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Small Stories of Organization XII

Baby Pictures


Roxas was wandering through the Castle That Never Was, like he normally did when he wasn't helping Axel set things on fire. As he strolled down the Hallway That Never Was, he heard the familiar laughter of Demyx and Luxord. Roxas peered into the Living Room That Never Was, where the two Nobodies were looking through a photo album.

"I think I'll regret asking this, but what are you guys doing?" Roxas asked.

Demyx simply replied, "Lookin' at your baby pictures."

"Baby pictures?" Roxas exclaimed. "But... but how? Aren't Nobodies that same age as their Somebody when created?"

"You would THINK that, but no!" Luxord said. "Here, take a look." He said, handing the book to Roxas.

Roxas flipped through the pictures, and sure enough, they were of him (The pointed hair was unmistakable, though Roxas had to wonder why he was blond). He landed on a particular one at random. It was him being held by an annoyed Larxene, arguing with an excited Xigbar. Beneath the picture was a note from Xemnas. It read:

Mon 11- Due to Xigbar's interesting "hand's on approach" to care-taking, he is no longer allowed to help anyone.

"Heeey, I remeber that!" said Luxord. "You remember that Demyx?"

"Who could forget?" Demyx pitched his voice higher, imitating Larxene. " 'You wanna give da boy a pistol to use as a teething ring?' "

Luxord placed a hand over one eye, pretending to be Xigbar. " 'But it would be FREAKING AWESOME man! F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G awesome! Freaking, freaking awesome!' "

The two laughed as Roxas continued to look through the album. The next photo he landed on was of him pulling and biting on Xaldin's dreadlocks. It also had a note from Xemnas, which read:

Wed 13- Despite the fact the Roxas is going through his "terrible two's", I would really like to think that he and Xaldin are learning to bond...

Roxas turned the page and left it at that. The next picture was of him hugging a terrified Saix. This too had a note from Xemnas.

Fri 15- Saix's maternal instincts are really quite... astounding...

Though this note did not give clear discription, Roxas didn't need it, as Luxord once again did an impersonation.

" 'What is this strange, tingly feeling?" he said the closest voice he could muster to Saix's. " 'Could this be...? ...RABIES! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! GET IT OFF ME!' " (A/N: Yes. Saix did say 'OMG' six times in that context.)

Roxas cocked an eybrow, but didn't say a word as he turned to the last noted picture. It was Axel holding him while using his fire power on something. The note said:

Sun 17- Roxas has taken quite a great liking to Axel... and burning everyone's crap... must remeber to buy flame resistant... pink underwear...

Roxas stared. "My liking of buring things was just influenced by Axel? I thought it was natural."

"No, I think the only reason you really clung to him like that when you were little was because you liked seeing things set on fire." Luxord explained.

"Yeah." Demyx agreed. "Its like, say it was Luxord instead of Axel. You'd be influenced to like gambling. And if it were me... well... I guess you'd like to sing."

The three Nobodies shivered at the thought of Roxas singing.


Jesse McCartney sneezed very suddenly in his dressing room. "Someone must be making fun of the way I sing again..." he mumbled.

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