Title: Fall
Evil!Hiei x Resigned!Botan
: Because the only time we really fly is the moment before the fall.
Warning: Dark AU. OOC, because this is not canon!Hiei. Blood. Character deaths. Consider yourself warned.

Author's Notes-- PLEASE READ: This two part series is my take on the word fall. As you can see, this particular interpretation is a horror!fic. The next chapter, on the other hand, is irredeemable fluff. There is no connection between the two storylines; they are two separate universes bound only by the fact that they both incorporate the concept of falling.

Now that's been settled…


First attempt at dark!fic. I have no idea where this came from, but I think I'll stick to fluff. 8D

Disclaimer: Not mine. And the world rejoices.

She's running.

They hadn't expected this, hadn't seen that his lust for vengeance really would always be stronger than his loyalty. But then again, they should've anticipated it.

He'd never forgiven them after Yukina's death.

You were supposed to protect her!

Shizuru had been the first to go, and with one clean slice from left to right, he'd severed ties with her lover and her brother.

Now, eyes flashed more golden, than green; a smile was less a smirk, and more a sneer.

Kuwabara didn't do either, anymore.

Atsuko's blood stained her apartment three weeks later and Yuusuke hadn't been seen since. He'd probably taken Keiko, hidden her away so that she couldn't be next.

He was picking them off cleanly; destroying his former allies the same way he believed they destroyed him.

And now, it was her turn.

She didn't know why her heart hurt.

Maybe it was the speed she was running.

It was getting harder to breathe.

Maybe it was the thought of adding another name to the Book of the Dead.

Right under Atsuko's but before Keiko's.

Maybe, because, in another life, they could have been happy.

No more room for regrets.

She stops, turns around, faces her demon.

"You can't kill me, you know. I don't know why you'd try."

His smile is feral, and there's a spark of insanity in those blood-red eyes.

"No. But I can hurt you. The same way they did her. I don't need you dead. I just want you destroyed. An eye for an eye, you know."

He smirks.

"That, and whatever other body parts apply. I'm not very picky."

It is the first time he's ever said her name, and she hates that she's still hoping for his redemption.

He walks toward her, grabs her arm and pulls her to his chest.

Botan lies, and tells herself that this doesn't affect her.

The moment before he kisses her and she feels the tip of his sword plunge through her back, she hears him say one last thing, and pretend her old heart doesn't ache.

We could've been.

Her traitorous heart soars even as her life bleeds out.


This concept came to me as I was typing up a bit more of Just One Night. It's my first shot at dark!fic 8D.

Also, is anyone receiving their review/author/C2/story alerts?

Because I'm not. And I'm really, really sad.