of the room look at him, before Tsunade nodded in agreement and motioned for Jiraiya to continue. Jiraiya nodded and continued on, "And Kisame Hoshigaki, who I also found recently, thankfully his memory wasn't wiped. He has cut all ties with them, as he no longer wheres the cloak or ring, and is working as a mercenary. He was quite helpful and gave me all the information he could, but he didn't know where most of the other members were, just Deidara. All the other members are confirmed dead, or in the case of Hidan, locked away forever." He stood from desk, and walked to the coffee makers in the corner of the room, pouring himself a cup. "However, one of my contacts reported seeing a man fitting the Leaders description in former Sound country, and he was traveling with three cloaked figures, all of them wearing Akatsuki cloaks."

Tsunade stood up, and slammed her hands on her desk. "I've already informed the Council of this development, and will be informing the rest of our ninja tomorrow. However we do NOT need this right now. Our forces are spread thin as it can go trying to catch The Bijuu, and I have no doubt they choose now to 'reveal' themselves now because of this. We need to catch him as quickly as we can so we don't have to deal with a combined threat. We will work as hard as we can to catch this sick monster. Now, any questions?"

Shikamaru raised his hand and asked something many of them had been thinking. "Do you think The Bijuu and this new rise of Akatsuki are in any way related?" Tsunade looked over at Jiraiya, who was currently sitting in a chair next to her desk, sipping his coffee. Jiraiya caught on, and answered the question. "No...these acts are far to personal to be the Akatsuki getting revenge, but we will have an even bigger problem if they try to recruit him. As he is now, he is very dangerous, but if he joins the Akatsuki, absolutely no one would be safe. I have no doubt they would recruit him, but first they would have to find him." Shikamaru nodded, and the tension in the room lowered.

Tsunade sat down, and what she said next, all of those in the room would remember as long as they lived, "We will catch this monster, we will bring him to justice, we will make him pay for his crimes, and we will never give up! EVEN IF IT COSTS US OUR LIVES, WE WILL STOP HIM! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR!" All of the ninja in the room stood at attention and all said the same thing: "YES, MA'AM!" Tsunade smiled, they had spirit, and the drive to solve the case. "Good, then lets get to work, we will take decent breaks for lunch, dinner, and sleep. And unless you're going on a mission, it's a twenty-four hour job for all of you in this room, let's get started!" The ninja bowed, and sat at their desks, going over case files.

Shikamaru leaned back in his chair, which leaned against his desk. "Oi, Sasuke, lets continue where we left off about the different 'games'." Sasuke nodded and looked around his desk, he searched for a full minute before looking over at Naruto, who was at the desk next to his. "Oi, do you have the file?" Naruto blinked, and looked around his desk, finding the folder in question. He tossed it to Sasuke, who expertly caught it. Sasuke opened the file, and spoke in his bored voice. "The third game was quite interesting, if only because it had a survivor. There were seven victims, all civilians of both sexes ranging from ages thirty to forty-five, and they all had a small bomb inside them made of explosive tags. They were locked in an old decaying house on the edge of the village. According to the written report from the only survivor, a woman, name Mikuzi Jusha, age thirty-five; Bijuu appeared to them on a television, and told them: 'You seven committed an act against a little boy years ago. You lead him into a ninja training field, and attempted to blow him up-"

Shikamaru cut him off. "Did you do a background check? Was it true?" Sasuke blinked at the sudden interruption, and answered the question. "Yeah we checked, and it was true alright, however we couldn't find a single bit of info on who the boy was, almost like no one was supposed to know. Another strange thing, they only got off with a week in jail." Shikamaru was shocked. "W-what? A week in jail, for trying to blow up a child? Who handled this case?" Tsunade answered that question. "The High Council of Konoha of course...", she then noticed a look on his face, one she was hoping for, "Did...you figure something out Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru leaned back in his chair again, and spoke his thoughts after a minute of silence. "I might have. We know these attacks are far too personal...and hearing all that just made me think something...however I still need more information before I make an assumption. I do think it would be a good idea we should look into the background of all the victims, and see if they had similar records. Perhaps the reasons for the attacks is so simple it was overlooked."

