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Chapter Five

After the examination, the pretty doctor folded her hands in front of her face.

"Mr. Coh-... Mark. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you have contracted pneumonia."

Maureen let out a little gasp and her hand flew to her mouth in an attempt to quiet it. Mark looked over at the drama queen, then back to the doctor. "Is it serious?"

"No, but it needs to be taken care of immediately, otherwise it could get very serious."

Mark nodded in agreement.

"Alright, I'm going to call in a prescription for you. It will be at the Long's Drugs around the corner. Do you have money to pay for it?"

The blonde nodded and slipped his hand into the jacket pocket that held the pink envelope.

The doctor nodded as well, pulled a cell phone out of her pocket, dialed a number, and began to mutter into the phone. Seconds later, she turned around to face Mark and Maureen.

"Okay, Mark, your medicine will be at the store in an hour. Do you have any questions?"

Maureen spoke up. "I do."

Dr. Alavi pivoted on her heel to look at the drama queen. "Yes?"

"That girl…what was her name, Marky? Oh yeah, Sarah, the blonde one. When we walked in, she was crying and I thought that I recognized her from somewhere, so I asked her what was wrong. At first she ignored me, then she said that nothing was the matter. I was um…. I was wondering if you could tell me what she was here for."

God, Mo, be nosier next time, alright? Mark said to himself.

Dr. Alavi shook her head, the auburn ponytail following its lead. "I'm sorry, but the information about our patients is kept strictly confidential."

Maureen nodded, obviously dissatisfied. "Alright, I understand."

Just then, Mark began to cough, wincing as he did.

"We should go…thank you so much for your help," Maureen said as she took Mark's hand and led him out the door, rubbing his back as she did.

"You okay, Marky?" A look of actual concern covered her face.

He waited until he stopped coughing so that he would be able to tell the truth. "Yeah."

"Okay, I'm gonna get you back to the loft, drop you off there, and then steal Angel for the night to walk with me to the drugstore cause I'm not really in the mood to be raped tonight…or any night for that matter." She smiled.

"Mo, seriously, come on…I can walk with you…"

She looked at him disapprovingly. "You can't be serious, Mark. You have pneumonia. I'm taking you home. No questions."

Mark raised his arms in surrender. "Fine, fine, you win."



When they got back to the loft, Maureen tucked Mark into his bed so tightly that he couldn't move.

"Mo…" He groaned. "I can't move…"

Maureen giggled and clapped her hands like an excited four year old. "Good!"

The blonde stifled a sigh, giving up once again.

"Okay, Marky, I changed my mind." Mark's pale face lit up, thinking that Maureen would let him go with her. "I'm leaving Angel here to baby sit you. I'm taking Collins to the drugstore with me. Ang should be here in a few, she was getting dressed." Collins joined them in the bedroom. "Collins and I will be back in about an hour, kay?" She put her hand on the side of his face lovingly.

Mark nodded, disappointed that he wasn't allowed to go.


When Angel came up, she hollered, "MARK?!"

The filmmaker's eyes fluttered open, the blonde eyelashes brushing his cheeks. His face twisted into a scowl. He had just been woken up. And unless someone wanted his or her head bitten off by Mark, no one woke him up. Ever.

He dismissed it, though, seeing as Angel hadn't known that he was asleep. "In here, Ang," Mark called out as loud as his hoarse, scratchy voice would allow.

Angel bounced into the room, wearing a neon yellow mini skirt, neon orange tights, and a tight fitting neon pink top. Her signature black wig and black Go-Go boots topped off the ensemble. Just looking at her brightened Mark's mood.

She has a way of doing that…just walking into a room and lifting the atmosphere, Mark thought to himself.

"Hey, baby, how ya feelin'?

"Like shit," Mark flatly replied.

"Aww…you'll be okay, honey…don't worry."

Mark noticed that Angel was keeping her distance from him. Then he realized…

"Shit, Angel, you can't be here…I'll get you sick! You need to leave!!! No! I can't get you sick!!! No! No! No! NO!"


Mark felt someone grab his shoulder and shake him. His eyes jerked open, the bright afternoon sun harshly reacting with his eyes.

"Holy mother! Mark, are you okay? You were screaming in your sleep…tossing, turning, the whole shebang."

Mark couldn't comprehend at first what the voice had told him. "Bu…you…and…Mo…Ang…Joa…I wa-…I had pneumo-…WHA…?

"Wow, dude, that musta been one helluva dream you had yourself there." Roger began to laugh.

"Yeah…one helluva dream…"


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