Chapter 1: A weird kind of Daddy

"Hey dad can I have a friend over this weekend?" the tough looking redhead asked with a sweet smile.

"Since when do you ask if Honker can come over?" her father asked raising an eyebrow.

"Who said it was Honker!" she respond

This surprised Drake a little 'cause most of the time his 10 year old daughter had just one friend namely Honker Muddelfood. The only decent Muddelfood' Drake thought to himself.

"Who?" he asked calmly trying to hide his curiosity.

"A new girl from school!"

"What's her name?" he asked not bothering to hide his curiously anymore.

"Juwe." Gosalyn said.

'Well quite a weird name' Drake thought to himself.

"Well okay, but I want to talk to her parents to make sure it's okay with them!" he finally decided seeing that she was getting bored of the waiting.

"Okay, I'll get her number." Gosalyn said with a huge smile rushing to her room.

"Doesn't Honker wants to come as well." Drake asked "Or is this a girl night?" he added.

She gave him a glare "Honker is going on a weekend trip with his parents." she responds and rushed further.


"Dad what is our phone number?" a young girl with fire red long lose hear asked.

"Don't call me that! And what phone number?" the duck responded confused.

"Why not? And you know the thing you use to call your friend0" the little girl with big auburn brown eyes said annoyed.

"I don't like it, it sounds old. And I know what a phone is kid but I mean why do you need it?" the duck responded clearly irritated.

"I need the number, I told you about my new friend at school didn't I."

"Yeah." he searched deep in his mind she did, didn't she?

"Well I told you as well I wanted to go over to play!" she said this as she was talking to a very young kid trying to make sure it could follow.

"You did?" he asked confused.

"Yes I did, but the point is her parents what to call you to make sure it's okay for you" she said looking at him on her sweetest way.

"All right." he said after a while and took a piece of paper and a pen and wrote something down. "Here." he gave it to her "Just don't spread it around to much." He added.

"Thanks dad!" the little girl said. The duck shuddered and gave her a glare. "Sorry" she corrected herself hugged him and ran of away happily.

There was a jingle of bells as a jester suited duck jumped on the coach with a dreamy smile.

"Listen I don't care what you're excuse is!" a female voice said annoyed.


"I don't give a damn if you and your electrifying buddy are planning a robbery or what ever it's this time I can't take care of her for the moment!"

"Yeah but…"

"This is important for me Quaky…"

'She said Quaky'

"You're her father, she needs you now…"

Their was no answer.

"I'll bring her tomorrow morning. I got her a place at the public school at St.Canard already so you just have to bring her. She'll probably prefer coming back by foot so you only have to take care of her after school…"

"School!" a voice asked shocked, this only got threw now. "How do you expect me to bring her? I'm a wanted criminal!"

"Wear civilians clothes."

"What?" said the jester with a shocked yelp at the other side of the phone.

"It's not the end of the world…" said the annoyed women.

"But I never wear anything else then my costume!"

"The more reason to put on something else for a change!"

"She's used to me in these clothes."

"You should show her your really face sooner or later."

"Nobody ever saw me with out my mask, expect…" there was a silence.

"She needs you Quaky. I need your help Quaky!" said a quit voice.

"Tomorrow at 7?" was the only respond the women got.


"Gos where were you?" Drake asked when she came in again.

"Out." She said as if that was it.

"Where were you young lady?" her father asked her sever.

"At Honkers." she said as she went into the bad room putting on her night robe.

"Why?" Drake asked while he was putting away one of the criminals records he was holding.

"The phone number" she explained.

Drake looked confused for a moment.

"You know, my new friends number!" she said while she jumped in the coach next to L.P. who was eating chips while watching TV.

"Ow, well it's time to go to bed kiddo!" Drake said as he came in the room again.

"Daaaad" she whined, trying to protest.

"Gos!" Drake said severely

"Okay, okay!" she said and went to her room follow by Drake. Gosalyn jumped in her bed.

"Well sweet dreams my little girl bleu." Drake murmured with a soft voice.

"You'll call, right" she asked with a sleepy smile.

"I promise kiddo." he said and went with his hand softly threw her hair. Leading the young girl into a peaceful world of dreams.


"When my friend's dad calls please don't say your name!" the brown eyed girl asked.

"What? Why?" the jester asked while he was working on a toy.

"Well you know…I don't think they understand your…job. They might be a little worried about it." she said trying to make him clear that being one of the city's biggest villain wasn't a great visit card.

