Author: Ku-chyan
Pairing: YuuriWolfram
Disclaimer: I do not own Kyou Kara Maou.
Word Count: 126
Chiasmus #1: Beauty

Beauty, Yuuri had learned, was a sneaky little thing. Sometimes it jumped right in your face, all smirky and smug and look at me- like thick lashed blue eyes with pouty pink lips and strands of disheveled gold.

Other times, most of the time, it hid behind murky filters of doubt and fear and -even though it's right there- you may never see it. Like a mass of stink on a canvas that covers want need please please please Yuuri or hurt and discomfort drowned in blinding jealousy. Yuuri had learned that beauty, the unmatchable kind that counted for everything, was often the hardest to see.

Spooning comfortably against the pale-in-pink figure beside him, Yuuri drifted off to sleep with one last murmur of ,"The beautiful Wolfram."