Tsunade nodded, almost sadly, and went to her desk, as she wrote onto a scroll. A minute later she rolled it up and threw it to some of Ibiki's group sitting in the back of the room, "Oi, you guys find and bring anything regarding the victims up here so we can inspect them." Ibiki's group nodded and left the room to go to area where all the information on those who lived in the village was kept. Shikamaru sighed. "Yeah, that could take weeks though, but it's the best lead if the information matches up. Now, please continue Sasuke..." Sasuke blinked, and nodded, continuing on. "Well she stopped writing there, and since she was using a pen she couldn't erase it, though she tried, and we never did get the rest of what he said out her. Anyway, there was a box on the wall in the living room, and around the house were eight hidden keys. Seven of these keys were fakes, and instead of stopping a bomb, would set off the bomb closest to the box."

Shikamaru chuckled darkly. "Clever, so there was no guarantee that any of them would survive." Sasuke nodded, and handed Shikamaru a few pages of the file. He read over them, when he was done, he put them on his desk and motioned for Sasuke to continue. Sasuke flipped through a few files, and continued on. "All of them except Mikuzi died. She got lucky, very lucky, even Bijuu congratulated her on not exploding...though she was emotionally and mentally scared for life afterwards. She's been kept in Rank-S lock-down in the Konoha prison for 'Un-treatable Mental Trauma' ever since."

Shikamaru nodded as he read through the folder, which Sasuke had just handed to him. He suddenly closed the folder, and got a puzzled look on his face, before asking. "Did you, by any chance, keep any of the televisions from the games?" Sasuke blinked at the odd question, but was beat to the answer by Kakashi, who's desk was next to Shikamaru. "Yes, we kept most of them, I'll go grab one, I assume you want to know something about them?" Shikamaru nodded, but said nothing further.

Kakashi left the room and returned a few minutes later with two televisions under his arms. One was covered in dried blood and other matter, the other was relatively unharmed and clean. He set the bloody one on the edge of Shikamaru's desk and the other next to it on the edge of his desk. "All the televisions were made by the Hisake company, who make cheap televisions, both in price and craftsmanship. They couldn't find any orders for large numbers of these same model televisions, which means the Bijuu is smart and buys them one at a time, making it almost impossible to track him from that." Shikamaru nodded, as he looked over the televisions. "Did you ever figure out how he was talking to the victims...or know when they 'awakened'?"

Kakashi shook his head. "No, in the early days we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off, we hardly thought to look for things like that, though some did mull around a few theories, they didn't come up with anything." Shikamaru nodded as he pulled out a kunai, and started to pry off the front of the bloody television. Despite small protests not to destroy evidence he ignored them and finally got it off. He looked under the television screen itself, and smirked at what he saw, a small camera. Everyone around him blinked when they saw they camera, and gawked when they saw a panel that would have been in front of the camera was...invisible in a way. "I can feel Chakra coming off this, and as I recall, this is the same concept for ANBU masks isn't it?"

Kakashi ran his fingers against the invisible piece of panel. "I think this was an ANBU mask once. The stuff these masks are made of, and how they are made, are a well kept secret between the elemental nations. But it wouldn't be too hard to make other things out of them though, if you were very adept with technology. I must say though, it's amazing that Chakra is still flowing out of this, it's been almost three months since the game this television was involved with." Shikamaru nodded as he gently pulled out the camera, and found it was attached to the main cord that would would have plugged into an outlet. He also found a small metal box attached to the camera that he assumed was used to transmit the signal from the camera.

Naruto did the same to the other television, and found exactly the same setup. Shikamaru sat in silence for a few minutes before an idea hit him. He grabbed the fully open bloody television, and motioned for Naruto to grab the other television and follow him. Naruto did so and followed Shikamaru to a part of a wall next to Tsunade's desk. He watched as Shikamaru set his television down and brought over two small folding tables. After he was done setting them up, Shikamaru picked his television up and placed it on the folding table on the left, while Naruto followed his lead except on the right table. Shikamaru leaned down and plugged in his television and Naruto's television. Shikamaru then looked back and asked the room. "Anyone got a remote for these?" Pointing at their obvious lack of front panels, and therefor, easy access to the buttons.

