Dear readers,

I am sorry to say that Small Stories of Organization XII will go on hiatus, but something very terrible has come to my attention about the chapters' origins. If you recall Chapter 1, I said my friends and I came up with this. Said friends are not on FanFiction and took advantage of my account, for the chapter ideas they gave me were not their own.

I was not aware they were taking ideas from other people until Scylla Desdemonia Ophelia mentioned that Chapter 6 came from an animation she made. I was surprised, but I foolishly assumed that it was merely a coincidence on my friends' part. However, when I recieved an anonomyous review, saying that many of the chapter ideas were not my own (and I thank whoever told me that), I asked my friends if they knew anything about it. They confessed, saying they had found comics on DeviantArt and were sending my them in story format. They asked why I was making a big deal of it.

Naturally, I called them all "freaking idiots" and cut off all contact with them.

I am deeply ashamed of what my friends did, but even more so that I did not realize it sooner. I mean, most of them had never even heard of Kingdom Hearts, let alone the Organization! And they were sending me the ideas so quickly... I honestly thought they were just trying to be helpful. If the phrase "ignorance is bliss" ever applied to anyone, today it is certainly me.

I am not asking any of you to believe my story; in fact, I doubt many of you will. However, I am asking that you don't assume that all my stories are taken from somewhere else. Most stories I have posted before this, none of my "friends" knew about.

In any case, thank you for hearing me out.

I am sorry.

-Kawaii Overdose