Hyde Park, London

October 1909

A tall overweight wearing a well tailored dinner suit and holding an unlit cigar in his, he sat on a bench waiting, as a tall, slender auburn haired woman arrived behind him.

"Good day to you, Sir. Am I late?" she asked.
"Not at all." said the man as he lit his cigar with a wooden match, then got up, taking a drag as he did so and said, "I'm Bond, Campion Bond."
"Wilhelmina Harker."

"Of course you are," said Bond with a smile, "Would you like a cigarette?"
"No, thank you/"
"As you wish. Let's have a walk."

The pair started walking through the park, on a long curvy cobblestone path heading to Serpentine Lake.

"May I ask in what capacity do you function in her majesty's government?" asked Mina.
"Oh, I'm something of a collector/"
"Of what?"
"Who, is the proper way to put it. I am in the business of collecting talent; I'm head of the recruitment committee in her majesty's secret service. I put together all those menageries that protect us in our sleep/"
"And do you consider me "Menagerie" material?"
"Well," said Bond with a chuckle as he took a drag, "You have a reputation, after all. I mean your husband dieing in such a gruesome and suspicious way is one thing, but that undead and ravished by a foreigner thing has distanced you from most acceptable social circles."

Mina didn't respond, knowing everything he said was true.

"Still, England still wants you in these fretful times. The effects Invasion of 1900 has just started to recede, it's a New England in a new century, and new talent is needed to protect her. The reason I've called on you is to ask you to head a new Covert Operations Unit of the Secret Service"
"You're talking about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, aren't you?"

"I was under the impression that it was al a ruse, Mr. Bond, concocted by Professor Moriarty."
"Of course it was, and although he was a criminal genius, he was a genius nonetheless. My employer thinks he may have started the core of the answer to all our problems. Tell me, what is your relation to the former Leaguers."
"None at all. We disbanded shortly after Mr. Quatermain's death."
"First Doctor Jekyll decided to move into a Parisian Inn when we were docked there and then he refused to join us when it was time to leave. Mr. Sawyer had to return to his post with the American Government. Mr. Skinner simply disappeared, and I wasn't overly fond of spending the rest of my days on a submarine manned by an Outlaw. I corresponded with each before the Martian invasion, after which I lost track of everyone."

"That's a shame; it might make your mission harder."
"What if I refuse?"
"Then you will walk away, no harm, no foul. Of course, I feel the urge to point out that as of late, the undead population of England has been disappearing, as you probably have heard."
"Are you threatening me, Mr. Bond?"
"Oh, No, my dear lady. A threat implies promise of retribution in case of disobedience, I'm merely pointing out that government departments have been vigorous in protecting the public from things that go bumping in the night, thing like you. And should you agree to help us... Well, you in particular bumping in the night will become something that we can tolerate. Do you follow?"
"I understand. And I assume you will require me to recruit the others as well."
"Others, certainly. The others may be hard to recruit. You were at Alan Quatermain's Funeral and others have followed him"
"For what will this Unit work for exactly?"
"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." said Bond as the pair arrived to the vicinity of Serpentine Lake, where a man sat on a bench tossing bird seeds to pigeons nearby.

"Here is one of the Others," said Bond, "Quinlan Amatera/"
"Mr. Amatera is of Italian-Scottish ancestry, but his loyalty is not a matter of question. He's a highly skilled fighter and sniper."
"I still haven't agreed." said Mina as she stopped in her place.
"You never really had a choice, but do you?"
"I do, but..."
"Excellent." said Bond as he gestured for Amatera to join them, as he arrive, Mina could see he was tall and well built, with a black head of hair and a thick trimmed moustache.

"Mr. Amatera, this is Wilhelmina Harker."
"It's a pleasure." said Amatera with a Scottish accent, slightly yet noticeable mispronouncing his Ss, though he didn't appear particularly happy to meet her acquaintance.

"Hello." she said coldly.
"Well, If you want to reach New York quickly, you better get in contact with Captain Pepper." said Bond as he turned around and went to leave.

"Wait!" called Mina, "What's in New York? Who is Captain Pepper?"
"All in good time; don't disappoint me, you two."

Who is Amatera? Who is Pepper? What's in New York? Can you guess?