The room blinked, but Kakashi chuckled and pulled out a plastic baggy, which had a remote in it. "We found this at one of the games, it didn't come up with anything though. It's a universal remote for this brand of televisions." He tossed it to Shikamaru, who expertly caught it. He pulled it out of the baggy, and pressed the 'Power' button twice, once for the bloody television, once for the other television. As they turned on, the usual no signal static was all that was seen and heard. Shikamaru narrowed his eyes and looked at the remote, noticing an 'Info' button. He pointed it at the bloody television and pressed it, making the television display the channel number 197.

He smirked, and did the same to the other television, making it display the channel number 203. The room blinked, but Shikamaru smirked wider. "So, it seems Bijuu isn't as smart as he seems. From this, it looks like his talks to his victims through unused public television channels." The room became tense, instantly understanding. Jiraiya spoke first, his voice tense. "T-that means ANYONE could tune in and watch him talking to the victims. To think he would take such a risk." The room nodded in agreement. Shikamaru let out a slight laugh, causing the room to stare at him in confusion. His slight laugh became full blown laughter and finally died down after a few minutes.

"So...this is how much he cares about his games. He'll gladly let the whole world know what he is doing, without any thought to the danger of being caught. It's almost like he wants to be caught." The room stood still and silent. Sasuke broke the silence, his voice calm and certain. "Well then, I say we oblige him. If he wants to be caught, then we'll do just that." He gave a cocky smirk, and Naruto matched him. Shikamaru smiled, while the rest of the room nodded in agreement.

A thought suddenly hit Shikamaru. "Oi, how many unused public channels are there anyway?" Before the room could even move, Naruto answered the question. "One hundred and eighty-five, give or take. Some people 'hack' into the channels every now and again." He felt the room look at him once again, and Sasuke asked him a question, suspicion barely visible in his voice. "How do you know that?" Naruto glanced at Sasuke almost shockingly for a split second before putting his hand behind his head and chuckling. "This dude who used to live in my apartment building aired a propaganda show one these unused channels. He would watch over me every now and again, and while he did that I learned all about these channels, including how to broadcast on them legally and illegally."

Shikamaru snapped his head up, and asked Naruto a question. "You know how to broadcast on these channels?" Naruto nodded. "Mind telling us?", he finished. Naruto went over to his desk and grabbed a pad of paper, before walking back to the televisions. "The legal way is to get a permit to use a channel, which involves going through the Council, and describing your programing, etcetera. The illegal way however is to buy some broadcasting equipment, usually through 'bad' sources, and broadcast onto the unused channels. It's very simple, but the hard part is not being tracked. They keep a list of where all the broadcasting places are so that signals from there will be ignored, and if your place of residence isn't on the list of those allowed to broadcast, they come to get you.

"My former neighbor found a way around that though, he also had a legit radio station, that played old music. And 'our' trackers for finding broadcast signals pick up radio AND television, so they can't be tracked accurately. However, he finally slipped up once and they jumped on him. I never found out what happened to him, though I assume they killed him, since the old man wouldn't answer me about it." He handed Shikamaru the pad of paper with a list of everything needed on it.

Shikamaru nodded, and stood up from his crouching position. He looked back at the ninjas behind him, and spoke. "We should monitor as many of these channels as we can, even if that means flipping through them one by one. Get any more televisions you can find, NOW!" The ninja in the room looked around oddly for a moment, until Tsunade yelled an order at them. "YOU HEARD HIM, GO AND GET AS MANY TELEVISIONS AS POSSIBLE!" Half the ninjas in the room ran out the door at her outburst.

