Summary: 25 looks at Blake and Tori's relationship. For jonoave and Thundra who asked for a Blake/Tori story, so here it is! Oh, the tiniest of tiny, Cam/Hunter too cause I love them just as much.

Disclaimer: I don't own them. Which sucks…however, I can pretend.

25 Looks at Blake and Tori's relationship

Dance- When Blake holds her close, swaying softly to the music, Tori feels like nothing could ever harm her.

First- Their first kiss was gentle and sweet and everything they had imagined, since they first met.

Today- Tori has always believed in living for the moment, so when Blake holds her gaze a little longer the necessary, she decides to go for it.

Evil- They fight evil on a daily basis and when it gets to be too much they just remind each other that they're there.

Sports- While Blake loves motocross, he loves Tori even more, which is why he got her to teach him how to surf.

Ying and Yang- It always amused Blake and Tori when Hunter and Cam would deny that they were flirting with each other.

Movie- Movies had become more fun, with Blake there to wrap his arm around Tori and remind her that she wasn't alone.

Family- When Blake married Tori, his and Hunter's family of two, grew to more then he could of ever hoped for.

Ring- When Blake proposed to Tori, he didn't know what to expect, however, now, sitting with her now, he doesn't know why he was worried.

Cute- He always thought it was cute the way her nose crinkled when she laughed.

Love- Love has never been too strong a word for either of them.

Questions- There are so many questions he wants to ask her, but looking at her now, all he can come up with are answers.

Simple- They'll never know why something so simple took so long to get started.

Heart- Tori gave away her heart, the first time she smiled at Blake.

Moon- The moon used to be his guide, but lately its Tori that has been his eyes in the world, and he's never seen so clearly.

Fear- "I am not afraid of bugs! Stop laughing! Don't make me tickle you!"

Subtext- She used to think she was looking too far into simple gestures and long gazes, but now she knows they were always there, right below the surface.

Vacation- Tori hadn't really ever travelled, so Blake surprised her for her birthday one year, taking her to Mexico.

Dream- He always dreamed of finding 'the one', only when he had stopped looking, did he find her, with blond hair and a jean jacket.

View- Blake had seen many beautiful views in his life, but none more beautiful then the sight of Tori walking down the aisle towards him.

Summer- Tori loved the summer, especially when they all would go to the beach and watch as Hunter would toss Cam into the water, then jump in after him.

Photo- Whenever Blake has to leave for a race, Tori places a picture of the two of them on the pillow next to her head.

Dawn- Watching the sun rise, while laying next to Tori, made Blake think how lucky he was.

Whisper- They would whisper late at night, laughter in the background, as they shared secrets, that no one else knew.

Forever- When he asked her to be his forever, she told him she would never leave.