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Rising The Sun

Chapter Four.

'I want to see her… but I have to admit, I wasn't here for a long time… Kai has taken care of her on his own and now I have to accept I don't know my little daughter.

When I had her, on the hospital that night, I remember it was raining… just like today. Kai remained out of the room while I gave birth to her… and then when the doctors gave her to me… she was so alike him.

Anyway I knew I couldn't keep her… she was the most beautiful sight I had ever had, but I had to keep cold and give her to Kai… it was his decision to keep her after all, I had thought about the chance of killing her and he had refused. I won't be able to sleep tonight… it's eleven o'clock… I think I'll go to the bathroom.'

Julia got up from the bed where she was lying and walked to the door, opening it silently. The whole mansion seemed desolated. After all, there were only three people living in it. She kept walking and got to the bathroom.

She washed her hands and face, looking deeply in her emerald eyes. "I'm so sorry, Katerina… so sorry…" tears started falling from her green orbs, makeup sliding by her pale cheeks.

"I didn't say who was there Kai, I thought you'd probably want to talk to her before…" commented the red haired, guessing subconsciously Kai's thoughts.

"Yeah, but now Kati needs to sleep… did you close well all doors and any entrance?"

"Would you just stop worrying about them? Kai, it's already eleven o'clock, they aren't coming!"

"Fine, whatever. Are you going to sleep, trusting they won't come?"

"Yes, I'm going to sleep Kai. I've closed all the doors and windows, and there's nothing to worry about. You're becoming overprotective."

"But Tala…"

"Do whatever you want. See you tomorrow."

Kai stared at his friend when he left the kitchen heading towards his bedroom. Having Julia in his same house wasn't something he could completely believe… but by the moment that was the best thing that had come to his mind.

He had to admit, if it was his own choice he hadn't let her in. But then, what if what she had said about her stepfather was true? What if she was the whole time trying to hide their daughter from her family, just to protect her… the only thing Kai hadn't done.

'Mhh… I can't sleep. I should go to the bathroom and wash my face to see if that helps… dad actually told me not to leave the room tonight, but sometimes I have to disobey him… right?' sleepy Katerina stood up and opened her door silently. She tiptoed in the hallways, just in case someone was still awake.

Meanwhile, Julia opened the bathroom door and walked slowly back to her room. Her attention was put into something that was moving towards the place where she came from, and she couldn't help blinking twice to see better.

A little girl moved towards her. She seemed sleepy, but her eyes opened wide when she realized someone was moving in front of her. She let a little gasp come out of her mouth, and keep staring at the unknown woman.

"Who are you?" she asked innocently. "you're not from this house, and dad didn't tell me anyone was coming tonight. Except from…" her eyes reflected horror as she started to step back.

"No wait!" was the first thing that came to the woman's mind. "You must be Katerina. I'm… I'm… -tears started forming at the corner of her eyes, but, she fought them back. – I'm a friend of your father." She could say.

But the girl stared at her in mistrust. "You're not a friend… you're the person who was yelling at him in the afternoon. It's the same voice tone." The girl was smart.

"Yes… I am. –something told her to stop lying. – I… am…-



"KATI!!" came the voice after his friend's…

"You won't get anywhere! Not with her!" confronted Kai again.

"W-What's happening down there?!" asked Kati to the woman, suddenly listening steps in the direction of the stairs.

"Come here Kati, you must hide yourself. They're coming for you" hissed Julia, grabbing the girl's wrist and dragging her into her room.

"Dad's in danger!" complained the girl.

"NO! YOU are in danger, you must keep in silence okay?" and Kati nodded.

The two-toned-haired woman hold the girl up in her arms and ran towards her own room. She made her get into a wardrobe and stood next to the door.

"Will you be fine?" she heard the girl speak from inside the furniture.

"Yes, you just pretend you don't exist." Explained the woman, hearing the steps come closer…

"You shall stay here, Kai." smirked a man, dressed in black, pointing at him with a large gun. Another man was doing the same with Tala, on the other side of the room. There was no way out and they knew it. "Where do you have her? Where do you keep your daughter?" asked the purple haired one, who was standing behind the one with the gun.

"I won't tell you, you f..king asshole!" stated Kai, angry looking depth in his mahogany eyes.

"Then I'll have to look for her on my own, and don't think of moving from that place if you don't want to be shot." He smirked.


"Heh, but you can do nothing against me!" and with that Boris left, heading upstairs looking for the little girl.

The purple haired man entered the first room that came into his way, the guests room.

"Who are you? A guest?" asked the purple haired to the woman sitting on a chair inside the room.

"Yes." She lied. "I came here to visit, why?"

"You should let me check the room, lady. We're looking for something very important, and it's not something you can understand." He explained, smirking evilly.

