Sonic was drunk. He was at the bar with Shadow, Rouge, and Cream, but he really wasn't sure where his companions were. He gestured to the bartender, trying to focus on him, but having trouble with it. The man came over.

"'Nother o' the same, ol' buddy ol' pal."

The bartender nodded, knowing that the blue hedgehog shouldn't drink anymore, but knowing that at this rate, he'd be getting a large tip. So he poured another pint of beer for his drunk customer.

Shadow was at the other end of the bar, slowly sipping whiskey, more for the taste and the burn than the buzz it was giving him. He was also watching Rouge and Cream over the rim of his drink. Rouge, logically, was dancing, wearing less than usual, and seeming more than a little drunk. Cream was hanging around Rouge, dodging the bat's fast-moving legs and holding the sippy cup of beer that Shadow had given her to keep her quiet.

Shadow rolled his eyes and decided against savoring the taste. He downed the whiskey and asked the bartender for a second. He'd need to be at least a little drunk to get home with those three without going crazy.

Sonic had lost count of how many beers he'd had. The world spun and even his thoughts ran together. He slapped a sum of money onto the bar, and then slid off the barstool and tottered away.

The bar seemed suddenly foreign. Maybe it was because Sonic couldn't manage to tell one object from another. His swimming vision cleared for a moment to focus on a black, red-striped hedgehog downing a pint of whiskey. He stumbled towards his rival.

Setting down his drink, Shadow noticed Sonic stumbling over, his eyes bloodshot and his pupils dilated. Rolling his eyes, Shadow realized he'd never seen the faker so drunk. Hell, he'd never seen Sonic drunk at all.

"'Ey, thar, Shadow m' ol' pal."

"What do you want, Faker?" Shadow asked, wishing for a moment he was drunk so he wouldn't have to be fully aware of the idiot before him.

Sonic tottered, about to fall. He grabbed the leg of Shadow's stool to steady himself. "That, my friend is why I am a chicken!"

"Shut up."


"Go away."

"I'ma be sick."

"Go talk to Rouge."


"I really hope you didn't mean that."

Sonic blinked a few times, trying to clear his mind. Wait, what had he just said?

Shadow pulled out a Rather Large Gun. "Take that back."


Shadow readied, aimed and fired.

He realized later, that there was very little satisfaction in killing a drunken idiot. Killing them sober tended to carry a lot more meaning. And now the bartender was coming over, looking mildly annoyed that his new best costumer had been shot.

Shadow realized that he was in a bit of trouble, now. He lifted Sonic's bleeding carcass and hefted it over his shoulder. He could dump it in a nuclear power plant, or a vat of acid, later. It didn't seem fair for the nice bartender to have to clean up a dead body. He already had to deal with the growing puddle of blood.

Walking onto the dance floor, Shadow located Rouge and Cream. Cream took one look at the dead Sonic and bloody Shadow and began crying. Loudly. Rouge scooped up the crying child, Sippy Cup and all, and turned to Shadow.

"I have a sneaking suspicion we should leave now."

Shadow nodded and grunted his agreement. With a flash, he Chaos Controlled away.

Trying to comfort the sobbing Cream, Rouge walked over to the bar and paid for Shadow's drink. Batting her eyelashes at the surprised bartender, she said innocently, "I certainly hope you know that I had nothing to do with this."