A/N:: Ah, I know this isn't great, but my muse told me to go with the evil plotbunny. Please excuse me for the lame, useless fluff.

FanFic 100 Challenge Prompt # 022: Enemies

I Think We're Alone Now


The sound made Minerva's blood boil. She instantly released Albus's arm and turned to face- just as she expected- a short, plump, toad-like woman with a stern, somewhat agitated expression upon her face.

"Headmaster... Professor," the toad-woman said with stronger emphasis of contempt upon the latter address.

"Umbridge," Minerva replied through gritted teeth.

In an attempt to calm her, Albus placed a hand on the lower part of Minerva's back; he felt her muscles immediately relax with his touch.

"It is good seeing you again, Delores, but we really must be going," Albus said, gently nudging Minerva forward.

Umbridge walked away haughtily. Albus took Minerva's hand in his and leaned into her ear.

"Follow me," he said in a low voice.

He led them out of the castle, faster and faster into the darkness to a moonlit patch of grass in the garden until Albus stumbled onto the ground, bringing Minerva toppling nearly on top of him. Their laughter rang across the grounds. They lay on their backs for a few minutes, holding each other's hands and staring into the starry sky until Minerva sat up to look into Albus's eyes.

"I think we're alone now," she said as she retrieved a glimmering gold ring and matching chain from around her neck and tucked beneath her robes.

Albus smiled and removed the same from his own robes, kissing his wife tenderly.