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To make her mine..

Sasuke's P.O.V.

Who would have thought that the Uchiha-heir had reduced to a mere stalker? But since when did I care about what people thought of me? For many years I was driven by the lust to kill my older brother and now when he was out of the way, all I had to do was to find the perfect girl to marry and have little Uchiha-kids with. But the hordes of fan-girls that still flocked around me as soon as I came into view made me sick. Actually, the only thing I wanted to do with them was to twist their little necks and hopefully be able to get away with it.

But there was this one girl that didn't look at me that way. She was the only one that didn't look at me at all. Once in our youth she was crushing on that blonde fool that now was away, training with that ero-sennin, Jiraiya. Now she was just looking as she wanted to disappear into thin air. She looked as if she was shunned. That made me mad, that made me furious. No woman of mine should ever feel like that. No woman of mine… fuck, who was I kidding here anyway? She didn't belong to me; she probably didn't even know that I existed. It was always Naruto for her and she was probably still in love with that goof up.

So my plan was how to make her notice me. And I had to do it in such way that didn't get her killed by that stupid fan-club of mine. Man, could you get any stupider than them? I was not theirs to toy with. Perhaps I should beat one of them up so they would leave me alone? And if they continued like that I just might had to do it. Still, twist their necks still sounded better in my ears. I looked up at the watch on my kitchen wall and decided I should head out to the training grounds. I had to make up a plan to make the shy little Hyuuga to notice me and then I would make sure that she would fall for me. She was going to mine.


A few days later I had made up a scheme to make her mine. The pure and white little Hyuuga, Hinata had no idea of what was coming. As I woke up that Monday morning I smiled and dressed in black ordinary jeans and a black t-shirt. I knew that my fan-club would squeal in delight over the outfit, but I didn't care about that. Now I was on the hunt for the woman that would bear me my children.

I looked around Konoha for my beautiful flower and I found her just before she entered a grocery shop. Perfect. I could help her carry her stuff; I would do these small things for her, not to obvious; just being a perfect gentleman you know. I entered the same shop and made sure that none of my irritating fleas were there. Thankfully, I didn't have to break any necks as of yet.

I saw her walk up to pay for her groceries and once she was done I stepped forth and revealed myself to her.

"Hinata-san, may I help you?" I asked.


"It looks as if you have decided to shop for the whole Hyuuga household, please let me help you pack your things and carry them back."

She looked as if she was contemplating my offer before nodding silently. She fiddled with her little purse and I picked up the things she had bought and carried them out of the store. I asked her which way and she pointed towards the north.

She followed behind me and every now and then I looked at her to get directions, not that I needed them, because I had been to her place over and over again. Uchiha, the stalker. She asked me to stop just a few metres away from the door that led to her apartment. I must admit when I first discovered that she actually lived alone, but hey, we both were twenty years old, even the heiress to the Hyuuga clan needed some space for herself. Not that she would be the heiress for very much longer, not if I had a say in things, and I sure had things I wanted to tell the shy girl. She mumbled out a thank you before she grabbed the bags from my hands and rushed inside and closed the door behind her.

Ok, so much for chivalry. Perhaps she didn't understand me? Well, there was plenty more opportunities for me to show her my affection. But just before I was about to leave the door opened and Hinata peeked outside.

"Uchiha-san… uhm… d-do y-you want some t-tea?" she asked me with that shy voice of hers and I nodded in response.

Yep, a step closer Sasuke, I said to myself and stepped inside her apartment. He would have thought she was a neat freak, but clearly he had been mistaking about that. He could see clothes hang over the arm rest on the sofa; actually half of her sofa was filled with clothes. Every surface of her kitchen table was filled with small jars, extracts and herbs. In the sink he could see a few days worth of dishes.

"S-sorry a-about the m-mess Uchiha-san," mumbled Hinata as she blushed and made a gesture towards her messy apartment.

"You surprise me Hinata-san, I would've thought that you were one of those neat freaks, but I'm glad to see that you are not." I smiled and walked up close and stood next to her as she put the bags of groceries on her kitchen bench.

Hinata got another interesting shade of red in her face and I smiled at her. It was obvious she was unsure how she would act around me and that made me feel a little bit more courageous.


Normal P.O.V.