At that moment, an ANBU poofed into the room, a report in his hand. "Hokage-sama, we have just found an ANBU unit dead in the forest, we suspect The Bijuu did it, as they had been killed by the daggers he uses." Tsunade snatched the report from his hand and read it over. "Take us there, now." The ANBU nodded and walked out of the room. She turned to Neji, and gave him an order. "Neji, you stay here and tell the others where we went if they come back before us..." She turned to Shikamaru. "Well Shikamaru, lets see his handy work first hand shall we?"

Shikamaru nodded and he, Tsunade, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Jiraiya and Kakashi left the room...

The group looked at the dead bodies of the fallen ANBU unit impassively, it certainly wasn't the worst thing they had ever seen. While the rest of group went up close to the bodies, Shikamaru stood in the middle of clearing and looked around at the bodies, and the trees around them. The group became alarmed when he jumped up to a tree. They looked at him and all but Tsunade followed, while she motioned for one of the two ANBU units at the scene to follow her.

"What are you doing Shikamaru?", Tsunade asked. Shikamaru narrowed his eyes as he strained to look ahead of him. "Looking for a trail, I can see a footstep here, I'm trying to find more." He finally spotted what he was looking for, multiple footprints in the trees. He made a hand motion signaling them to follow and took off following the trail with the others right on his tail.

Minutes later he finally stopped, staring at the trees ahead of him. He could clearly see the ANBU's trail to his front-right, but their killer's trail was harder to spot. Sasuke finally saved the day, after spotting a branch broken by a footstep to Shikamaru's front-left. They took off onto that path, and flew through the trees at a moderate pace, making sure not to lose the trail. "Although I think this idea is alright, what's the point?", Sasuke asked. Shikamaru decided to share his concerns, "I think there might have been another game, as he seems to be doing them more frequently. Not to also mention, these forests are the perfect place for Bijuu to set up, it's in the middle of nowhere and is rarely gone through completely. We might just get lucky..."

Sasuke nodded in confirmation, and out of the corner of his left eye, spotted something on the ground. "STOP!" At this everyone stopped, and followed after Sasuke as he went back to what he saw. He jumped to the ground, and the others followed. They all stared numbly at the metal double doors laying in a frame on the ground. "So, who wants to go in first?", Sasuke asked in a somewhat cocky voice. Shikamaru raised his hand, and opened the doors. He descended into the dark abyss, with the others right behind him. Sasuke pulled a flashlight out of his pocket and turned it on, revealing the hallway they were in. It honestly could have easily passed for a mine, as the walls and ceiling were being held up by pieces of wood.

The light also hit a rusted metal double door, signifying the end of the hallway. Shikamaru walked up to it, and a foul stench hit his nostrils, making him recoil. He covered his nose with his shirt, and went to open the doors, but found the right door wouldn't open. The left door did, and when it did, he almost wished it would have stayed closed. He fell back in shock at what was in front of him: a human body, burnt to a crisp. The others flinched as well, even the rough ANBU twitched a little. Kakashi walked forward, snatching the flashlight from Sasuke's hand and pointing the beam of light into the room, whistling at the length of the hallway. "This has must have taken a long time to create, how is he doing this by himself..."

Tsunade nodded in agreement and turned to the ANBU unit. "You guys get reinforcements, NOW!" The ANBU nodded, and poofed away to get help. The remaining ninja leaned against the walls of the hallway and waited for reinforcements.

Tsunade cringed as she helped pry the latest victim from the door. Apparently some type of gas had burned his body, some of which got him so hot he melted into and onto the door a little. When the body was finally unstuck and taken out of the room, Shikamaru gave a report of what he had found. "The victim walked down the hallway to this point, I'm guessing from the fact that the hallway is metal that he had to walk on a hot surface. It also appears there are quite a number of 'triggers' in the floor, as a number of us have tripped them accidentally. I'm guessing what they trigger is a gas of some sort, that is piped into the room via those holes in the walls." Tsunade nodded, and asked him a question. "What is this metal anyway? It doesn't look like your average metal."

