Hinata left the Snow-palace with a knot in her stomach. There was something way off wrong in the land of Snow and the Snow-princess had begged for their help.

But seeing how things were at the moment they couldn't do a thing. They needed help. And most of all, Hinata needed to tell Sasuke about it all without upsetting the little girl she had asked to take care of. Sasuke would be... well... not so very pleased to hear her report. She grabbed the scroll tightly and headed towards the town's inn where she most likely would find Sasuke and Tsuta.

And to be able to keep things from a child – that was a work of a genius. No matter how you tried, children often picked up on things hidden to them. Sensitive little critters they were.


The moment Hinata stepped into their hotel-room and placed the scroll on the table, Sasuke was able to tell that there was something wrong with the pale eyed Hyuuga. It was in her very aura so to speak. But she just smiled and he caught the silent message. 'Not now...'

The dinner went by without any trouble... well, unless you counted for Tsuta trying to "chase" her food around her plate and thus making a real mess. Then there was another bath and then the little girl was dressed in one of Sasuke's t-shirts again.

But when Hinata tried to get the little girl to fall asleep she was met with a large scream.

Sasuke came barging into the bedroom with a frantic look in his dark eyes.

"What's going on?" he hissed as he raised a kunai.



Hinata just laughed nervously and tried to hide her blush.

"I think she wants her tousan to tell her a story," she explained.

If it was possible, Sasuke paled. 'Tell her a story? I don't know any good night stories...' He was panicking. Not that it showed of course, but he was.

"Are you sure?" he whispered to Hinata.

"Quite certain," answered Hinata when she saw the expectant look of the girl.

"I... I don't know any fairy tales," Sasuke defended.

"Then make one up," Hinata said with a s soft voice as she brushed Tsuta over the head.

"W-what? How?"

"Sasuke-san, anyone can make up a story. Just use your imagination," Hinata said and kissed Tsuta on her forehead before she rose from the bed. "I'm sure you can, Sasuke-san."


"Don't worry Tsuta-chan, your tousan will tell you a story. And I'm sure he will tell you a great one too. Good night little one."

"Good night okaasan!"

Hinata blushed cutely before leaving the room. Well, not until she managed to send an slightly evil glare at the last of the Uchiha's, silently telling him if he broke the girl's heart he would be paying for it.

Leaving a fallen Uchiha in the hands of a little girl once again. He was alone with Tsuta and her dark eyes just waited for him to come and sit down next to her on the bed and starting to tell her a fairytale.

And while Hinata studied the scroll she had received form the Snow-princess, a certain Uchiha did tell a story about a dark knight, saving the life of the Sun-princess. And they ended up living happily ever after.


"Why?" Sasuke asked as he stepped out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him. If looks could dust someone than Hinata probably would be a little dust bunny by now.

"Because she wanted her new tousan to tell her a story," Hinata answered. "She's asleep?"

"Yeah, she is now."

"Sorry about that but..."

"I know, you're not at fault here."

Hinata just looked away, looking very guilty.

"And to tell you the truth, I didn't mind it much. Once you started it was easy," Sasuke said and walked over to the white eyed heiress and placed a hand on her shoulder. "But tell me what's really bugging you Hinata-chan."

Her shoulders slumped forward and then she turned to rest her head against his stomach. He smelled good. Strong and clean. A protector's smell a part of her brain said. It felt good to lean against his strength.

"We have to get help. I don't really know what's wrong, but I think the princess is in trouble."

"Yukie-sama?" Sasuke put a finger on Hinata's chin and gently forced the heiress to look up at him.

"Yes, just before I left she came to me and said "Hyuuga-san, please... there is...", so I believe there is something that is now right in this country," Hinata said as he moved his fingers and instead cupped her cheek.

"Then we must help of course. What ever "there is" might be," Sasuke answered. After Naruto "beat" some sense into the princess the woman was going to be a good ruler of the land of Snow. Although they wouldn't have snow all year round but they would have more snow than any other country.

He smiled as he brushed his thumb over the soft skin of her cheek. He had no doubts in his mind that she had accepted him. She would become his once this mission was over. They would take Tsuta as their daughter and later on if it was possible, they would act as foster-parents to the children that Hinata took care of at the orphanage.