He stepped up so he was just behind her and when she turned around she was faced with his broad chest. She yelped in surprise and looked up into his charcoal black eyes. He was smiling and Hinata had no idea on what to say or act. She just blinked and felt her throat dry up.

"Hinata-chan…," purred Sasuke as he looked down on her flushed face. Her hands came up and he caught them and held them against his chest.

Hinata was sure she was going to combust with embarrassment. Sasuke was acting so strange, she wasn't used to attention like this. She remembered the few times she had come close to other boys, she would always turn red and she stuttered terrible. But now she couldn't even get a stutter over her lips. She could feel the warmth from his hands and from his chest and she blinked over and over, trying to understand what it was he wanted.

Sasuke lowered his head and placed a soft kiss on her lips, getting a light gasp from the little Hyuuga-woman. He could taste something minty on her lips and something that he was sure was uniquely Hinata. He released his grip on her right hand and let his arm snake around her shoulders and pushed her closer to him.

Hinata pulled away from the light kiss and then….

Sasuke soon found himself on his ass. Surprised he looked up and saw Hinata stand there, her chest heaving rapidly, her eyes flaring with emotions. He saw her right hand in front of her, she had pushed him away with the help of her skills, with her knowledge of the Gentle Fist-style. He growled and jumped up on his feet.


"U-Uchiha-san… w-why?"

"I have chosen you as the woman that will bear me children," said Sasuke as he brushed off his clothes. Her eyes became even wider when he said this. The gasp coming from her told him that he probably shocked the dear life out of her. "You do like children Hinata-chan?"


"Do you like children Hinata-chan? Please answer my question," he asked and walked over to her again and put his hand under her chin and tilted up her head a bit.

Hinata, unable to voice her answer, but she nodded. She did like children; she had spent long ours at the local orphanage, taking care of the boys and girls whose parents had died in fights or of other causes. She loved children and she spent as much as she could with them, but what did her liking of children has to do with how he acted? Hinata was confused to say the least. Especially when he touched her face like that and made her look into his dark eyes again.

"Will you be mine and have my babies?" asked Sasuke as his hand moved around her head and grabbed a fistful of bluish black hair and held her head in place as his lips descended down on hers again, catching them in a searing kiss.

This time Hinata let him kiss her. She was still unsure to why he was acting like this, but feeling his lips move so softly against her own made something in her stomach boil and before she was able to stop herself, her hands had come up and around his neck, holding him as he kissed her so passionately.

Sasuke began to loose the grip around his iron will and he let his arms go around her waist and he pushed her up against the kitchen sink instead. Just feeling her respond made Sasuke more persistent in making the shy Hinata his. He wanted her and if he could, he would make sure to erase any feelings she might have for another man.

Hinata let out a small mewl as Sasuke's large hands gripped her lower globes and pushed her into his hard frame. She could feel the bulge in his pants push into her lower stomach and her blush increased. He was aroused.

"Hinata…," he breathed into her mouth as her hands were fisted in his raven black hair. He pulled his head away a bit and looked at her. Her eyes were shining with desire and he groaned. It was too early yet and he moved away from her. "I'll come back another time Hinata-chan, please think over my offer."

Twenty seconds later he was gone, leaving a stunned and flushed Hinata behind. She had not even been able to serve him the tea she had promised. She just stood there, panting from the kiss he just given her and she had no idea on how to act from now on. Her brain had stopped functioning a few minutes back and she felt as if she was a mindless fool at the moment.


Sasuke smirked as he stepped out on the street. He had caught the little woman known as Hinata. She was his, she couldn't resist him now, he knew. 'Deny it all you want aisai… but your cute little butt is mine…' thought the last of the Uchiha's as he walked back to his empty mansion, dreaming about filling it with small baby steps and sounds.


But what Sasuke had not counted on was Hinata's way of retaliation. Two days later he heard the bell on the gate ring and he went to open it and soon his home was flooded with children aging from one year olds to those who were around ten years old. And in the middle of this chaos was Hinata. He could see the soft smile on her lips that told him that he should be very careful around her because she could do things to you that you never had dreamed about.

"Uchiha-san…. These are my children," said Hinata as she readjusted the little critter in her arms. "I will not abandon them. Since they were placed at the orphanage where I work most of the time, they have grown onto me and I will not leave them behind. At the moment my little bunch of children are seven, do you think you can handle them? If you can… then I will accept your offer. If not… You and I shall not ever get together."