"Ow" he said and then murmured to himself. "There is nothing wrong with being a villain it's much more fun." but when he saw the girl's look he change his mind. "Okay, but it's time for you to go to bed." he said firmly but then added "I think."

"Now already?" she whined.

"Well you don't have if it depends on me, we can have a lot of fun (he giggled this last word) but your mom said something like sleep is necessary for the growing process. I don't know I wasn't paying attention but anyway let's just keep to the mean thought of it shall we!" he grinned.

"But moms not her now." the girl said suggestive with sparkling eyes

"You're right." he said and a big, slightly evil, smile crept up on his face "But I'm new at this parenting thing on this way and I think its better for the time being to follow the advice of a pro!" he corrects himself.

On this she just nodded rather bothered.

"Hey kid I need your help on this mission, so guide me will you!" he said bouncing around.

"Yeah he's a loser on that part. He loves kids but he can't even handle his own one!" he continued with a high peeked voice and Mr.BananaBrains in his hand.

"Shut up you're not even a parent." QuakerJack snapped to the doll.

"Never wanted to!" the doll replied.

'Well I never really planed it either I have my toys to take care of' QJ thought to himself.

"Okay" she had a sweet smile again "So first you take me to bed then you tell me a story afterwards you give me a hug and a kiss and then I'll sleep." she said cheerfully.

A kiss, that was ages ago. QuakerJack couldn't even bring up the feeling of it anymore.

"Take it easy kid, I can't write that fast…" he grinned "So wanna play horsy riding?" he said playfully.


"So let's call…"Drake was murmuring to himself in the kitchen "weird number tough, I didn't knew the were number with such a beginning."


He had told her a story, helped by Mr.BananaBrains of course. An action story, she had told him not to put anything criminal in it, that it was bad for the moral of a child or something he didn't see the harm of it anyway. So he really had tried his very best not to put anything criminal in it but he couldn't help it. After that he almost buried her alive under toys most of it were all fluffy animal, without tricks this time. He didn't what her to get hurt. Then he even gave her a kiss, a small peck on the cheek. It had been the first kiss he ever gave to anyone in years. Weird, it actually felt good to take care of a person of blood and flesh. 'Don't get used to it' he reminded himself 'it's only for the time being. Don't grow soft, before you know it's back to visits in Duckelburg again.'

The phone rang and got him out of his thoughts. "Phone, phone. Where? Where?" He couldn't find it. "Mr.BananaBrains do you know where that stupid peace of junk is? Ow their it is! Between the killer panda and the banana boom!" It was rather difficult to find a phone between all the toys, when the phone was a big fluffy teddy bear. Not to mention if you took the wrong teddy you might end up blowing your head of.

"Yeah hello…" he said trying to sound as neutral as he could.

"Hello. Am I talking to the father of Juwe?" Drake asked.

"Yes." QuakerJack responded firmly lost in his thought. 'Father' it always made him feel so old, he hate old.

"It was just to check if it was okay with you for your daughter to come over this weekend to play with my daughter Gosalyn." Drake loved the word daughter, but not half as much as he loved her.

That name rang a bell in his head and he didn't meant the bells on his jester hat. They were making a soft ring sound as he was standing on his hands trying to distract himself and not to go play the game "phone terror".
"Yeah sure it's okay. If you could take her after school and I'll come and get her Saturday evening before dinner." he said "Like a normal dad." he added not knowing what he should say.

"Sure." responded the other father and that was the end of their short conversation.


The voice had sounded as one of a young father, Drake thought, one of his own age he thought. But the weird thing was voice had sounded terribly familiar and then there was still the sound of the ringing of bells.


Authors note: Okay I know I am suppose to finish my other story first but this was just something that came out of the blue crashing on my head(quite painful though :p) and I couldn't resist writing it. This is only the first chapter.

QuakerJack a dad, don't ask from where I got it I just thought it might be kinda cute. Knowing the fact that he is fond of kids (if they like his toys that is other whiles he probably try to cut them to pieces with his new killer panda) and that's his still quite childish himself. So this whole fic will be meanly about QuakerJack and his daughter and Drake and Gosalyn. Really hope you guys like it.

I just uploaded this chapter again. I slightly rewrote it but most of all I tried to improve the spelling. There will probably still be a lot of mistakes in it but I can assure you it are a hole lot less. I really try to work on my grammar. Anyway I hope it's a bit better this way.

Darkwing, Gosalyn, L.P., QuakerJack ect are all Disney's.
But Juwe and her mother are my own.