'And if she wants me – I will give her a few children of her own,' the little hentai-devil of Sasuke's mind stated.

"Sasuke-san?" Hinata's soft voice penetrated his clouded mind and he blinked a few times.


"Do you have a contract with summons?"

Sasuke blinked again and then he nodded.

"What kind of animals?" asked Hinata as she rose to her feet to be more levelled with the Uchiha.

"Snakes and birds," answered Sasuke. He was not proud about the snake-part but they were good sometimes.

"Good, then summon two of the smallest snakes and two of the smallest birds and send them to Hokage-sama. I'm sure the bird or birds will reach Konoha first, but they might be spotted and killed. Snakes can get into small spaces without any notice," Hinata said with a voice that could belong to a commander.

It surprised Sasuke a bit but then he chuckled. There was no doubt in his mind that Hinata was the heiress to the Hyuuga-throne, she really knew how to give orders.

Hinata watched Sasuke make the seals and soon there was four animals in the room, two birds and two snakes. He told the animals what they had discovered and then asked them to listen to Hinata.

"Tell Hokage-sama that we need help here. I suggest, Naruto-kun, Neji-niisan, Tenten-san, Lee-san, Ino-san and Sakura-san. If we want to keep Snow as our ally and the hime as our contact here in Snow-country, we must help them."

One of the snakes moved up Hinata's body until she was face to face with it. It looked at her with amusement evident in its slit eyes.

"Ssssooo thisss issss Sssasssuke-chan'sss little hime," it hissed.

The tongue flicked out and Hinata could feel it against her nose. Hinata suppressed a shudder, she was not very keen on having a snake licking her face.

"Ssshe'ss nice..."

"That aside, will you please give our message to the Godaime Hokage?" asked Hinata and let her fingers move over the snake's head.

"Of coursssse, for a princesssss like you... anything. Good choice, Sssasssuke-chaaan," the snaked said and made a move around Hinata's neck before getting down again.

"Uchiha-san, we will move quick and swiftly," said a small, brown bird.

"There might be forces out there to pop you out of existence, try and avoid it," Sasuke said.

"Yes, we will do our best, Uchiha-san," the bird stated and followed Sasuke to the window. He opened it and let the two birds out.

"Please follow me," said Hinata to the two snakes as she walked over to the door. "I know you hate cold and it's quite cold here, but please, do your best."

"We sssshall, hime-sama," the talk-active snake said before they slithered their way out of the room.

Once the snakes had left their hotel-room, Hinata shivered. She never did like snakes.

"Hinata-chan?" Sasuke asked and walked over to her and embraced her.

"S-sorry, I... I just don't like snakes," she mumbled into his chest.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan, I promise you that my summoned snakes will never hurt you. And it seems as if they have taken a liking to you. They will always protect you," Sasuke tried to comfort the shivering Hyuuga.

Hinata relaxed and let herself be embraced. Yes, it felt good to have Uchiha Sasuke at your side. He was strong and yet gentle. She couldn't help but wonder how many of Konoha's inhabitants knew this.

"I know... I know," Hinata answered.

"So what do you want to do until the reinforcements gets here?" he asked. Although he did have a few things in mind but he wouldn't force them on Hinata, not just yet.

"I want to get to know Yukie-sama. Let's visit her tomorrow?"

"Sounds like a good idea, Hinata-chan," answered Sasuke.

"But before that..."


"Kiss me like you did before," Hinata said and tilted her head up.

It was then Sasuke knew that the pale eyed woman had accepted him, and accepted him fully. He smiled and lowered his face.

"So... after this you'll be mine?" he almost purred.

"Yes, but only if..."

"If we take in all the little critters that need a new mommy and daddy right?" Sasuke filled in.


"I have no problem with that. Actually I like the little rascals," he said.

Hinata could've cried right there and then when she heard it. Her arms went up and encircled Sasuke's neck and she pressed her lips against his.

Sasuke lost it when he once tasted the sweet Hinata again. He pulled her even closer as his tongue made its way into her mouth seeking to know every part of her.

"What's a rascal tousan?"

Sasuke and Hinata pulled away quickly to see Tsuta stand in the doorway rubbing her eyes in that cute little manner.

"You'll pay for this Hinata-chan," growled Sasuke playfully as he gave Hinata's rear a friendly grope. "You'll pay for this."