"Oh, but I understand it well."

"You do?"

"More than what you can imagine!" and with that she kicked the man in the stomach. But Boris wasn't giving up that easily.

"Good luck you have that my men are busy now, I'll have to fight you in my own…" he said, musical tone on his voice.

"I don't care who I fight against, you won't touch the girl!" she clinched her teeth in anger.

"I need to take her!" yelled the man, slapping the woman's cheek.

"NO!" she shouted back, holding his arms to prevent him from punching her.

Boris was a strong man, however she wasn't going to give up either. She hit the man's ribs with her right hand while with the left one tried to hold his arms.

He raised his knee and hit her chest, making her gasp in pain and fasten her breath. "No way you're taking her! I'll do whatever to prevent it!"

"Women are so stubborn!" he said, knocking her head with his left hand that was free of her holding. She spitted up blood and cried in pain. But didn't give up. She grabbed hold of a glass vase on the room table and dropped it to the floor, making a loud noise.

Smirking at the advantages that the pieces of glass in the floor gave him, he knocked the woman against the floor and she howled when she noticed the cuts over her slim figure. However Julia could see the man getting closer to the wardrobe where the girl was, and fear was evident in her eyes.

"YOU'RE NOT TAKING MY DAUGHTER!!!" she screamed, grabbing a bigger piece of glass than the others and plunging it into the man's neck.

Boris instantaneously cried in pain, falling to his knees as a huge amount of blood came out of the wound she had just made. He breathed heavily and hard, his hands on the floor.

She stared, hardly staying on her feet, at the dying man. Her breath was fast, but relieved. Then she felt her hurt body go numb, and let her fall unconscious on the floor.

"Kati!" a new call coming from downstairs.

"Kai.. Kai come here…" an astonished voice of the man entering to the room.

The blue haired one stepped inside and opened his eyes in horror at the sight of the man lying on the floor, pale skin, and the woman on the other side of the room, bleeding profusely, her skin almost as pale as the man's.

Both of them looked suddenly at the wardrobe door. It opened slowly, giving way to a sobbing girl, who stared confused at the shocking scene. "Dad… what happened?"

"Tala… call an ambulance… now."


"Kati… just… come here…" he asked, kneeling on the floor. Broken glass was everywhere, and the wound at the man's neck wouldn't stop bleeding. Nevertheless, he was no longer breathing. But the woman was.

"Dad… I'm scared…" but she didn't speak longer when she let her face burry on her father's neck, her tears dripping his shirt.

A doctor came out of the room and stared at Kai, who was sitting on the waiting room, next to Tala, who had the girl on his arms. No one spoke, but the blue haired man stood up and followed the doctor inside one of the rooms.

"Tala?" called the girl, once her father had left. The red haired just smiled at the girl on his lap. "The prophecy… I'm confused… I saw something inside the wardrobe… when I was very afraid…"

Tala listened carefully. "And what's that?" he asked.

"I was very scared, I wanted to cry and felt desperate… and then I saw… I saw a woman… a woman telling me not to loose hope… she was holding me tightly… and told me everything would be alright…"

"How was she like?"

"Tala she… she was very similar to… dad. She had long blue hair… and crimson eyes. And her smile was the most calm I have ever seen…"

The man smiled. "Were you afraid of her?"

"No… she… she made me stay quiet and calm… until everything finished." Explained the brunette, resting her head on Tala's chest. "And there's something else…"

"Yes?" he asked, his caring hand stroking her hair.

"I heard Julia saying… I was her daughter."

"… Kati… that's true. Julia's your mother. But you don't have to accept it if you don't want to… it's a long story to tell… but I'm sure she'll be the one to explain everything to you when she recovers."

"I want her to be my mother… she saved me there Tala…" and the red haired just smiled and kissed her forehead. There was nothing else to be said.

"Kai…" the woman on the stretcher called. "Is… is she ok?"

"Kati's fine… she's out there with Tala."

"I'm glad… no one was injured…" she said, shutting her eyes in pain. Her chest was covered on bandages, and most of her right leg, arms and hands.

"You were injured… what happened in there?"

"I… we held a fight… but I don't know what happened with-"

"He died… the wound on his neck… didn't stop bleeding and he died for the hemorrhage."

"Oh my god…"

"No… he deserved it." Kai walked towards the woman, and sat in the chair next to the stretcher. "You… you fought for her… thank you."

"I… I just did what anyone would do for a girl…"

"No… you did what a mother would do… you risked your life for her safety… and that's unique."

"You'd have done the same Kai…"

"Because I love her… and I know you love her too."

"Kai… I'm sorry… for being absent… all these years…"

"We… we'll talk about that later ok?" he smiled comprehensively, taking her hand on his. "Now everything that matters is that Kati is ok."

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