Shikamaru scratched his head and shrugged. "We don't know for sure yet. It appears to be some kind of alloy including Copper, possibly Bronze or Brass. They're taking a section to analyze, then they're gonna pick this place apart to see the full story." Tsunade nodded, and turned to walk down and out the hallway, with Sasuke, Sakura, Shikamaru, Naruto and Kakashi following her, Jiraiya staying behind to help catalog the game. "Alright, let the ANBU catalog the rest of this, lets get back to Investigations room, see if they got the televisions set up yet." When they walked out into the fresh air of the woods, Shikamaru spoke. "Lets take the scenic route back, see if we can get lucky again and find something."

The rest of the group nodded, and they all took to the trees, back to the Investigations room.

As the group, minus Jiraiya, walked into the Investigations room, their eyes became fixated at the 15 televisions that had been set-up around the 'evidence televisions', all of them being channel surfed by a small group of ninjas. The group walked further into the room and sat at their desks, as Tsunade walked over the televisions. "Anything promising?" The group looked over, and shook their heads, while Neji answered her question further. "Nothing yet, we did see a few 'channel hacks' first hand though, quite a few interesting shows that get broadcast on these channels, almost makes me wish I had a television."

Tsunade nodded and went back her desk, noticing the stacks of paperwork on it and sighed. 'Guess working with the Investigation can't get me a pardon from paperwork.' And so she went to work on her paperwork, while also listening to what was going on around her.

Shikamaru picked up a piece of paper he had been writing on, and folded it, putting it under a stack of other papers. He leaned back in his chair, and sighed. 'I really wish I could look at the clouds right now...instead I have to be stuck in here all day. Oh well, at least I have an excuse to not visit mom.' As he leaned back and daydreamed, while the rest of the room toiled away going through random files, the sound of the channel surfing coming to a stop filled his ears.

Shikamaru opened his eyes and looked back at the televisions, all of them on the same channel, darkness filling the screen. Tsunade stood up and walked over the televisions, followed by Shikamaru, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi. They watched the screen for about 30 seconds before fear gripped them when a figure turned around, revealing the Bijuu, except he wasn't wearing a Kyuubi mask, it was different and had a sandy color to it. Naruto instantly recognized who it was, "S-s-Shukaku!"

Sasuke nodded in agreement, having seen Shukaku before. The room well silent as Bijuu spoke. "Me? I am The Bijuu, and this...this is your hell. Mushika Yoshi, and Hetora Jishi, do you remember what you did to a little boy years ago? Of course you do...you committed acts so unspeakable, that you should have been hanged, but instead you got a week in prison... Well...I want to play a game.

"You are both facing each other for a reason, I want you to witness each others suffering. Mushika, you are the main player in the game. You are both bound to the wall by your wrists and ankles, but only you can move Mushika, however, when you move a limb, a saw behind your dear lover will come forth, taking off a limb...or possibly a head." He chuckled, and the room became tense with fear. "Each of you limbs, is attached to a saw on the other side of the room, but they are hooked up randomly. If you wish to be freed, then you will have to sacrifice a piece of your lover, to reach the five levers in front of you. One of them releases you both, the other four brings out a random saw behind YOU Mushika.

"Oh? You don't want to do this, well...you should have thought of that before you did what you did... If you want out of this, just say so, and I will release you, but in return, I will kill your lover... No? Very well... Let the game begin." They watched as Bijuu shifted forward, and in shock, spoke to them. "And to the Investigators watching this, welcome to the show, I will let you enjoy this as much as I do." His feed shut of, and a new feed started, what looked like a boiler room, a man and a woman were strapped to a wall across from each other. They stared in shock as she cried her heart out, while the man told her to let him go and save herself.

Tsunade screamed out an order, which was heard all the way outside. "HURRY UP PEOPLE! IF WE CAN FIND WHERE THEY ARE MAYBE WE CAN SAVE THEM!" The tension in the room cleared slightly as it buzzed with activity. Shikamaru, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and Tsunade stayed put and watched the game in progress, hoping they could save them in time...unaware they were being watched by the evidence still in the room...

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