Hi Readers!! This is something new… yes, yes, about Kai. It's that I like so much that character nn. Well, this is a drama in which we tried to add some humor.

I say we because this is a common project with Angel of a Broken Soul, who's publishing it in Spanish.

I hope you like it, here there are the details:

Kai: 22

Ray: 21

Max, Takao and Hilary: 20

Summary: Kai has an adorable daughter, Katerina, and he's who has to rise her up on his own. I don't think he'll take the same path his grandfather did, but how will he do to make it other way?

Disclamer: Beyblade isn't mine, i wish it was, but is Takao Aoki's and I'm so grateful to him because of having created so wonderful story nn.

Rising the sun


He was so attractive, his perfect body combined with his audacious and seductive speech, she believed that they would get on perfectly. After all, a love night wouldn't bring problems at all.

He was inside the tournament that would be his last one in his life. She caught his eye, she was pretty, lovely, a good blader, she wouldn't be bad for those days.

He decided to kiss her, the first kiss of his life. She liked him. The tournament was longer than what expected, and the passionate, hidden kissed, turned into endearment. And endearment turned into special contact.

Until it happened with that girl for the first time.

But that first time didn't come alone. Two month passed on, and the rude guy got the new that the woman was now holding a son of him on her womb. Specifically, a daughter.

If it hadn't been because of his solid decision to find that woman with whom he had done that much, maybe the light of his life would be far away from this world.

The seductive woman accepted to be with him for a while, not long, until the little creature was born.

And when this happened, that baby was the most beautiful sight for the guy, who was only 22 years old.

His happiness wasn't longer anyway, when the bright girl had to go away for personal reasons, in order to put some control to her life. It was the last time he saw Katerina's mother. The last news about her were written in the letter that would later get to his hands, the last goodbye, forever.

"It seems that your mama won't come back. Ok, Kati, I think I'll take you to your new home. Let's go home."

The five month old girl, was looking through her pretty, still light-blue eyes, her father's eyes, who with a smile contemplated his lovely offspring, whom he held in his arms.

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