Title: Fall
Pairings: Hiei x Botan
Warnings: Fluff.
: To fall is to submit to the demands of gravity, to give up the struggle of staying upright. Botan finds she doesn't really mind.

Author's Notes -- PLEASE READ: This two part series is my take on the word fall. As you saw, the previous chapter was a horror!fic. This chapter, on the other hand, is irredeemable fluff. There is no connection between the two storylines; they are two separate universes bound only by the fact that they both incorporate the concept of falling.

She is tired.

Around her, the sky is blurring bluepurplepink and at any other time, she'd appreciate the beauty. But it has been a long day, and all she wants nothing more than to sink into her soft, down comforters, and dream of bliss.

She thinks of her friends, her reasons for returning time and time again. Keiko and Yuusuke are finally at peace, though she knows that probably won't last long. Sooner rather than later, he'll say something stupid, and she'll hit him. Then, he'll apologize and she'll forgive him before the cycle starts all over again.

Botan isn't worried, though. If there's one thing Yuusuke's good at—besides saving the world—it's kissing and making up.

She idly wonders if that's the reason they fight all the time, before mentally filing that question away for another day.

Shizuru and Kurama haven't been seen for a few days.

But they've definitely been heard, if the complaints coming from the spirit fox's apartment neighbors are anything to go by.

She smirks wickedly at the thought.

It's about time he loosened up.

Kuwabara and Yukina have never been better, now that the truth's out and the family's been reunited. She's as innocent as ever and he's still eager to show her everything about the human world.

Which brings her to the last member of their little circle…


She can't pinpoint the exact moment things between them changed. Maybe it was after Yakumo kidnapped them, or before Sensui almost ended this world. Perhaps it was after his fight with Bui, when he'd smirked at her—an almost imperceptible upward quirk of the corners of his mouth—before falling in a dead faint. Whenever it was, she'd fallen hard,and he'd fallen fast.

She slips past Jorge in the halls of the palace and says hello to Ayame on the way back to her room. The older girl is dressed up tonight, and Botan can't help but wonder if it's for Koenma. He'd been acting a little funny all day…

Shrugging off the thought, she unlocks the door to her room, and isn't surprised by the lump under her sheets.

He's here again.

Her sandals drop silently with her obi and her kimono, and she stretches her arms before changing into a long T-shirt, and a ratty pair of shorts.

As she falls into place beside Hiei, and his arms clasp around her waist, Botan finds that she doesn't mind falling.

As long as he's there to catch her.


Sigh. That makes me feel better about the last chapter.

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