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As the Fire Went Out

His heart ached. He wanted to reach out, but he couldn't. In truth, there was really nothing he could do. No matter how much it hurt, he couldn't do anything. Not a single thing. He was trapped.

He was trapped behind a wall. A wall with blue eyes.

He could look out those blue eyes and see the world. He could look out and see, but he couldn't do anything. He could look but he couldn't touch. Like in a museum. You could look but you couldn't touch.

Look but not touch.

Look but not touch.

Look but not stop the tragic event he was seeing.

His heart was being ripped apart and he could look but not touch. He swore he was going to die, and he could look but not touch.

Never touch.

He hadn't been able to touch since the last day of summer. That's when the wall had come up.

Since he had become whole.

Or so they said. He wasn't really whole, was he? He couldn't be. The insane feeling of being trapped, the insane feeling of his heart ripping as he watched was enough proof, wasn't it?

He couldn't be whole without the pyromaniac.

But the pyromaniac was dying. Slipping away, right before his eyes. And he was trapped behind the walls with blue eyes, unable to reach out to stop it.

Look but not touch.

He could remember. He could remember the last time he had laid eyes on the pyromaniac. He should have said something. Should have said what had been on his mind. Three little words. But those three little words weren't so little. Three little words that were actually three little words wouldn't have bottled up inside like that or got caught in his throat the way they did.

Three little words wouldn't have tore him up that way.

He wanted to reach out past the blue eyed wall and reach out to the pyromaniac, reach out the way the he had reached out to him in the very beginning.

"Hey, so you're the new kid."

"Yeah, so?" He asked defensively.

"Come with me and have some fun. I could use some help."

"With what?"

"Oh, a trick. Come on,'' the pyromaniac said. He smiled and reached a hand out. "I'll be your friend."

But they had been more than friends. They both had known it, even if neither of them had uttered those three little words that had enough power to shake lives.

But lives were shaking anyway.

He was trapped behind the wall with blue eyes and the pyromaniac was dying. Slipping away and he couldn't do a thing about it. He couldn't stop it.

He couldn't gather the pyromaniac to himself and say those three so called 'little' words.

He wanted to feel the pyromaniac. Hold him like he had never done, but had always wanted to. Just feel his warmth.

But he was trapped and the pyromaniac was fading away, and it was all look but don't touch.

So, what do you think? This is what I think would have been along the lines of what Roxas thought. The game never really let us know that. So this is just what I thought.

I meant to write it a while ago, right after I wrote Returned to Darkness, but I never quite got to it then. Today it took my brain hostage and demanded that I write it down while I was in school. XD

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