As the yellow Submarine made speedy voyage threw the waters of the Atlantic, Mina sat at her desk in her cabin writing in her journal.

October 22nd, 1911

Two days passed since the business in New York, Doctor Jekyll regained consciousness yesterday, and complained from the wound in his leg, which will prevent him from aiding us in Tijuana, he has agreed to rejoin our ranks once more, as he is wanted in most of Europe and is not entirely safe in America.

Although he has proven himself to be most efficient, I still find myself uneasy with Mr. Amatera, I've noticed he has been avoiding talking with both myself and Jekyll, though he is much more social with Lieutenants Shears and Havlock as well as our Captain.

Captain Pepper informs me that we are to reach the Mexican coast in "a day or two", all my preconceived notions of what a Submarine Captain should be that I formed during my time with Captain Nemo are being disappointed; the crew lacks punctuality and even the appearance of being a naval crew, and Pepper I find behaving like a poet most of the time rather than a member of an elite military unit. I believe that when it comes to it, Captain Pepper can definitely be relied upon, but I don't like his usual demeanor one bit.

Once we reach Mexico, we are to head to Tijuana to attempt to break the man known by over of a dozen aliases, but born as John Flass Wraydon, out of jail, which I believe will be a difficult task.

A curious individual is Mr. Wraydon, a British criminal who escaped to North America in 1891, - and has since been engaged in a successful career in crimes ranging from Murder to Robbery, - mostly due to his association with one of London's most notorious bogeymen, it is unclear to me if he is the man of legend, and if what we'd heard was by any chance true, though I imagine that we will learn the truth should we succeed in recruiting him.

Amatera looked at the police station standing two-hundred meters away from the Inn where he and Mina had decided to stay for the night, posing as an American married couple. The prison held in its confines a man known throughout Mexico as Jumping Jack Flash, for reasons that'll become clear very soon.

"Just for the record, I want to make it clear that I'm not in favor of this recruitment."
"Your objection has been noted." said Mina as she buried her cigarette into the wooden plate on the nightstand, putting it out.

"You don't truly believe what they say of this man, do you?"
"Of course I do, why not?"
"This is Spring Heeled Jack we're bloody talking about!" said Amatera as he poured himself a drink from a bottle in his suitcase, "The Demon they say can breathe fire and jump from Westminster to Liverpool in one bound, for God's sake!"

Amatera took a gulp, and then continued, "Not to mention he's supposed to be well over a hundred by now."

"Mr. Amatera, if there were any truth to rumors, then I would be incapable of going out in the sun, and would be unable to enter this very Inn without an invitation. Not exactly human he is not, but I highly doubt he is, as you put it, 'A Demon'."

"He's been sighted in London since well over ninety years, what does that tell you?"
"That he may not be the only one. Lower your Voice, Mr. Amatera; we wouldn't want all of Tijuana to know that we are attempting to liberate a notorious murderer and bank-robber. Now, let's go over the plan."

"I'll distract the guards, while you get into Wraydon's cell and negotiate with him, if he accepts, which I'm sure he will given his appointment with the Gallows tomorrow, if he accepts, you will sneak up behind the guards and we'll dispose of the lot of them. Not a very elaborate plan, I don't have to keep reciting it every hour like a school pupil."

"Noted, now try and get some rest."

The cluster of bats flew between the bars of the only window in the prison cell, and then materialized in the form of Mina Harker in the middle of the cell, as the prisoner watched on with unblinking eyes as he lay on the floor in a patch of darkness.

"Well," said the prisoner with a cockney accent, "That's something you don't see everyday."

The prisoner then closed his eyes, causing considerable surprise to Mina, who had grown to a little more awe whenever she displayed her powers.

"Mr. John Wraydon?" asked Mina.

The prisoner's eyes opened up again, and said, "Nobody called me that in Twenty years."

Wraydon got up and sat with his back to the wall, his face coming into the moonlight and allowing Mina to see him clearly, he was a man of thirty-seven, with a thick beard and long black hair, his eyes were black as well, and glimmered with an inhuman shine.

"So, a vampire comes flying into my room, a fellow Brit, on the eve of my execution, knowing my real name. I'd've normally assumed you were here to offer me Immortality, or simply rather peckish, but seeing as how you do know my real name, I'm cretin that is not the case. To whom do I have the honor of addressing"
"Wilhelmina Harker, I'm an Agent of the British Government."

"Aah!" said Wraydon with a faint smile, "John Bull wants my blood on his hands and not some Juans, does he? Well let's get it on then, though I'll tell you right now, there's going to be some thrashing."

"I'm here to offer you a chance at avoiding your very definite present fate."

Wraydon was unable to mask his surprise at the unexpected response.

"Pray tell; the suspense is killing me."

"I'm authorized to offer you a job with British Intelligence. Needless to say, you will be given amnesty from all crimes committed in the British Isles."