Sasuke swallowed hard as two twins latched onto his leg, calling him oniichan, telling him to play with them. Panic rose in his chest and he looked at the paled eyed woman in front of him. But he could not see anything else but pure amusement in her eyes and he growled silently and picked up the two four year olds in his arms and walked through his house into the garden behind it.

"Let's play hide and seek," he told the children that flooded his house and he was answered by a loud ALRIGHT!!

Hinata smiled as she followed the young Sharingan-user into the back yard and she sat down on one of the benches to look how he interacted with children. She could understand his wish to have some of his own, being the last of his clan to have the Sharingan and all, but that didn't tell her that he was good with kids. She wanted a man that liked children, she wanted a man that could play with them, and she wanted a man that could take responsibility.

And thirty minutes later she had her answer. He was such a man. Try as he might, but the great Uchiha, Sasuke was a sucker for children. He soon seemed to be lost in the game of hide 'n' seek-play and Hinata smiled as she began to bottle feed the little infant in her arms.

'Perhaps I should give him a chance…' she thought as she looked at Sasuke play with the children. She still loved Naruto but more like a brother. She was not IN love with the blonde Hokage-wannabe, but he still was the one that made her day shine a little bit brighter. He was the one that made sure that she could do things on her own. He was the one that gave her spirit a boost. But Sasuke had made her feel other things. Things that she never thought possible so…

She had made a bet with her self, to come to Sasuke with all the children of the orphanage. If He could take care of children she would think about his proposition and if not, she would turn him down. And even if he had been caught off guard, you could see it by just looking at the stoic Uchiha play with the children, This alone told her that he was a perfect dad. He could interact with children and that was a big plus in Hinata's book.

Sasuke would never admit it – but this day had been the best in his life. Children, laughing, running around in the otherwise so gloomy Uchiha resident, that had sparked something inside him and he played with them. He couldn't help but chase the little critters around, finding them as they hide in the garden, in the house. He shot a glance over his shoulder and saw Hinata bottle feed a tiny figure that couldn't run around like the others and he was struck by the sight.

Sasuke could easily imagine her breastfeed one of his own offspring. He blushed as he was tackled by a pair of tiny arms around his legs.

"Sasuke-oniichan!! Find Yuki for meeeee!!" cried the little boy and Sasuke nodded absently and went to find the "sister" to the boy. 'I'll get her for this… she'll never get away with this prank…,' thought the last of the Uchiha's as he saw the gentle smile on Hinata's lips. She was enjoying his predicament, but at the same time…. not that he would ever admit it…. at the same time he really enjoyed the fact that children was running around in his garden and in his house. No sireee, he would never admit that!

Four hours later he stood at the gate of the Uchiha-compound, looking into a pair of sparkling pale eyes. He could see the questions there and he smiled inwardly.

"Hinata-chan, what ever you are trying to do here… it will not work," said Sasuke as his hand came up and cupped her cheek.

"Do you accept them?" asked Hinata as she adjusted the sleeping infant in her arms.

"If that what it takes to make you mine – of course I do," said Sasuke as he leaned forward and caught her plump lips in a gentle kiss.

"Hinata-oneechan…, is Sasuke-oniichan your boyfriend??" came a light voice from behind and that made Hinata break the kiss and look at the child.

"Yes, she's my girl," said Sasuke without hesitation and looked into those moon like pools that were her eyes. "She's my girl," he repeated and pulled Hinata in for another kiss to emphasise his words.

"Hinata-oneechan and Sasuke-oniichan, sitting in a tree…," the children began to sing and Hinata turned red as she shooed them along. She sent a glare over her shoulder and caught his smirk. 'You'll pay for this Uchiha-san,' thought Hinata before she lulled the large group of children along.

"Hinata-chan, my door is always open for you and our kids.," said Sasuke as he caught the light glare from Hinata and then he closed the large door behind him. But he was sure he could hear the soft giggle coming from the woman he had chosen to be his.

Once he had come inside he realized that Hinata had not stutter as much as she had when he had helped her home with her grocery bags. The gentle strength she possessed made Sasuke growl with need. He wanted to feel that strength close to his body.