Chapter 4: Getting soft

"So you're still alive?" MegaVolt commented as he opened the door for his jester friend.

"Yes, I was surprised as well!" he said still shaking a bit. "Was she a good girl?"

"Well I guess it was okay, she's eating breakfast now." MegaVolt said as they both went up stairs.

"Hey listen Megs thanks for helping me out, I own you one!" QuakerJack said gratefully.

"Ow don't mention it." MegaVolt said. This rather surprised QJ, MegaVolt was extremely, but really extremely happy today. This was probably 'cause finally somebody had liked his way to tell stories. Juwe had fallen asleep at the end of his Arnie and Annie story. She had listen enthusiastically all the time really enjoying his story, which made MegaVolt very jolly today. They entered the main room of the lighthouse, the little girl looked up and jumped of her seat as she saw the jester enter and jumped in his arms quickly.

"Dad, you're okay!" she said cheerfully hugging the jester.

"Of course I am" QuakerJack started. "and please…"he added with a small grimace referring to the dad thing. Then he smiled and putted her down and looked at her with his usual big grin. "Had fun with Megs?" he asked.

"Yes, uncl' Meg told me a story and learned me things about electrics." She said smiling.

"Ow so that's what you're calling him? Didn't he roast you for calling him that?" he asked grinning evilly toward MegaVolt.

"You call him Megs and Megsy all the time!" the girl said surging.

"Everything is better than the S… word!" MegaVolt concluded with a glare at QuakerJack.

QJ grinned as he saw an opportunity to tease his buddy. Just when he was about to say something the little girl pulled at on of the long ends of the jester hat to have his attention again.

"Dad, I have to go to school it's Friday!"

"You sure you want to, cause if not you may stay home!" QJ knew he wasn't suppose to be a bad influence to her but still she was the daughter of a super villain so she could at least skip school once.

"Thanks for the offer but I was going to my friend this weekend and her dad was gonna take me to their home after school remember?" she said, her head hanging to one side.

"Ow yeah right!" QJ said remembering his conversation with the other dad, who's voice had sounded familiar. "But are you sure you'll be alright?" QuakerJack trying to hide the worry in his voice. This was it he was growing soft, the humiliation of it all he thought to himself.


"Hey dad this weekend my new friend comes over so you can finally meet her." The little green-eyed girl said hopping around him over energetic.

"Ow yeah I almost forgot. Yeah that will be great!" Drake said with a small sigh.

"What's wrong dad?" Gosalyn asked not really interested.

"Oh it's nothing it's just it's terribly quite the last time." He said as he was baking her some eggs.

"You had 2 robbery, 1 attack and 1 thief that broke out, do you call that calm?" LP said while eating cornflakes sitting beside Gos.

"Well there is activity but it are just simple criminals, no big ones, nothing like F.O.W.L., the Fearsome, something challenging."

"At least you can meet her that way." Gosalyn said remembering times when her dad had been gone for days when he had a big case. "Can I tell her who you are?" Gosalyn continued while eating her eggs.

"Yes, and no. Most certainly not!" Drake said giving Gosalyn a stern look as he sat in front of her.

"But Honker knows!" she protested.

"He founded out himself and if you dear pointing her in any possible way she can find out you will be grounded for the rest of your life young lady." He said well knowing his daughter.

"Alright no reason to be so snappy!" Gosalyn said. "So let's go this is one of the only times I don't wanna be late!" she said jumping of her seat and grabbing her back "Ready to go."

"Wow what got into you kiddo? Why are you so hyper?" Drake asked handing her her lunch.

"Well Juwe says her dad is terribly shy and I'm really curious about how he looks so I wanna be early so that when he drops her of I might get a slip of how he looks!" she explained.

"Well I must admit, he did sound as a weird fellow at the phone!" Drake said thinking "Is there any possibility that I know him form somewhere? His voice sounded terribly familiar."