Wraydon chuckled hard, and got up, saying, "Harker, was it? Look, Harker, I'm sure you've noticed, but I'm in a focking prison at the moment, and last I checked, Mexico wasn't a British Colony. So you're powerless to release me."

"I guess we'll have to break you out, then. That is if you accept."
"Miss, Tomorrow at noon I'll be standing in a cemetery, with six soldiers with loaded rifles behind me, I buggering do accept. Now, if you just manage to get me out of here, then that'd be a gas."
"Excellent, welcome to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Mr. Wraydon."
"League of wot? Never mind. And don't call me Wraydon, I left that horse's arse of a name in England, you refer to me by me middle name."
"Fine, Mr. Flass. Stay here." said Mina and then turned into the flock of bats once more, and flew between the bars and out of Wraydon's sight.

"'Stay 'ere.'" said Wraydon\Flass to himself, mimicking Mina's accent, "Bleedin' 'Illarious."

Flass could hear sounds of a struggle in the distance, the unmistakable sound of a Scotsman cursing, and praying in Spanish, followed by several thuds. A minute later Mina returned carrying a set of keys with Amatera in tow.

"Jack Flass, meet Quinlan Amatera." said Mina as she went to unlock the door.
"A Pleasure." said Flass as he shook Amatera's hand through the bars.

Soon, the three of them were standing outside the cell.

"We have to get moving." said Amatera.
"Very true." said Flass as he punched Amatera in the jaw with great force, at the same time pulling Amatera's Colt Revolver from his waist, pointing it at Mina with magnificent speed and pulling the trigger just as Amatera hit the ground.

Flass didn't wait a second to see what would become of the two, as he turned on his heels and started to run with speed impossible of man.

Amatera stood up and looked down at Mina who was beginning to heal from the otherwise fatal wound in her, "Miss Harker, are you all right"
"I'm fine," said Mina as her skin and flesh knitted back together, "Get him, you must not let him escape."

Amatera ran after the outlaw, intent on exacting some vengeance on this very early betrayal, he picked up one of the Mexican policemen's rifles as he arrived at the door.

He saw Flass heading out of town, with Speed which was unattainable to man, Speed he had only seen in Leopards in Africa. It was night, his target was moving too fast and the rifle he held was not his own and probably not fit for long range shooting...

That would have been a problem for another man.

He aimed, pulled the trigger and watched as Flass crumbled to the ground in the distance.

"You're not going to hold that little business back in Town against me, are you?" asked Flass with a grin, as he lay chained in the Yellow Submarine's makeshift infirmary, the wound Amatera inflicted onto his backside being tended to by Doctor Jekyll, "I was just joking for fock's sake! To break the ice and all!!"

"You shot me in the chest, you despicable excuse for man!" shouted Mina at him as she and Amatera stood by "Oh don't worry, love! Your chest is as lovely as ever!!" said Flass then chuckled.

Doctor Jekyll walked away from the man in disgust, leaning on a cane as he did so.

"He's like Seven Skinner's rolled into one." mumbled Jekyll as he passed Mina on his way out.

"We're going to leave you like this for the night," said Mina, "It'll give you a chance to think about how uncivil what you did was."

Amatera and Mina stepped out, as a crewmember shut the door behind them, while Flass screamed after them, "Please! I'll behave; I'll be a good boy! Gimme a kiss, Mina! Ha haha ha ha!"

"Mr. Amatera..." started Mina.
"Oh, please! No more... I know I shouldn't have wounded him like this and"
"Oh, no, you did quit well, actually. I just wanted to express my admiration of your efficiency; that was a rather amazing shot"
"Oh, thank you, Madam"
"I've only known one man who could shoot nearly as well as you. You remind me a great deal of him, actually."

"You're too kind, madam. May I assume we are to report to London"
"Yes, Captain Pepper informs me we'll be there within a few days. I believe we might have an assignment as soon as we arrive."

"Anything for Queen and Country, Madam"
"That's a fine sentiment. I'll bid you a good night, Mr. Amatera"

If anyone was wondering, Spring Heeled Jack was someone sighted throughout the nineteenth century in London and surrounding cities, leaping great distances, breathing fire, wearing a cape, harassing proper British Gentlewomen and the likes. The legend was combined with the Rolling Stones Song "Jumpin' Jack Flash", the character here is supposed to be a descendant of Lt. Bertram Wraydon, the protagonist of the "Spring Heeled Jack" penny dreadfuls and dime novels.

Also, if any of you is into French fiction and can provide me with any number of characters that would fit into the timeline to form a French League, you will be most appreciated. Perhaps even you may even be able to shape some upcoming chapters.

Also, something I failed to mention last Chapter that Lt. Havlock's flying machine; the Flying Saucer\Helicopter hybrid is supposed to be a remanant of them "War of the Worlds" invasion, and the name Jospehine comes from the song "Come Josephine in my Flying Machine".