"I dunno. She said that not many people know him and that he doesn't have any real job so!" Gosalyn said.

"Well I guess we will have to stay curious till Saturday night when he comes to pick her up."


"Hay!" said a cheerful young girl with long red hair and auburn eyes.

"Hey?! You're here already? Isn't that extremely early?" Gosalyn said disappointed.

"Does it matter?" Juwe asked.

"Well no not really but I wanted to see your dad. But of course my dad was slow." She complained.

"I know what you mean parents are trouble." Juwe decided.

"Yeah, you don't have a clue how mine is!" Gos started "Always home late, and well with a job as his …let's say I sometimes worry about him."

"I know what you mean, my dad is more a night guy as well and well I guess you can say his job has some risks." Juwe said for the first time really thinking about the dangers of being a criminal, normally she only worried about her dad blowing himself up with on of his toys.

"Well my dad has a bad character, he can be stressed to kill, really!" Gosalyn continued.

"Well my dad just seems to be worried about nothing!" she doubted. Having dolls that shoots at you that didn't show much worries did it? "And he's always childish, but I really mean all the time!" she ended.

"Dad's are meant to be weird!" they decided both at the same time.

"Hay girls!" Honker joined the two girls.

"Ow hay Honk, ready for a week-end of?" Gos asked smiling.

"Yes I guess." He started putting his glasses straight. "I only wished mom and dad would keep a eye on Tank, he's always acting difficultly." He ended nervously.

"Just say he's a jerk!" Gosalyn said fearless. Gosalyn was one tough girl who wasn't easily scared but her attitude didn't gave her much friends either. Honk had always been her only friend and now she finally had made a new friend. Juwe reminded Gosalyn a lot of herself. She was playful but just as her and Honk she could also be serious unlike most kids of their age.


"Alright you knobs. This is the plan: you all know the little annoying redhead, right?" Nega Duck started as he looked at his gang who stood in front of his desk, QuakerJack hidden more in the back then usual as he had decided it would be smart to stay low for a while. "Well she is Dipwings weak spot." Negs continued "We will kidnap her and then Darkwing will gladly surrender and with Dorkwing out of the way the city is ours."

"But what about the Justice Ducks?" Bushroot asked.

"They are nothing without Darkwing to lead them, I don't care for them I want Darkwing." Nega Duck snapped. "So this Monday we'll do it. Bushy you can make sure that the trees cover the escape. MegaVolt you will sabotage the electricity for a few minutes so they can't call the police and that the light go out so they can't see. QuakerJack you're good with kids, you get the girl you kidnapped her before if I'm not mistaken so that will be your job and Liquidator will help you. Understood?" Nega Duck finished the five nodded in union. "Good just one more thing: we have all been quite for a while now and maybe Dorkwing will suspect something so I need one of you to create some havoc so that he won't get too suspicious." He started. "QuakerJack!" he barked suddenly. "You have something to make up for. I expect you to go and have some of your fun." He spat disgusted. "Go heist some toy store, set of a bomb or something like it just make sure you make the papers and don't get caught! And make sure you get the chip on the Dork!" he said the last part rather menacing giving his invention back. QuakerJack just gave a short nod and mumbled a few apologize and 'great dark lord's' as then they left his office again.


The school bell finally rang after all these hours. School had never seemed so long to the two red headed girls who happily ran out of the building towards the street. "So is your dad going to pick us up or are we walking?" Juwe asked putting her hair back.

"I think we'll have to walk, dad is probably busy with his work." Gosalyn said biting back the work 'case'.


After a small walk the two girls had finally arrived at Gosalyn home. Gosalyn took out her keys and they entered. Lucky for Darkwing, the girls had been talking and had been slow so by the time they entered the chairs had stopped spinning and he just sat in his chair as a normal dad.

"Dad we're home!" Gosalyn yelled as they walked in. Drake stood up and walked towards the kids. He looked surprised at the visitor. She was of a bit smaller posture then Gosalyn but had the same bright red hair only longer and loose so that it just hung around and hid a part of her face. She had big, slightly auburn, brown eyes which had a familiar slightly mischievous playful sparkle in it. She was warring a sloppy, much too large, black sweater with bright colourful spots on it. But the most remarkable about her was the small bell she had tied up in her hair.

"So you must be Juwe, nice too meet you." He said once he had taken in the sight of the young girl.

"Yes I am but you say it as joue." She corrected looking up her friends dad. "I heard a lot of you." She stated after a while.

"You did, didn't you." Drake said with a small glare to his daughter.

"Umhu." Juwe nodded.

"Well now that the introduction is done, bye dad we'll be in my room." Gosalyn said dragging Juwe along.

"Alright but be good, have fun girls." Drake called after them. Of course he liked the fact that his daughter had a new friends but there was something creepy familiar about the girl. Not that he knew her, he was positive he had never seen her before in his live but still there was something about her that kept nagging at his brain. "Probably nothing." He just reassured himself as he walked to the kitchen to prepare dinner as the soft sounds of bells kept ringing in his head.


"What? Not again!" the jester whined as again his phone rang. Since he had given Juwe the number it seemed as if it rang a lot more often then it used to. "Alright for the last time: I don't wanna hear about your commercial about dentist works I swear I will come over and blow you up! And if it is you Megs for the last time I returned your toaster last week!" he snapped.

"Quaky!" a slightly irritated female voice said.

For a second QuakerJack was speechless "Ow it's you, um sorry I…Hay!" he mumbled slightly blushing of shame, happy that you couldn't see people true a phone.

"Um listen I called to check on you. Is everything all right? Is she okay? Can you handle her?" There was a sudden out burst of questions from the other side of the phone.

"Hey chill. It isn't like it is the first time I got her over."

"Yes but never this long." The female responded.

"Well I can take care of her fine. The only thing I never got to learn was the baby bottle and diapers!" he added slightly bitterly.

A small sigh could be heard from the other side of the phone. "Listen I'm not calling to argue. Could you pass her please?"

"Um not really."

"How do you mean not really? I swear if you blew her up I'll…." The voice started suddenly panicking but sounding threatening at the same time.

"No she is fine she's just not present at present time." QuakerJack said slightly amused. He wondered if he was going to get that paranoid as well if his daughter would stay around a bit longer.

"Quaky please no jokes now so seriously where is she?"

"She's at a friends place she'll be fine."

There was a silent for a while "How about you?" the voice asked after a while sounding rather tender.

"I'm fine." QuakerJack replied as he tried to sound distant although he couldn't keep the bit of dreaminess out of his voice.

"And what about your… You aren't planning any mischief soon are you?"

QuakerJack bit his beak. "No." he lied.

"You know you can't lie to me!" the voice sounded slightly hurt.

"Alright I confess mad' am. I'm doing some heist some were in the near future, and no I am not telling you were or when and don't worry I'll keep her out of it so no reason to worry." QuakerJack said keeping his defence up.

"What if I wanted to worry about you?"

"This criminal is very well able to take care of himself." He joked. "I won't get caught and I am only public enemy number 6 for the moment so no reason to worry."

"Really makes me feel better Quaky!" they voice answered slightly amused but then a sigh followed. "Well I guess I'll leave you to your plotting then."

"No wait I…" QuakerJack said hastily almost falling from his chair.

"Yes?" the voice asked patiently sounding slightly curious.

"I…it…the…" he stumbled not really knowing how to ask it.

"It is odd how fast you get worried isn't it?" the voice said tenderly.

QuakerJack let out a sigh, there was no use at hiding it so why not just admit it: he was getting soft. Of course he had had his father-daughter times before but they had never been together so long. He was starting to get used to the father feeling, no matter how odd it was. "Will it ever get less?" he asked.


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